♥ The tributes will be scored on their chemistry instead of training scores

♥ Each couple will have their own lockets that will match eachother, but will be different from the other tributes. If they loose it, they die!

♥ I will not write the interviews or reapings

♥ The arena will have different sections:

Section 1:

  • Red roses
  • Chocolate strawberry bushes
  • Chocolate fountians
  • The sky will be pink
  • Cupid mutts

Section 2:

  • Golden sand
  • Will be almost all shallow water
  • It will be sunset all the time
  • Mermaid mutts (sirens)
  • Seashells, clams, fish

Section 3:

  • Always a starry night
  • Glowing flowers
  • Ponds
  • Music playing
  • Fountians
  • Fairy mutts
  • Berries

District/Gender Name Age Score Place User
1 Male Ellacey Brown 18 TBA TBA QuinnQuinn
1 Female Oparnler Parker 18 TBA TBA QuinnQuinn
2 Male Link Hembridge 16 TBA TBA Rose Hathaway
2 Female Scarlette Manson 16 TBA TBA Rose Hathaway
3 Male Riddle Toll 15 TBA TBA Moviepopcorn123
3 Female Rise Atlas 15 TBA TBA Moviepopcorn123
4 Male Johnny Rez 18 TBA TBA ~ilovepeeta~
4 Female Caty Lobb 18 TBA TBA ~ilovepeeta~
5 Male Jake Ice 15 TBA TBA Moon Beam
5 Female Leena Moon 15 TBA TBA Moon Beam
6 Male Logan Blue 18 TBA TBA Nate777
6 Female Misty Blue 18 TBA TBA Nate777
7 Male Golden Hawbrook 18 TBA TBA Rockman117
7 Female Pema Alderweel 17 TBA TBA Rockman117
8 Male Waves Odair 16 TBA TBA iluvgale
8 Female Anneliese Tides 15 TBA TBA iluvgale
9 Male Adrian Moore 15 TBA TBA Kwankwan44
9 Female Minna Lyme 12 TBA TBA Kwankwan44
10 Male Trevor Halden 17 TBA TBA Thehungergamesrocks!
10 Female Sakira Hooper/Burns ? TBA TBA Thehungergamesrocks!
11 Male Ethan Gold 17 TBA TBA Super.cute.kitten
11 Female Lyra Sea 15 TBA TBA Super.cute.kitten
12 Male Catcher Hawk 15 TBA TBA Clove1001
12 Female Revelynn Tinder 16 TBA TBA Clove1001

</3 = No chemistry

♥ = Hardly any chemistry

♥♥ = Some chemistry

♥♥♥ = A lot of chemistry

♥♥♥♥ = Passionate

♥♥♥♥♥ = Soulmates

and there is a difference between pink and red hearts.

After The Reaping, The Gamemakers have decided to make this years games Valentine themed, since there were so many couples.

Chariot Rides!

Thank you Rose, Nate, Leslie and KwanKwan for helping me pick out the outfits. :)

The Districts will ride their chariots in random order. First off is...

District 1! What a coincidence!

  • Ellacey's Dress
  • Ellacey
  • Oparnler's Tux
  • Oparnler

The Capitol citizens described them as fabulous!

District 5!

  • Leena's Dress
  • Leena
  • Jake's Suit
  • Jake


District 4!

  • Caty's Dress
  • Caty
  • Johnny's Outifit
  • Johnny


District 12!

  • Revelynn's Dress
  • Revelynn
  • Catcher's Outfit
  • Catcher


District 8!

  • Anneliese's Dress
  • Anneliese
  • Wave's Tux
  • Waves


District 10!

  • Sakira's Dress
  • Sakira
  • Trevor's Tux
  • Trevor


District 3!

  • Rise's Dress
  • Rise
  • Riddle's Tux
  • Riddle


District 9!

  • Minna's Dress
  • Minna
  • Adrian's Tux
  • Adrian


District 2!

  • Scarlette's Dress
  • Link's Tux


District 7!

  • Perma's Dress
  • Perma
  • Golden's Tux
  • Golden

VERY pretty

District 11!

  • Lyra's Dress
  • Lyra
  • Ethan's Tux
  • Ethan


District 6!

  • Misty's Dress
  • Misty
  • Logan's Tux
  • Logan


Chemistry Scores

District 1:

Oparnler's P.O.V.: Ellacey and I are standing in a tube shaped room. Our feet are strapped to seperate plates, and our heads are attatched to wires which connect to eachother and to the ceiling. Pink smoke fills the room and I feel my eyelids slowly shut, and I drift to sleep.

Minutes later:

I wake up and I'm still standing on the plate. Ellacey is being escorted out, and soon after, I am being unstrapped as well. We are now looking at our chemistry level on the screen... 4 pink hearts pop up. I have no idea what that means.

"What!!!???" Screams Ellacey. "Only four? We were supposed to get 5! I guess we're not as perfect together as I thought! I don't know what I'm going to do!"

"Shhh Ellacey, it's only a stupid machine, we are meant for eachother! I love you!"

Ellacey doesn't believe me and runs off to her room crying, and all I can do is run after her.

District 2:

Link's P.O.V.:

"What the..." (goes unconscious)


I am carrying Scarlette out of the room because she won't wake up, then I set her on the couch and sit next to her.

"Scarlette! Wake up sleepy head! I say in a whisper.

"Hmmm?" Scarlette opens her eyes.

"It's our chemistry score."


The screen shows 4 red hearts.

District 3:

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