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  • EvilhariboMadness

    90th Hunger Games

    February 26, 2017 by EvilhariboMadness

    The premise is simple; none of the canon stuff happened because Prim was never reaped and, instead, another poor girl was and she died early on. Peeta didn't last too long afterwards and as such the Snow Family remains in power of Panem.

    Yo. If you don't know who I am, I'm an old user who joined in 2012 and left sometime in 2014 (ambiguous time scales bc I don't actually remember). I always liked to write games on here - even if I wasn't too good at them - and I had an urge to write one so here I am.

    1. Two tributes per person.
    2. I will be including District 0 and 13 in this bc that's how I last remembered games being done.
    3. Preferably no reservations but ik some people like them.
    4. Preferably no links to anywhere but I won't say no to them.

    Name: Age: Di…

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  • EvilhariboMadness

    so hi c:

    I'm back to make a final games (possibly) as I found it'd be a great way to leave the wiki finally - if I choose to do so, that is.

    so I present to you, The Games of the District's Blood

    The Games of the District's Blood

    Years after the Hunger Games were disposed of, a leader of the name President Gerth came to power. Gerth's family, a Hunger Games loving legacy originating from District One, influenced him into reinstating a Games like no other - The Games of the District's Blood.

    The Districts rebelled - naturally of course. However in the years leading up to this declaration, Gerth had finetuned the Capitol's forces so that all rebellions were crushed immediately - all mayors and district leaders killed and replaced with a pro-Games…

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  • EvilhariboMadness

    The Fifth Annual Dreaded Games

    The Twists

    Twist One: From each district, two sets of siblings shall be chosen, each containing three members. This then equals 6 people per district and a total of 72 tributes overall, extending the games so that they last over a longer period of time.

    Twist Two: The games shall proceed as normal until the final 50, where four tributes are injected with a deadly infection that will kill them in three days, unless they pass it onto another tribute - infecting them and curing themselves. The only way a tribute can pass on the infection is mixing blood, finding a way to recreate the infection and place their blood in it and have a tribute drink it, or engage in kissing or other such ways.  If all tributes who are i…

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  • EvilhariboMadness
    The Ribbon Games

    The arena is pretty small and all tributes shall have a special coloured ribbon tied to them. Whoever kills the tribute gets their ribbon. The more ribbons a tribute has, the more sponsor gifts they are likely to get.

    1. No swearing in the comment (generic but whatever)
    2. I WILL take links in the comments, however no profile links
    3. You can have four tributes
    4. Reservations will be allowed and will be kept for a week maximum
    5. Don't whine if your tribute(s) die
    6. Give your tributes advice!!
    7. Have fun reading~!

    District Male Weapon Original Ribbon/Obtained Ribbons Female Weapon Original Ribbon/Obtained Ribbons
    1 Lion Scrapes (18) Mace Burgundy Sapphire Lustre (17) Sword Lilac
    2 Uzi Krystel (15) Machete Orange RESERVED FOR MEORYOU Magenta
    3 Dennis Ry…

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  • EvilhariboMadness

    idk the title yo I just guessed lmao

    i kinda regret the title but idk

    Idk about the title and I got bored so I made this!!!!!!

    Imma decide what factions people end up being based on what I think of you so woop (if I don't know you there is a high chance you'll just stay in the same faction) c:

    • Name:
    • Birth Faction:
    • Personality:

    Although all the spots have been filled, you can still join.

    • Oli, Abnegation born
    • Liza, Erudite born
    • Haley, Amity born
    • Erlend, Candor born
    • Ellie, Candor born
    • Rebekah, Erudite born
    • Blake, Dauntless born
    • Bee, Erudite born
    • Eli, Candor born
    • Mia, Dauntless born
    • Lady, Erudite born
    • Claudia, Erudite born
    • Emma, Amity born
    • Justin, Dauntless born
    • Joan, Dauntless born
    • Marlene, Abnegation born
    • Lauren, Candor born
    • Toast, Amity born
    • Nick, Amity born
    • Nathanie…

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