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  • EvilhariboMadness

    so hi c:

    I'm back to make a final games (possibly) as I found it'd be a great way to leave the wiki finally - if I choose to do so, that is.

    so I present to you, The Games of the District's Blood

    The Games of the District's Blood

    Years after the Hunger Games were disposed of, a leader of the name President Gerth came to power. Gerth's family, a Hunger Games loving legacy originating from District One, influenced him into reinstating a Games like no other - The Games of the District's Blood.

    The Districts rebelled - naturally of course. However in the years leading up to this declaration, Gerth had finetuned the Capitol's forces so that all rebellions were crushed immediately - all mayors and district leaders killed and replaced with a pro-Games…

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  • EvilhariboMadness

    The Fifth Annual Dreaded Games

    The Twists

    Twist One: From each district, two sets of siblings shall be chosen, each containing three members. This then equals 6 people per district and a total of 72 tributes overall, extending the games so that they last over a longer period of time.

    Twist Two: The games shall proceed as normal until the final 50, where four tributes are injected with a deadly infection that will kill them in three days, unless they pass it onto another tribute - infecting them and curing themselves. The only way a tribute can pass on the infection is mixing blood, finding a way to recreate the infection and place their blood in it and have a tribute drink it, or engage in kissing or other such ways.  If all tributes who are i…

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  • EvilhariboMadness
    The Ribbon Games

    The arena is pretty small and all tributes shall have a special coloured ribbon tied to them. Whoever kills the tribute gets their ribbon. The more ribbons a tribute has, the more sponsor gifts they are likely to get.

    1. No swearing in the comment (generic but whatever)
    2. I WILL take links in the comments, however no profile links
    3. You can have four tributes
    4. Reservations will be allowed and will be kept for a week maximum
    5. Don't whine if your tribute(s) die
    6. Give your tributes advice!!
    7. Have fun reading~!

    District Male Weapon Original Ribbon/Obtained Ribbons Female Weapon Original Ribbon/Obtained Ribbons
    1 Lion Scrapes (18) Mace Burgundy Sapphire Lustre (17) Sword Lilac
    2 Uzi Krystel (15) Machete Orange RESERVED FOR MEORYOU Magenta
    3 Dennis Ry…

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  • EvilhariboMadness

    idk the title yo I just guessed lmao

    i kinda regret the title but idk

    Idk about the title and I got bored so I made this!!!!!!

    Imma decide what factions people end up being based on what I think of you so woop (if I don't know you there is a high chance you'll just stay in the same faction) c:

    • Name:
    • Birth Faction:
    • Personality:

    Although all the spots have been filled, you can still join.

    • Oli, Abnegation born
    • Liza, Erudite born
    • Haley, Amity born
    • Erlend, Candor born
    • Ellie, Candor born
    • Rebekah, Erudite born
    • Blake, Dauntless born
    • Bee, Erudite born
    • Eli, Candor born
    • Mia, Dauntless born
    • Lady, Erudite born
    • Claudia, Erudite born
    • Emma, Amity born
    • Justin, Dauntless born
    • Joan, Dauntless born
    • Marlene, Abnegation born
    • Lauren, Candor born
    • Toast, Amity born
    • Nick, Amity born
    • Nathanie…

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  • EvilhariboMadness
    Hello. This is a user related blog thing story idk yo. I thought of this in chat and here it is. ENJOY. For the picture claims, I'm using famous/popular kingdoms.
    1. Each house will contain a king or queen (or both) and at least a child.
    2. There can only be 5 people apart from the ruler(s).
    3. The leaders can converse with each other and declare war and stuff (interaction yay).
    4. Kingdoms can die and woop :D


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