So my other games are coming to an end and I wanted to make a new one! So the Quell is

Tributes MUST bring in one loved one. This loved one can be of any age and any relation to said reaped tribute.

Rules :3

1. I am doing the reapings this time and I must request, there shall be NO volunteering for these games.

2. Reservations last for 3 Days. Any longer and I will re-open the spots.

3. Do not rush me or annoy me for an update. I am doing some stories on and I'm trying to keep the updates balanced.

4. I WILL NOT GO ON PROFILES. Most of the time they don't give all the infomation needed.

5. Please follow the Profile Template given as it has everything that I need to know.


Name Gender Age District Weapon Loved One's Name Love One's age Loved One's weapon Loved One's Gender Relationship to Tribute
Pheonix Jurden Male 18 1 Sword, Spear Vinesian Lily 18 Bow and Arrow, Throwing Knives Female Girlfriend
Ephemera Zero Female 15 1 Spear, Sword Maya Browning 15 Sword, Daggers Female Girlfriend
Emmett Wood Male 18 2 Sword, Spear Cara Wood 18 Bow and Arrow, Throwing Knives Female Twin Sister
Reina Clare Female 14 2 Throwing Knives, Throwing Axes Nori Clare 15 Knives (both Throwing and normal) female Older Sister
Mark Wires Male 18 3 Wire, Axe, Trident and Knife Alec 18 Knife,Axe and Trident Female Girlfriend
Twist Domain Female 17 3 Throwing Axes, Machete Dallas Tide 17 Baton Male Crush
Liir Fluor Male 12 4 Trident, Sword Dust Drake 18 Bow and Arrows and Throwing Knives Female Cousin
Amy Goldmander Female 18 4 Spear and spear-like weapons Herdon Gordon 18 Sword Male Fiance
Skye Dayles Male 15 5 Throwing Knives Anthony Dayles 10 Sword Male Younger Brother
Lana Chandler Female 15 5 Bow and Arrow Zack Chandler 17 Sword Male Older Brother
Blueberry Male 16 6 Spear Cookie 16 Blowgun, Knife Female Best Friend
Unity Poweth Female 18 6 Bow and Arrow, Throwing Knives Angelina Frost 12 Long Peroids of Time without Food. Female Younger Sister
Pamline Falcone Male 17 7 Axe, Mace Petra Falcone 20 Axe, Knife Female Older sister
Loren Woods Female 14 7 Axe, Knives Daniel Miller 15 Axe, Physical Strength Male Best Friend
Leo Brotlu Male 18 8 Sword Otis Brotlu 13 Sai Male Younger Brother
Sian Malley Female 15 8 Throwing Knives, Hand-to-hand Nicole Jacobson 16 Throwing Knives and Daggers Female Best Friend
Luke Hayden Male 16 9 Spear Clay Donald 16 Dagger Male Best Friend
Athena Cristov Female 15 9 Knives and similar sized weapons Charlotte Gray 15 Sword or Mace Female Girlfriend
Mark Bull Male 17 10 Bull Whip, Bow and Arrow and Knife Velvet Cruze 16 Sword, Knives Female Girlfriend
September Rollo Female 18 10 Bow and Arrow/ Saber Claws Darren Rollo 18 Mace/ Axe Male One of her triplet brothers
Quent Kove Male 17 11 Sickle, Spear Twilight Kove 14 Sword, Throwing Knives Female Younger Sister
Miranda Night Female 16 11 Bow and Arrow, Slingshot and Throwing Knives Nick Keybrick 18 Spear, Mace and Katana Male Boyfriend
Pomegranate Male 16 12 Throwing Axes Danellie 16 Knife Female Best Friend
Lily Kane Female 12 12 Bow and Arrows, Going long periods of time without food Moran Kane 19 Knives, going long periods of time without food. Female Older Sister
Lion Scrapes Male 18 13 Mace Tiger Moon 17 (18 on day two of the games) Sword Male Best Friend
Ashylnn Collinsworth Female 16 13 Spear James Potraire 17 Knives Male Crush/Best Friend
Max Flatter Male 17 C Spear and Knives Imoge Flatter 16 Sword Female Younger Sister
Rose Ebar Female 17 C Bow and Arrows Jon Ebar 42 Trident and Knives Male Father










Brief History:


Open to Alliance(list districts):

Loved One:

Loved One's Name:

Loved One's Age:

Loved One's Gender:

Loved One's Weapon:

Loved One's relationship to tribute (examples; Mother, Sister, Husband/Wife, Best Friend etc)

Loved One's Personality:

Loved One's Appearance

Happy Submitting ;D

Death Chart

Death Chart

Place Name Age District Day Killed (Really long for some reason XD, so you'll need to scroll across for the killer and the way they were killed :3) Killer Killer's District How? 56th

Leo Brotlu

18 8 1 Pheonix Jurden 1 Sword in neck
55th Jon Ebar 42 Capitol 1 Sian Malley 8 Knife in Back
54th Skye Dayles 15 5 1 Reina Clare 2 Axe in head
53rd Anthony Dayles 10 5 1 Pomegranate 12 Axe in back
52nd Empherma Zero 15 1 1 Liir Fluor 4 Throat slit
51st Liir Fluor 12 4 1 Maya Browning 1 Arrow in head
50th Mark Wires 18 3 1 Athena Cristov 9 Beheaded
49th Clay Donald 16 9 1 Emmett Wood 2 Speared
48th Moran Kane 19 12 1 James Potraire 13 Knife in temple
47th James Potraire 17 13 1 Lily Kane 12 Arrow in neck
46th Quent Kove 17 11 2 Amity Goldmander 4 Speared
45th Cookie 16 6 2 Pheonix Jurden 1 Slain
44th September Rollo 18 10 2 Reina Clare 2 Speared
43rd Reina Clare 14 2 2 Sian Malley 8 Knife in neck


Loren Woods 14 7 2 Twist Domain 3 Machete in head
41st Dallas Tide 17 3 2 Twist Domain 3 Axe in neck
40th Velvet Cruze 16 10 3 Max Flatter C Spear in throat.
39th Max Flatter 17 C 3 Mark Bull 10 Neck Snapped
38th Angelina Frost 12 6 3 Rose Ebar C Arrow in back
37th Daniel Miller 18 11 4 Rose Ebar C Arrow in neck
36th Pomegranate 16 12 4 Twilight Kove 11 Slain
35th Zack Chandler 17 5 4 Tiger Moon 13 Sword in back
34th Nick Keybrick 18 11 4 Rose Ebar C Arrow in back
33rd Tiger Moon 18 13 5 Darren Rollo 10 Slain
32nd Charlotte Gray 15 9 5 Rose Ebar C Arrow in neck
31st Nicole Jacobson 16 8 5 Rose Ebar C Strangled
30th Amity Goldmander 18 4 6 Massacre Gamemakers C Arrow in neck.
29th Darren Rollo 18 10 6 Massacre Gamemakers C Burnt to death
28th Blueberry 16 6 6 Massacre Gamemakers C Mauled
27th Mark Bull 17 10 6 Massacre Gamemakers C Fell in Ravine
26th Imoge Flatter 16 C 6 Massacre Gamemakers C Fell in Ravine
25th Petra Falcone 20 7 6 Massacre Gamemakers C Fell in Ravine
24th Twist Domain 17 3 6 Massacre Gamemakers C Arrow in heart
23rd Vinesian Lily 18 1 6 Massacre Gamemakers C Arrow in head
22nd Luke Hayden 16 9
6 Massacre
Gamemakers C Fell in Ravine
21st Otis Brotlu 13 8 6 Massacre Gamemakers C Mauled
20th Maya Browning 15 1 Feast Herdon Gordon 4 Slain
19th Herdon Gordon 18 4 Feast Rose Ebar C Arrow in heart
18th Lion Scrapes 18 13 Feast Sian Malley 8 Knife in neck
17th Pheonix Jurden 18 1 Feast Twilight Kove 11 Slain
16th Lily Kane 12 12 Feast Emmett Wood 2 Strangled

District One Reapings

Ephemera Zero POV

I walk aimlessly around the streets of District One. Nothing different for me. My family died a few years back. Today- unlike most days- I have a destination. The Reaping. This year, no-one can volunteer. It must be hard for the usual suspects who'd volunteer. At the town centre, people gather. I spot my girlfriend, Maya. She smiles and waves. I walk- practically run- to her, "Hey"

She smiles, "Hey. What do you think about the Quell this year?"

I look at her in disgust. Even the thought of the quell is horrid, "Horrid. But it keeps us in line"

We file into our designated area as the overly peppy, overly colourful escort makes her way to the stage, "Welcome District One to the reaping for the One Thousand Annual Hunger Games! As you know, the quell is the tribute has to bring in one loved one of any age and any relation to said tribute. So no volunteeeering! Also, four tributes or loved ones can win! Lets start with our girl tribute!"

She walks over to the crystal ball, filled to the brim with pearl white slips of paper, that has the names of the District One girls neatly printed inside. She smiles when she's picked one and walks back to the microphone, "Ephemera Zero!"

What?! Me?! I walk silently to the stage. The escort smiles goofily as she picks the male tribute.

Pheonix Juden POV~

I know that girl. She's like the only out lesbian in District One. But she doesn't take any crap. She beats people up. She looks innocent- tall, wavy blonde hair with blue eyes, but she's vicious when she wants to be.

Our escort smiles as she reads out the boy's name, "Pheonix Jurden!"

I smile and proudly walk up to the stage. I take my place on the other side of the brightly coloured escort.

"Now", she continues, "Each of you must take a loved one!"

She consults her list, "Ephemera, you will be put into the arena with...your girlfriend, Maya Browining!"

A girl that has black hair and green eyes walks to the stage, whispers something into Ephemera's ear and the holds her hand.

"And you Pheonix, will be accompanied by your girlfriend, Vinesian Lily!"

I see Vinesian walk to the stage. She takes my hand, "We'll make it through this"

Peacekeepers lead us into the Justice Building, and the 1000th Hunger Games have begun!

District 2 Reapings

-Note, if I say Mum its because of my obvious nationality :3 -

Emmett Wood POV~

I wake up and look around. Reaping Day again. Usually in District Two, you pray for you not to be reaped as people will volunteer. But today no-one is allowed to volunteer, so you pray for your name to be drawn. I get dressed into my reaping outfit and go downstairs. My Mum, brother- Jasper and twin sister Cara are sitting round the table eating some toast. I grab a plate and a slice of toast and begin to eat.

"Emmett", My Mum says, "Eat quickly, the reaping will start soon"

I wolf down the remainder of the toast and me and my siblings walk to the square. Our really fat escort is there announcing the quell," The first girl is...Reina Clare!"

I see Reina. She's tallish, with brown shoulder length hair, green eyes with pale skin and freckles across her face. She walks to the stage. She seems strong but she looks like a wimp.

"And for the boy...Emmett Wood!"

I smile. I'm doing into the Hunger Games, and I'll come back out! I walk to the stage with a massive grin on my face. I walk to the stage and shake hands with our escort. Flavian or something.

"Now for your loved ones...Reina, your sister Nori will be you're loved one!"

Nori walks to the stage, she's like a bigger version of Reina, but less wimpier looking. They stand side by side with their arms linked.

"And for you Emmett, your twin sister Cara!"

Cara comes to the stage and she too links her arm into mine, "We're going to win this!"

Flavian- I think- tells us to shake hands in which we do, and then we strut into the Jusitice Builing. I'm ready to win!

District 3 Reapings

Mark Wires POV~

I'm already at the reaping. Me and my group of friends came to the Square ages ago. The usually really loud factories of District Three are deathly silenced by the reaping. For some people, the reaping is a death sentance and to others -like me- it's a joke. I bet it's easy to win. A good laugh. As the others of District Three file in, we listen to the Escort drone on about something. I really don't know what, "Now for our girl! Twist Domain, you're a very lucky girl!"

Twist walks to the stage. She's slim, with black hair, olive skin and golden eyes. She smiles as the escort shakes hands with her.

"Now the boy is... Mark Wires. The second very very lucky person"

I walk to the stage and smile at my fellow tribute.

Twist Domain POV~

Mark gives me one of those 'Just because we're from the same District, doesn't mean I still won't kill you' looks. I give him a short glare.

"Now for your loved ones. Twist. Yours will be a boy named Dallas Tide! And Mark, Alec will be yours!"

Dallas and some blonde girl walk to the stage. Dallas takes his place by me and the girl- Alec- takes her place by Mark. I shake my hands with Mark, then Alec and then Dallas. Then I'm shoved into the Justice Building. No respect for a lady huh?

District 4 Reapings

Amity 'Amy' Goldmander POV~

I wake up. Its the reaping for the 1000th Hunger Games. Its mine and my fiance- Herdon's last reaping. I want to go into the games because all my life, I've been training. Though I don't want to because then I'd leave my one- year- old daughter, Tabby. I live in my own house with Herdon. We moved in shortly after I discovered that I was pregnant. I sort of miss my Mum, my brother Ozzy whose 16 and my sister Jena whose 14. My older sister Arianna moved out 2 years ago when she was 19. I prop myself on an elbow and rub my eyes. Look over to Herdon. He's still peacefully sleeping. I'll wake him after I've got Tabby sorted. I walk to her room. She's asleep. She reminds me of the boy from District 3 last year. He had a daughter who sould be Three now. He said to Raymond Flickerman that he'd go back to see her. Long story short. He came Second. I open the curtains and shake Tabby awake, "Get up Tabby"

She smiles and giggles. I get her dressed and sort her out for breakfast. I'm already in my reaping dress. Herdon comes down and he's ready, "Shall we go and get this over with?"

I nod, "Might as well"

We walk to the square. I drop off Tabby with Arianna and my mum and I take my place in the 18 year old girls section. Our escort, a short stubby man is on the stage, smiling like an idiot, "Welcome District Four to the reaping for the One Thousandth Hunger Games! The film!"

The old film plays. I've watched it so many times, I can quote it word to word. It just tells us about how 1000 years ago the Dark Days happened and some other stuff.

"Whilst you were watching, I went ahead and picked both names!"

The girls around wait eagerly to see who'll be chosen. Maybe I should to. I still have the career mindset but the motherly instincts have softened it slightly.

"Our girl is Amity Goldmander and our boy is Liir Fluor!"

Liir Fluor POV~

I walk to the stage smirking. Not many Twelve year olds can say that they've gone into the Hunger Games and won. Well I intend to. Amity has blonde hair that flows to the middle of her back. She has a petite nose and ice blue eyes with flecks of grey and blue.

"Welcome you two and Happy Hunger Games! For your loved ones! Amity you're finace Herdon Gordon!"

Herdon walks to the stage. He has blonde hair and green eyes with flecks of brown. He's muscular. I've seen him on the boats. He's quite tanned. He holds Amity's hands and kisses her on the cheek.

"And for you Liir, your cousin, Dust Drake!"

Dust walks to the stage, tying her brown hair in a pony tail. Her green eyes show determination.

She whispers in my ear, "Lets go out there and win!"

I nod.

"I can't be bothered with all of the hand shaking. Take them into the building", the escort sighs.

We're then escorted into the Justice Building. Our fates sealed.

District 5 Reapings

Lana Chandler POV~

Sunlight bleeds through the gap in the curtains. I sleepily rub my eyes and get out of bed. I have a quick shower and then I get changed into my reaping dress. Walking down the stairs, I can smell something like scrambled eggs. I don't have the appetite to eat anything. I woke up late- 11 o'clock. The reaping is in half an hour. They always move it forward half an hour for quells.

"You lot go, we'll see you afterwards Ok?" My mum smiled weakly to me and my brothers.

"Alright" We say returning the smile.

At the reapings, everyone is on edge. Anyone could go into the games. Mothers, Fathers, sisters. brothers, fiances and maybe even kids.

"Welcome all to the reaping" Our escort, Linalia smiles to us, "Let's watch the film!"

We watch the film that tells us how we owe the Capitol and other stuff that I can quote, word to word.

"Now! Lets us select one brave man and woman. For the....glory of representing District Five! Ladies first!"

She walks over to the bowl, and selects one name, "Hmmm...Lana Chandler!"

Skye Dayles POV~

Lana walks to the stage, her hands firmly by her side.

"And our boy.....Skye Dayles!"

What?! Me?! I walk to the stage, and stand on the other side of Lana. She's in my class at school.

"For Lana! Your loved one is.....Zack! Your brother!"

Zack walks to the stage and he smiles at Lana.

"And Skye...Anthony! Your brother!"

Anthony walks to the stage. He's only Ten. He'll die soon. And there's nothing I can do to prevent it.

District 6 Reapings

Unity Poweth POV~

I sit at the dinner table, staring at the food before me. Toast and butter. Nothing much, yet it's delicious when you bite into it. There's some other jars of Jam and Marmalade strung around the table. I grab a pot jam and spread it across the pre-buttered toast. I slowly bite into the toast. The faint crunch. The taste of the strawberry jam explodes in my mouth. The butter melts and the toast crunches.

"Reaping, now" Our mother says, taking us to the town square. We're late. The escort has already done the film.

"The girl...Unity Poweth!"

So let me get this straight. I just walked in and I'm the female tribute? Greeeeeat

Blueberry POV~

Unity? She's the girl thats always out hunting. She walks up and she stands by our escort. She's tall with blonde hair and her emerald green eyes.

"And our boy is Blueberry!"

Me? I walk up to the stage and stand by the escort.

"Right. Unity you can take Angelina into the arena and Blueberry, you can take Cookie!"

Cookie is my best friend, she walks to the stage and stands by me. Angelina must be Unity's sister.

"Happy Hunger Games! And! May the odds be ever in your favour!"

We're then escorted or pushed into the building, becoming the Capitol's toys of entertainment.

I am not doing the rest of the reapings. Sorry if you're dissapointed. I'm just brain dead for all of them. The recent reapings have proved that. So yeah! Training next!


If you don't like any of them, tell me in the comments!

Line through Name means DEAD XD

Don't whine when your tributes die

Careers: Pheonix & Vinesian (D1), Emmett & Cara (D2), Reina & Nori (D2), Liir & Dust (D4), Amity & Herdon, Lion & Tiger (D13), Twist (D3)

Alliance One: Empherma & Maya (D1), Unity & Angelina (D6), Athena & Charlotte (D9), September and Darren (D10), Miranda & Nick (D11), Lily & Moran (D12)

Alliance Two: Lana & Zack (D5), Blueberry & Cookie (D6), Loren & Daniel (D7)

Alliance Three: Leo & Otis (D8), Luke & Clay (D9) Mark & Velvet (D10)

Solo Tributes: Dallas (D3), Mark & Alec (D3), Skye & Anthony (D5), Pamline & Petra (D7), Quent & Twilight (D11), Pomegranate & Danellie (D12), Ashylnn & James (D13), Max & Imoge (C), Rose & Jon (C), Sian and Nicole (D8)


Lily Kane, District Twelve POV~

The training instructor goes on about how at the end of the games, only four of us will be alive and how in these particular games, the most common cause of death will be by another tribute. She dismisses us to try new weapons and survival skills and maybe ally with others.

"Where do you wanna go first Lily?" My sister asks me.

"Maybe we should find an ally?" I suggest, though really, I'm going to go and find one anyway, despite what she says. We'll be safer...right? I see the girls from Nine and Ten speaking together.

"How about them?" I ask, pointing towards the two girls.

Moran acesses them, "Athena from Nine and September from Ten? Sure why not?"

So. We walk over to the girls and they smile at us.

"I suppose you want to ally with us?" Athena smiles.

I nod, "Yes please"

September laughs slightly, "Well now our alliance has fourteen people in it!"

"What?" Moran asks, looking slightly shocked.

"We're trying to overthrow the Careers" Athena smiles, "So then we have a better chance of winning"

Lion Scrapes, District Thirteen POV~

I see the girls from Twelve walk over with Nine and Ten to this big alliance. The girl couple from One are there. They just made that whole alliance prone to death. Painful ones.

"Them first?" Reina asks.

"Yeah" Emmett smiles deviously.

I thought this Reina chick was supposed to be innocent. Obviously not.

The girl from Six picks up some throwing axes and attempts to throw them at the dummies. She fails, not hitting a single one. Pheonix grins, "Nice shot Unity!"

Unity turns and gives us a glare. Yep! This is gonna be one fun Hunger Games.

Training Scores

Training Scores
Name, District Training Score Pheonix Jurden, District One 10
Vinesian Lily, District One- Loved One 9
Empherma Zero, District One 10
Maya Browning, District One- Loved One 8
Emmett Wood, District Two 11
Cara Wood, District Two- Loved One 10
Reina Clare, District Two 9
Nori Clare, District Two- Loved One 8
Mark Wires, District Three 6
Alec, District Three- Loved One 7
Twist Domain, District Three 9
Dallas Tide, District Three- Loved One 4
Liir Fluor, District Four 7
Dust Drake, District Four- Loved One 9
Amity Goldmander 10
Herdon Gordon, District Four- Loved One 11
Skye Dayles, District Five 7
Anthony Dayles, District Five- Loved One 2
Lana Chandler, District Five 7
Zack Chandler, District Five- Loved One 6
Blueberry, District Six 8
Cookie, District Six- Loved One 8
Unity Poweth, District Six 9
Angelina Frost, District Six- Loved One 5
Pamline Falcone, District Seven 8
Petra Falcone, Distict Seven- Loved One 9
Loren Woods, District Seven 7
Daniel Miller, District Seven- Loved One 8
Leo Brotlu, District Eight 7
Otis Brotlu, District Eight- Loved One 6
Sian Malley, District Eight 10
Nicole Jacobson, District Eight- Loved One 10
Luke Hayden, District Nine 6
Clay Donald, District Nine- Loved One 8
Athena Cristov, District Nine 8
Charlotte Gray, District Nine- Loved One 4
Mark Bull, District Ten 7
Velvet Cruze, District Ten- Loved One 6
September Rollo, District Ten 5
Darren Rollo, District Ten- Loved One 8
Quent Kove, District Eleven 9
Twilight Kove, District Eleven- Loved One 5
Miranda Night, District Eleven 7
Nick Keybrick, District Eleven- Loved One 9
Pomegranate, District Twelve 10
Danellie, District Twelve- Loved One 6
Lily Kane, District Twelve 4
Moran Kane, District Twelve- Loved One 7
Lion Scrapes, District Thirteen 11
Tiger Moon, District Thirteen- Loved One 10
Ashylnn Collinsworth, District Thirteen 9
James Potraire, District Thirteen- Loved One 8
Max Flatter, Capitol 6
Imoge Flatter, Capitol- Loved One 3
Rose Ebar, Capitol 5
Jon Ebar, Capitol- Loved One 2


Day One!

Dust Drake, District Four POV~

All 56 of us stand around the Cornucopia, that shines in the sunlight. I look around at the arena. Behind me, there's a mountain range, behind the Cornucopia, there is a Labyrinth, to my left, a beach and to my right, a forest.

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1

We all run. Everyone does. I see Pheonix grab a sword and plunge it into Leo from Eight's neck. Then the guy from the Capitol, Jon or something gets a knife in the back by Sian. Wow they're dropping like flies. I see the two brothers from Five get killed, both with Axes in their heads or backs. I grab a pack and a sword, better get something to defend myself with.

"EMPHERMA!!!!!" A scream shouts by the mountain range.

I look at Empherma from one is dead on the floor and Liir is smiling at me. I smile back, only to see an arrow land in him. I look and Maya has a bow in her hand and she's looking at me with that 'Please don't kill me' look. Well tough luck Maya, you're gonna be my first victim.

Athena Cristov, District Nine POV~

"So you think you're gonna survive this?" A voice behind me snarls. I tun and Mark from Three is there, ready to kill me.

"Well I am, but you're not" I say, an evil grin creeping across my face I swing my sword and in one quick motion, his head rolls across the ground. I can't see his girlfriend, maybe she left him.

I run back to my alliance. They're waiting for me so then we can leave. I pass the deaths of Clay from my district and Moran from Twelve. WAIT! Moran's in my alliance! I can see Lily grabbing the bow off Maya and aiming at James, the person that killed her sister. I hear the arrow whiz past me and then the thump of a dead body.

"We're leaving" Darren says as I reach them.

"Lets" Miranda from Eleven nods, we run off into the mountains.


The Careers are at the Cornucopia.

Alliance One are in the Mountains, in a cave with a fire lit.

Alliance Two are in the the Labyrinth.

Alliance Three are at the beach.

Alliance Four are in the Forest.

All Solo tributes are dispersed across the arena.

Day Two!

Sian Malley, District Eight POV~

Boom! Boom! I awake with a jolt by two cannons being fired. Two more kids who shouldn't have died, yet they did.

"W-What was that?" Lily asks, looking up at Nick.

"A cannon" He replies, yet I think she already knew, she probably wants comfort, I would too if it were Nicole that died yesterday.

"We should go" Maya says, packing up her stuff into her pack, "Stay here much longer and the Careers'll get us"

So. We stuff our stuff into our respective packs as we have at least one each, and we head into the forest. I wonder where those two kids died? The Labyrinth? The Beach? The Forest? We walk into the forest and stick close to each other. Yes we're 12 kids in an alliance but we're still vunerable. There's a scream and we spin round to find September dead on the floor, with a spear through her neck. Boom! I grab a knife and throw it into her neck. She doesn't scream, nor flinch. Boom! She just crumples onto the ground, with a knife in her neck. The Careers look at us, before running off. Wait a sec, we just scared the Careers. Awesome!

Twist Domain, District Three POV~

So far four people have died today. I walk with Dallas. Dallas, however cute he is, he's pretty useless. I want to get in with the Careers, but NO! Dallas says we'll die if we go with them. Ugh. There's a snap. I can see the girl from Seven, Loren, out, checking her snares. I lift one of my axes and throw it at her. Boom!

"Nice shot" Dallas laughs.

"Thanks...hey look! There's the Careers, can we join them?" I suggest.

He sighs, "Fine"

So we walk up to the careers. Pheonix is the leader and he turns to us, "What?"

"Can we join you" I say, rather sheepishly.

A mad smile creeps onto his face, "Kill him and then we'll let you join"

I look at Dallas. His eyes stare fearfully into mine. Before he even has time to consider his options, I throw an axe to his head. Boom!

"Welcome aboard Twist'"


Quent Kove, Cookie, September Rollo, Reina Clare, Loren Woods and Dallas Tide died today

Deceased Tributes; Leo Brotlu, Jon Ebar, Skye and Anthony Dayles, Empherma Zero, Liir Fluor, Mark Wires, Clay Donald, Moran Kane, James Potraire.

The Careers are at the Cornucopia.

Alliance One are in the forest.

Alliance Two are at the beach.

Alliance Three are at the beach.

Alliacance Four are in the Labyrinth.

All Solo Tributes are dispersed across the arena.

Day Three!

Luke Hayden POV

Day Three in the arena. Great. I lost Clay, Otis has lost Leo...only Mark and Velvet are together in our alliance. We're at the beach. We're exposed, badly. I wouldn't be half suprised if the Careers come and ambush us now and kill all four of us.

"So did you hear the Careers celebrating?" Velvet asks, looking around, analysing our surroundings.

"Yeah" I say, staring down at the axe I hold. Why do I have an axe? I can't use it well but oh well "It was one of the career's birthday, Lion or Tiger"

"Well thats great then" Mark huffs "Another career thats older, more chances that they'll kill us"

There's some rustling in the grass beside us and we turn, revealing two of the Capitol tributes. Max and Imoge.

"Hi! We're Max and Imoge! We're going to kill you before you have time to kill us" Max says, smiling evily. He grabs his spear and runs over the Velvet, and jamming it down her throat. Boom! Mark, in a fit of rage, grabs Max's neck and snaps it. Boom! Imoge looks startled and runs off. Clever girl. We grab our stuff and walk towards the towering Mountains.

Rose Ebar, Capitol POV~

Two days ago, Dad died in the bloodbath. He promised me that we'd be two of the four victors. I still cling onto that promise, as if it'll come true and that he'd come back and hug me and tell me that everything will be OK. But he can't. As he's dead. DEAD. Sian Malley. That's her name. The one that killed him. I'm going to kill her. That's for sure. I'm in the trees of the forest and I can hear some chatting from below- on the ground. I look and smile to myself. There's Sian. I'm going to kill her now with my bow an-! No I know what I'll do. I place a single arrow into my bow and aim it at small Angelina's back. I smile as I release my grip and the arrow flies, hitting her back, causing her death and her body to lie on the floor. Boom! I turn and jump the other way. In the distance, I can hear Unity's sobs and pleas for Angelina to come back.


Tributes Who Died Today: Velvet Cruze (D10)

Max Flatter (C)

Angelina Frost (D6)

Alliance One are now in the Labyrinth. Sian and Nicole have been given their items from their mentor, Anna.

The Careers are now in the Forest.

Alliance Three are now at the Cornucopia

Alliance Four are now in the Mountains.

All Solo Tributes are dispersed around the Arena. Mostly in the Labyrinth and Forest.

Day Four

Daniel Miller, District Seven POV~

I wake up. Its midday. I slept that late. My other people in my alliance; Lana, Zack and Blueberry stir around the same time as I do.

"Where do we go now?" Zack asks.

"Well we're in the Labyrinth now, so we'd better go to the forest, we'll get some wood for fires and stuff" Lana says, grabbing the one pack and stuffing the matches we used to light the fire last night.

"Right" Blueberry nods.

We walk through the forest, gripping our weapons tightly. There's a snap and then I feel a sharp pain in the back of my neck...I'm dying. I fall to the ground, to see Rose from the Capitol smirking at me. Boom! As my cannon goes off, two more go off as well. Boom! Boom!

Rose Ebar, Capitol POV~

Two kills already! But still no Sian! I am going to enjoy killing her and then winning. I've teamed up with my friend Imoge, we're better together.

"Hey Look" Imoge says, pointing to Sian's alliance "They're splitting up...see?"

And sure enough, Sian and Nicole go one way, and the rest of them go the other. I load a single arrow into my bow and launch it, hitting Nick from Eleven. Boom!

"Thats enough deaths for the day then" Imoge laughs.


Tributes that died today:

Daniel Miller, District Seven

Pomegranate, District Twelve

Zack Chandler, District Five

Nick Keybrick, District Eleven

The Careers are at the Cornucopia.

Alliance One are in the Labyrinth.

Alliance Three are in the Mountains

Alliance Four are at the Beach.

Solo Tributes are dispersed across the Arena.

Day Five

Rose Ebar, Capitol POV~

I've killed 3 people. I've gone psycho. Great. Though I will kill until I kill her. Boom! Imoge looks at me "Do you think that was Sian?"

I smile viciously "I hope so"

We walk until we see the age old enemies- Sian's old alliance.

"Let's jump them" I growl, loading one arrow into my bow, and shooting Charlotte's leg.

"Hello guys" I say, jumping from my tree "Hows you?"

Athena glares at me as I step towards Charlotte, "Leave her alone"

"Why should I?" I say, taking the arrow from her leg and shoving it down her neck. Boom! Athena looks at me, before being dragged away by her alliance.

"Hello Miss Ebar" A voice behind me says.

I turn around and Nicole Jacobson is there. "Oh hi! Where's Sian?"

"Here!" Sian says, looking at me from a tree.

"Aw! Great spot to watch this" I say, grabbing Nicole's throat and strangling her. Boom!

Sian runs away from me, to the mountains.

Day Six

Unity Poweth, District Six POV~

Wow. Final 30. 26 tributes have already died. 26 more need to die.

It's midday and my alliance are walking down the forest path, towards the Cornucopia.

"Hello Tributes" The voice of Claudius Templesmith IIII booms around the arena "At random, 10 tributes will be killed. That is all. May the odds be ever in your favour"

We look at eachother, before Darren bursts into flames.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

"Great" I mutter "The feast is tomorrow"

Final 20.


Kaye. This next thing may sound harsh, but I am stopping these games. I just can't write them anymore. So I will reveal the four victors;

Cara Wood of District Two!

Pamline Falone of District Seven!

Sian Malley of Distict Eight!


Rose Ebar of the Capitol!

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