Welcome all to the 125th Annual Hunger Games! Katniss never volunteered for Prim so the rebellion never happened. Prim won the Hunger Games by hiding away, waiting until Cato had starved to death. She is now in her Sixties and mentors for the District 12 Girls. A lot has happened since the 74th Annual Hunger Games. One- District 13 has been re-built and is now a career district. And finally, a new District has been formed. District 14. This District is a breeding district. The Capitol sends them requests on the mutts that they want created, and District 14 makes them. The Quell this year is..... Children Between the ages of 5-15 are agible for reaping. Any below 5 and above 15 are not agible. Happy Hunger Games! And, may the odds be ever in you favour!

So yeah! My first SYOT on here and a few things! One, after each day I do an overview on whats happeneing to the other tributes that are not featured in a day. If you do this, I didn't know sorry! In this story, the reaping scenes will be skipped. But the chariot, interview AND the stuff after that is included. There is no sponsor system. Scratch that, going straight to the games~






Open to Relationship:

Open to Alliance:

Chariot Outfit:

Interview Outfit:

Interview Angle:

Training Score:

What did they show the Gamekeepers?:

Preffered Death(not promising though!):


So yeah!

I am submitting Two Tributes.

Name Age Gender District
Lion Scrapes 14 male 1
Dorminca Flinte 10 female 1
Adam Keller 14 male 2
Brittania Lyon 14 female


Zap Cowen 14 male 3
Ruby Hyrglass 15 female 3
Thomas Quince 15 male 4
Tarelia Anderson 12 female 4
Foxlip Dillard 15 male 5
Alanna Blake 15 female 5
Brann Clatch 8 male 6
Kennedy Rosevale 10 female 6
Forest Nelms 15 male 7
Deena Wagadubakowski 14 female 7
Logan Waterson 8 male 8
Daina Coleman 14 female 8
Russel Murphy 14 male 9
Zoe Browning 14 female 9
Caspar Gostum 14 male 10
Alice Marsop 14 female 10
Cody Birch 14 male 11
Bethany Wakeling 5 female 11
Greg Mitchel 14 male 12
Samantha Donovan 13 female 12
Rory Lemner 15 male 13
Katelynn Huxely 14 female 13
Madrick Icetown 6 male 14
Catherine Rosedain 12 female


Kills Chart
Name Age District Kills Day Killed Killed By Place Lion Scrapes 14 1 Casper (D10), Zoe (D9) 4 Samantha. Placed- 9th
Dorminca Flinte 10 1 None 3 Alanna (D5) 13th
Adam Keller 14 2 Russel (D9) 2 Greg (D12) 18th
Brittania Lyon 14 2 Alice (D10), Ruby (D3) 3 Mutts 10th
Zap Cowen 14 3 None 1 Thomas (D4) 20th
Ruby Hyrglass 15 3 None 3 Britannia (D2) 14th
Thomas Quince 15 4 Zap (D3) 3 Mutts 11th
Tarelia Anderson 12 4 Logan (D8) 1 Deena (D7) 25th
Foxlip Dillard 15 5 Kennedy (D6) 5 Deena(D7) 5th
Alanna Blake 15 5 Dorminca (D1) 5 Deena(D7) 6th
Brann Clatch 8 6 Katelynn (D13) 6 Katelynn's mutt 3rd
Kennedy Rosevale 10 6 Forest (D7), Daina (D8) and Catherine (D14) 4 Foxlip (D5) 8th
Forest Nelms 15 7 None 1 Kennedy (D6) 21st
Deena Wagadubakowski 14 7 Tarelia (D4), Alanna (D5), Foxlip (D5) - - 1st!
Logan Waterson 8 8 None 1 Tarelia (D4) 26th
Daina Coleman 14 8 None 1 Kennedy (D6) 19th
Russel Murphy 14 9 None 1 Adam (D2) 22nd
Zoe Browning 14 9 None 1 Lion (D1) 24th
Caspar Gostum 14 10 None 1 Lion (D1) 28th
Alice Marsop 14 10 None 1 Brittania (D2) 27th
Cody Birch 14 11 None 1 Catherine (D14) 23rd
Bethany Wakeling 5 11 None 3 Mutts 12th
Greg Mitchel 14 12 Adam (D2) 2 Rory (D13) 17th
Samantha Donovan 13 12 Lion (D1) 6 Mutts 2nd
Rory Lemner 15 13 Greg (D12) 2 Madrick (D14) 16th
Katelynn Huxely 13 13 None 5 Brann (D6) 4th
Madrick Icetown 6 14 Rory (D13) 2 Suicide 15th
Catherine Rosedain 12 14 Cody (D11), 4 Kennedy (D6) 7th


If your tribute has a line through their name, it means they're dead.

Careers: Lion (D1), Dorminca (D1), Adam (D2), Brittania (D2), Thomas (D4), Tarelia (D4), Rory (13) and Katelynn (D13)

Group One: Samantha (D12), Greg (D12), Brann (D6), Logan (D8), Bethany (D11) and Madrick (D14)

Group Two: Alanna (D5), Zoe (D9), Daina (D8), Forest (D7) and Catherine (D14). Foxlip(D5) now added.

Group Three: Russel (D9), Casper (D10) and Ruby (D3)

SOLO TRIBUTES: Deena (D7), Kennedy (D6), Alice (D10), Cody (D11) and Zap (D3) IN THE TABLE, 28th-19th ARE BLOODBATHS

Place Name Age Distict Killed By Method 28th Casper Gostum 14 10 Lion Scrapes Sword in back.
27th Alice Marsop 14 10 Brittania Lyon Neck Snapped
26th Logan Waterson 8 8 Tarelia Anderson Sword through skull.
25th Tarelia Anderson 12 4 Deena Wagadubakowski Knife in the back of neck.
24th Zoe Browning 14 9 Lion Scrapes Slain.
23rd Cody Birch 14 11 Catherine Rosedain Slain
22nd Russel Murphy 14 9 Adam Keller Neck Snapped
21st Forest Nelms 15 7 Kennedy Rosevale Knife in temple.
20th Zap Cowen 14 3 Thomas Quince Drowned
19th Daina Coleman 14 8 Kennedy Rosevale Knife in temple
18th Adam Keller 14 2 Greg Mitchel Spear through neck
17th Greg Mitchel 14 12 Rory Lemner Slain
16th Rory Lemner 15 13 Madrick Icetown Pushed to death.
15th Madrick Icetown 6 14 Suicide Fell to death.
14th Ruby Hyrglass 3 15 Britannia Lyon Arrow in the head
13th Dorminca Flint 1 10 Alanna Blake Sword in head
12th Bethany Wakeling 11 5 Mutts Mauled
11th Thomas Quince 4 15 Mutts Ripped Limb by Limb
10th Britannia Lyon 2 14 Mutts Skewered through heart
9th Lion Scrapes 1 14 Samantha Donavin Sword in neck
8th Kennedy Rosevale 6 10 Foxlip Dillard Sword in stomach

Catherine Rosedain

14 12 Kennedy Rosevale Knife in heart
6th Alanna Blake 15 5 Deena Wagabudakowski Knife in temple
5th Foxlip Dillard 15 5 Deena Wagabudakowski Knife in back of the neck.
4th Katelynn Huxely 13 13 Brann Clatch Sword in heart
3rd Brann Clatch 6 6 Katelynn's mutt Mauled
2nd Samantha Donovan 13 12 Mutts Mauled
VICTOR Deena Wagabudakowski 14 7 N/A N/A

Day One

Alanna Blake, District 5 POV~

The cylider rises into the arena and sunlight bleeds from every direction. The timer starts. 60, 59, 58, 57, 56, 55. I look around. The arena this year, is an abandoned amusment park with a single cabin. The Careers will make camp there.

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1!

I run to the nearest pack. I look around. Foxlip is running away, towards the highest ride. I scan around for my team. Zoe and Catherine are killing the two from 10. Forest and Daina are collecting loads of supplies.

"Hello 5", a voice behind me snarls.

I spin round to find Tarelia from 4 behind me, "H-hi"

There's a sword next to me and I hastily grab it.

"Ha", she laughs, "you're going to defend yourdelf with tha-"

She falls with a knife in the back of her neck. Deena from 7 nods and takes off.

There's a scream and I look at Zoe being slain by Lion from 1. Catherine, Forset and Daina run towards me and we sprint away. We run past a ride called The Buffalo. The girl from 6 is there, knives aimed. Catherine notices too. When the girl throws 4 knives, me and Catherine dodge. Forest and Daina, get knives in the temple.

"Myabe we should move quicker", Catherine says, collecting the knives and the packs that Forest and Daina had.

I nod.

Lion Scrapes, District 1 POV~

The bloodbath is over and it's nearly evening. We lost Tarelia. No biggie. We'd kill her soon anyway. Dorminca, Adam, Brittania and Rory are collecting packs. Me, Thomas and Katelynn are moving stuff into the cabin.

"Good place here", Katelynn says, looking around, "Better than the rest of the arena"

I nod, "Yeah, the rest of the tributes will be sleeping in some really weird places"

Thomas speaks up, "Who do we go for first?"

"The younger tributes. Like the 5 year old fron 11", Adam walkis in, clutching packs. Brittania, Dormica and Rory follow.

The anthem plays and we look at the fallen tributes. Boy from 3, Tarelia, Boy from 7, Boy from 8, Both from 9 and Both from 10.

"Lets go to sleep. Bree keep guard", I say, settling into a sleeping bag.

She nods. The first day is officially over.


The Death Table has been updated.

The Careers are going well in the Cabin.

Samantha, Greg, Brann, Bethany and Madrick are in the Glass Maze for the night.

Alanna and Catherine are still walking around.

Ruby and Foxlip have teamed up. And are in the Tree's around the Cabin.

All solo tributes are going well.

Day 2

Samantha Donavan, District 12 POV~

I sit awake in the Glass Maze- awaiting for the other alliance members to awake.I have all the younger kids in my team- to make sure that they live as long as possible. But, the longer we stay here, the quicker we'll die.

Greg, Bethany, Brann and Madrick slowly open their eyes.

I open my mouth to say something, "Goo-"

"Good Morning 12, 11, 6 and 14", a voice snarls behind me.

Our heads snap in the direction of the entrance. The Boys from 2 and 13 stand there.

Adam Keller, District 2 POV~

I scan the tributes for my first victim. Samantha. I throw a spear in her direction and it misses her neck by a centimetre. Greg looks angry by this and launches a spear at me...

Rory Lemner, District 13 POV~

The spear hits Adam square in the neck. Boom! A cannon sounds. I walk backwards towards the edge- to make them come to me. It works. They all shuffle forwards. The Glass Maze is on a ledge and below it are spikes. Greg charges foward and I plunge my sword into his neck. Boom! I laugh. Now its my chance to kill 11.

Bethany Wakeling, District 11 POV~

I may be only 5, but now my mental age is 10. I need to think like a grown-up if I want to live. District 13 runs towards me. Madrick then decides to charge are Rory, pushing him off the ledge. But Madrick carries on running and he too, falls to his death. Boom! Boom! The careers come out of the cabin. Four deaths in Five minutes. They'll be looking for fresh blood.

"Lets go", Samantha says, brushing a strand of hair out of her face. We walk to the Maze...ANOTHER maze?!

Brittania Lyon, District 2 POV~

Its Thomas' turn to keep guard, Lion said so. The anthem places and we're eager to find out who died. The first picture shown is Adam's. I'm the last District 2 tribute? I'll be targeted soon. Then the boy from 12. The girl fromm 11 is still alve then, next Rory's face is shown and finally the boy from 14. Katelynn looks worried, like me, she could be targeted soon. But anyway, there's 5 careers and one of us WILL win!




RORY LEMNER was pushed to his death by MADRICK ICETOWN

MADRICK ICETOWN fell to his death.

The Careers are thriving nicely.

Samatha, Brann and Bethany are still in shock from Greg and Madrick's deaths, but are safe in the maze.

Alanna and Catherine are now in the Glass Maze.

Ruby and Foxlip are in the tree beside the cabin, running low on food.

Deena is now on top of the Buffalo.

Kennedy is close to Foxlip and Ruby

Day 3

Lion Scrapes, District 1 POV~

I awake to only four other careers left. It's the final Fourteen. There should be eight careers, not five. The others stir around me slowly. Britannia and Katelynn look worried. I can't think of any reasons why.

"Right guys", I say, gathering my mace collection that was so convieniatly placed in the cabin, "All of us will go tribute hunting"

The others nod ans we walk outside of the cabin and see the boy from Five and the girl from Three. Britannia nudges me and I nod. She loads an arrow into her bow and shoots the girl. Boom! As Ruby's coarpse falls off the tree, a sword comes rushing through , lodging itself in Dorminca's head. Boom!

Foxlip joined the girls from 5 & 13 and they run off.

"Right", I growl, like the animal that also has my name, "We go now!"

We run into the nearest ride, The Maze. The walls of leaves tower above us. We spot the alliance that killed Adam and Rory.

"Heya" Britannia yells.

They turn around to see us and run- extra fst. I laugh, are they that desperate to elongate their life for a few minutes? I heard that Samantha, Brann and Bethany haven't gotten a break.

There's some noises behind us and we turn. Three types of mutts are chasing us; The dog mutt from the 74th Hunger Games, the monkey mutts from the 75th Hunger Games and the Candy Pink Birds from the 50th Hunger Games.

We too run yet the mutts catch up to us. The dogs race to Bethany, mauling her. Boom! The monkeys rip Thomas apart limb by limb. Boom! Finally, the birds skewer Britannia through the heart. Boom!

The mutts clear off. Samantha and Brann have gone and me and Katelynn make our way back to the cabin/

Kennedy Rosedain, District 6 POV~

It's evening now. This morning I ran away from my next victims or alliance partners, when Ruby fell down dead.

The anthem plays. I'm eager to find out who died. The first picture to be shown is Dorminca's from One, next is Britannia's from Two, Ruby from Three, Thomas from Four and Bethany from Eleven.

Final Nine.


The Death and Kills Charts have been updated.

The Feast will be happening on Day 4. Give your tribute advice on what you want them to do. If you do not give advice, I will assume you don't care and there will be more of a chance that they will be killed.

Also, lets say (THIS IS JUST ON THE TOP OF MY HEAD, IT MAY NOT HAPPEN) Lion comes first. His Owner can reserve Three tributes in my next games. Kennedy comes Second. Her Owner can reserve Two in my next games and then Samantha comes Third, Her Owner gets One reservered character. (Though her owner has already reserved tributes)

Day 4~

Brann Clatch, District 6 POV~

"Brann, Brann! Wake up!"

Samantha nudges me awake.

"What?" I grumble, rubbing my eyes.

"The news about the feast should be up soon"

As if she knew it would happen, Claudius Templesmith Jr's voice booms across the arena, "Hello Final Nine. The feast will happen at mid-morning that you all need"

I look at Samantha, "Do we go?"

She looks back at me, "Well I am, you won't"

I tilt my head slightly in confusion , "What do I do while you're gone?"


I nod, "Ok, but what about the big shiny 6 on my back?"

"Hide it"

She turns and walks out, to the Cornucopia.

Samantha Donavin, District 12 POV~

I walk out of the cave and turn around and look at Brann. He's snuggling into his sleeping bag. Right. Let's do this. I need to get two packs and the careers are no doubtly there. And sure enough, as I see the golden horn coming into view, I see Lion and Katelynn there with they're packs open. Katelynn and Lion have both got some amour of some sorts. Lion- a helmet. Probably the best as many of the things that have tried to kill him have aimed for his head and Katelynn has a chest plate. I plan on going what a tribute that mentor Prim called FoxFace did. Run in, grab the packs and run out.

I run in, past Katelynn and grab Brann's pack. And then I feel a sharp pain in my left leg and I fall to the floor. Lion's behind me smiling manically, "I'm going to finish off the job that Adam started"

He swings his mace and I swiftly move my head to the right. I glance at the tribute coming closer. Foxlip and Alanna from 5, Catherine from 14 and Kennedy from 6. I grab open Brann's pack as Lion's swinging his mace again and I find as sword in his pack. I plunge it into his neck. Boom! Katelynn looks worried and she runs off. I look at the tributes and they're fighting so I make my way back to the cave. Boom! Boom! To more cannons go off. I walk into the entrance of the cave and Brann's face lit up, "What did we get in our packs"

"I got some medicine", I say as I open the pack, "And you have a sword...that I used to kill Lion with"

He nods, "At least there's only one career left."

Alanna Blake, District 5, POV~

Catherine's dead. Kennedy killed her. As he knife was being thrown through the air, Foxlip killed her. Lion's dead.

"So", I say to Foxlip as we walk to the Maze, "Final Six"

He nods, "Yeah. A District Five win maybe?"

"Maybe, though one of us will have to die"

"Maybe we should part now, I mean I don't want to kill you"

I nod, "Well this is it"

"Yeah...bye Alanna"


We walk of in seperate directions. It's me, Foxlip, Samantha, Brann, Katelynn and Deena left. I walk past the Buffalo and I see Deena on the top. She smiles at me, "How did the feast go?"

"Twelve killed One", I say, "Fourteen died and so did Six"

"Boy or girl from Six?"


"Who's got my pack?"

"Thirteen. She took it before any of us could get it. As far as I know, Twelve has a helmet that Lion got. She's going to be hard to kill"

Deena nods and then runs down the ride and into the distance. I walk until I come to the cabin. It's risky but I still decide to sleep in it. The anthem plays, broadcasting the kills that Samantha, Kennedy and Foxlip got. I'm going to win.


The Final Six has been revealed! Give Your Tributes Advice!

Give your Tribute advice on what you want them to do from now on!

Day 5

Deena Wagabudakowski, District 7 POV~

Its Day 5 of the 125th Hunger Games. Maybe these games will be over and I can go back home. Of course, there's 5 other determined tributes in my way. I walk into the maze. I can see blood on the floor. Some tributes obviously entered and never came back out. I see Alanna walking down one side and Foxlip on the other. I raise a knife and mutter, "Sorry Alanna"

I throw my knife and it hits her in the temple. Boom! Foxlip turns and I throw I knife into his neck. Boom! I run out of the maze. The longer I stay there, the more likely Samantha and Brann or Katelynn will try and get me.

Katelynn Huxley, District 13 POV~

I walk around the forest edge. I'm the only career left. Twelve killed Lion yesterday. I walk along the edge until I see a cave. I peer inside. The boy from Six is peacefully sleeping...not for long. I raise the knife that I have, and I push it down. Before the blade pierces his skin, I feel a pain in my back. I turn to see Samantha and a sword in my heart. I fall to the ground. Boom!

Brann Clatch, District 6 POV~

The anthem plays and I look to the sky. The Pictures of Alanna, Foxlip and Katelynn are show.

"What does that me Samantha", I ask, titling my head.

"It means we're in the final three"

"W-what will happen to us?"

"I'll protect you as much as I can"

I believe her as I get into my sleeping bag.


The Death and Kills charts have been updated.

Give advice to your tributes. Congratulations. To those who have a tribute in the Final Three, you can reserve one in my next games :3

Day 6

-To find the winner, I put all the names into a hat and chose from that :3 -

Samantha Donavin, District 12 POV~

The final Three. I'm in the final Three. But so is Deena. She's proven her worth...but so have me and Brann, we've almost been killed how many times?

"Lets go and get her", I say to Brann, shaking him awake.


I nod, "Yes now"

He reluctantly grabs his stuff and walks out of the cave with me.

"We'll try the Buffalo first. That's where she's been the entire games"

He points to a figure coming towards us, "Is that her?"

I step closer. I think it is.

Deena Wagabudakowski POV~

I'm running to the cabin. I figured that the careers must have left some supplies left...right? As I run to it, I see two figures in front of me. Samantha and Brann. I come closer until we're in a triangle.

"So", I say, "This is what it comes down to then"

Samantha nods, "I guess so. But I'm going to wi- What's wrong Brann?"

Brann's pointing at some mutts advancing towards us. Dog Mutts. Bird Mutts and Monkey Mutts, "The mutts that killed Bethy!"

We all turn and start to run. I look behind me after 5 minutes of solid running to see if by chance they're dead, Samantha and Brann that is. Brann is falling behind and the mutts are taking this to their advantage. One Mutt with the number 13 painted over it is running towards him. Katelynn's mutt. Brann killed her.

There's a scream and a cannon. Boom!

"BRANN!", Samantha screams. If I remember correctly, she allied with the younger kids.

I run back in a loop onto the cart that takes me up to Buffalo. Samantha does the same. One of us isn't getting off this ride alive.

Samantha Donavin, District 12 POV~

Me and Deena wrestle in the cart. The mutts are gathering around where-ever the cart goes. I need to push her off.

"So Twelve", she hisses, "Enjoy your last day of life"

Damn. My timid nature gets the better of me and I'm unable to speak. My glasses fall off as we ascend higher. Deena takes this as her advantage and kicks me out of the cart. I fall. I can feel the wind blowing in my face. I hit the ground with the thud and the mutts swarm me. Boom!

Congratulations FinnickIsTheAwesomeOne! Deena is the victor, That means, you can have one more tribute in my 1000th Hunger Games. Robin, you can reserve two tributes and Abbie, you already have :3

ANYWAISE, thanks to all those who participated! It was a fun first games :3

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