So yeah. Hai. My 350th? Games are cancelled, and my User BR is on a hold.

So, the first annual Battle Royale!


  1. Only I can swear. If you wanna swear, great, just not on here.
  3. You must add a real life picture, as I'm gonna create a student gallery.
  4. Don't think that because your student comes from Class 2, it means they're the same as someone from District Two; that's Panem, and this isn't.
  5. I'm not going on profiles, or links to HGRP, as I don't want Tributes, I want students. If you want to enter, don't be lazy.
  6. All students are gonna be 16 or 17.
  8. For the pictures, you can use anyone who looks the age, i.e. Niall Horan if you really wanted to.
  9. OH YEAH, this is set in modern day England c: But you can, as expected? Have different nationalities.
  10. Have fun? So hai :3

Template thingy





History: (Short or long, I don't mind, but remember, it has to be normal, no Kekai like histories. Think of an average history that someone today would have)

Real Life Picture:

The Students

Class Male Weapon Female Weapon
1 Kai Yoshimoto Brick Aerial Yune Small Metal Pole
2 Mike Tremor Rope Tiana Johnson Mini Uzi
3 Kent Beat Plastic Bag Melinda Pax Stick
4 Yul Zhu

Pen Cassidy Alanna Net
5 Mist Scorchill Axe Romy Bleu Yoyo
6 Peter McAndrews Barbie Doll Nerilla Pekella Kitchen Knife
7 Mason Wholohan Small Pistol Emi Takahashi  Information on the other Students
8 Shade Spectrus Mace Callie Southern Shotgun
9 Andrew Bower Thee Handheld Grenades Taylor Lake Sword
10 Chardony Fray Battlefan Mavis Fray Leather Whip

Student Gallery

Death Chart

Student Method Killer Day
Yul Zhu (4) Shot Tiana Johnson (2) 1
- - -

Dead Students:


Sorry if you didn't get your alliance in.

Shade, Mist, Cassidy, Mike and Aerail

Kai and Emi

Cali, Kent, Melianda, Chardony, Mavis

Due to the fact that its too confusing for me, only those in alliances are best friends/friends. For example, Kai and Emi are best friends/something more if I decide to.

First Day

They're all scared. They're all restless. Some put on brave masks, use their personalities to their advantage; but they can't control what happens. The announcement for The Program had been broadcasted last night, and none of them processed that they'd be the first Students to go through it. This morning, the Students sat down in their classroom, waiting to learn about the Treaty of Versailles, but now they were in a hall in a single room building on an island in the middle of nowhere, where they'd kill, or be killed.

Students like Callie Southern didn't care. They never did well in lessons, so this was the only way they could prove their 'idiot' teachers wrong. The Student's headteacher, Mr Monroe stood, staring down at the 20 people in front of him. He straightens his back and coughs, "Now, as I'm sure you're all aware, in whatever amount of days it takes, nineteen of you will be dead. A single person will win and enjoy a life fit for the Queen herself. Here's some...ground rules.

You see those collars around your necks? Don't touch them if you don't want to be exploded to a thousand...small...pieces. Got that? Good."

At this point, those who were more reserved in themselves steal glances at the collars that hang tightly onto another's neck.

Mr Monroe coughed to gain the attention back, "As this is the first year, you will have 5 days to kill each other. If, by the midday of the 5th day there are more than one Student remaining, the collars wil detonate, killing you. You have been warned.

Finally, are you going to play the game and kill? Or refuse to and not? The choice is yours."

The middle-aged man walks away, laughing in a pure state of insanity. One by one, the students collect their bags, and saunter out of the school, ready as they could ever be.

19 to go.


Tiana Johnson (Class 2) glances down at her designated weapon - a mini uzi. She smiles slightly, she can prove a serious threat to those in The Progam. She walks slowly into the old amusment park on the east side of the island, not expecting much - she'd ran from the moment she left the school to the east side, hoping that most would go straight and head to the west of the island, not bothering with the other side for the time being. The place rots around her, and each step she takes only disturbs it more. Tiana could feel her presence unwanted, but its too late to turn back and risk death...right?

She straightens her back and remains calm; the only thing she has to fear at other humans...not little bumper cars. Small snaps of twigs here and there are what sets her off, what scares her. She processes what might be going through others' minds. Kill. Make-up. Kill. Make-up. Sex. Each time she thought of something knew, killing came back.

She sighs and readies her gun, just in case. A snap of a twig that she didn't cause makes her spin around and face Yul (Class 4).

Yul was wearing a smirk, ready to kill someone, but its been wiped off at the sight of Callie's gun. He tries to regain it and be cocky, "You don't need to kill me."

Tiana tenses, "Are you gonna come near me?"

Yul takes a daring step closer.

Tiana, without thinking, pulls the trigger, a loud bang sounds forms, and Yul falls to the ground dead. Dead as dead can be. Tiana now runs and collects his weapon, food and drink before running off and shouting, "I need to protect myself! I. Will Kill!"

18 to go.


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