Making a new games...quite simple....really... :3


Well this quell's twist is simple. Each night on the pre-games, a tribute will be taken from the Capitol. So, that means, on the night of the Chariots, a tribute is taken, on the night of the Training Scores being given, a tribute goes, and finally on the night on the Interviews, a final tribute will be taken.

It might seem lucky, being taken away, but in reality, these tributes will be released into the arena when the number of remaining tributes is smaller, making them the more deadlier tributes, or the more hiding away type ones. These 3 tributes that were released later on, will have no supplies, no weapons, nothing. Making them more defenceless.

In addition to this twist, a single tribute shall be injected with a chemical, making them to behave unusually to their natural behaviour. This'd seem like a bad thing, that'd only harm a single tribute, but it's not. This tribute, however absurd it is, has one motive. And that is, to kiss another tribute. Seems like I'm doing it for potential gay kissing...maybe. But, once the infected tribute has kissed someone, he/she (most likely he), is free from the infection, and can return to how they were, and maybe win the games. The tribute who was kissed, would die in a matter of hours due to a poison in the injection. If the original infected tribute does not kiss someone WILLINGLY within 4 days, he or she shall die.


Blah, blah, same rules as literally all the games around here.

Although I admit doing profiles is easier, and I'm lazy myself and I'd just link my page and stuff on HGRP. I will not go on profiles or go on pages. You can stop being lazy and just copy and paste the information, it literally takes the same amount of time. Mkai? Mkai.

Oh yeah, and don't bitch if you give me a tribute that I kill. And also don't bitch if you give me a male tribute and I make him kiss another guy. This can be reversed for the person who's tribute gets kissed.

Reservations last for as long as I decide. So yeah, don't bitch if you lose your reservation.

Don't cry about the swearing and sexual references that will occur in these games.

You can have 2 tributes max at the moment. I might raise it. Don't bitch about this.

Also, MUST, add a REAL LIFE picture of a model/actor/singer/whoever, that can represent your tribute. It helps me better than lunaiis. Don't be a bitch.

Also don't bitch if you think my writing is shit. I'm not changing it just for you.

No one likes a bitch. Don't be a bitch and follow my bitching rules. Bitch.

Got these rules down? Okaye? Okaye? Okaye.

Jk jk, ily all....mainly Miahhh, Alexxxx and Twinny<33


District Name Gender Age Weapon Status
1 Dragon Lord 17 Katana/Spear TAKEN
1 Penny Dawson-Tishler 15 Wire/Sword ALIVE
2 Xavier Doron 18 Curved Knives ALIVE
2 Shermaine Willson 17 Double Swords/Martial Arts ALIVE
This Tribute Was Killed On Day One
3 Raphie Carys 15 Throwing Knives/Dagger ALIVE
4 Jason Mayers 16 Spear ALIVE
4 Dariah Hellen 17 Trident/Net ALIVE
This Tribute Was Killed On Day One
5 Jaysen Frock 13 Throwing Knives/Throwing Axes ALIVE
6 Lintely Smith 16 Throwing Knives TAKEN
This Tribute Was Killed On Day One
This Tribute Was Killed On Day One
7 Ursae Maymoon 18 Spears/Axes ALIVE
This Tribute Was Killed On Day One
8 Filivena 'Fili' Staford 15 Bow and Arrow/Knife ALIVE
This Tribute Was Killed On Day One
This Tribute Was Killed On Day One
10 Hunter Hayes 16 Spear ALIVE
This Tribute Was Killed On Day One
11 Buerry Danora 18 Slingshot ALIVE
This Tribute Was Killed On Day One
This Tribute Was Killed On Day One
12 Bella Empiress 13 Bow & Arrow/Poison TAKEN

User's with Tributes:

Wesley/Wesolini: Dawn Santori & Xavier Doron

RossInSA: Carson Anderburg

Berry/St.Berry4evers: Lintely Smith

DonkeyandPuss: Buerry Danora & Sha'Tanya

Erlend/EHKnight: Ursae Maymoon & Bella Empiress

Rainie/Rainfacestar: Dariah Hellen & Filivena Staford

Kekai/Hybrd Shadow: Faust Terron & Dragon Lord

Mia/66mc: Raphie Carys & Alissa Davyson

Junior/Junior ii: Hunter Hayes

Ben/KEWLBEN: Jason Mayers

Emma/Username I'm not gonna put down :D: Amme Ilorenzo & Penny Dawson-Tishler

Kiki/KNKHungerGames: Levi Summler & Jaysen Frock

Anna/Annamisasa: Shermaine Willson

Weather/WeatherbyFalls22: Devin Fortmass & Ivan Pantigo

Claudia/Obnoxious Blue Unicorns Stole My Dignity!: Kadiah Sparling

Death Chart

Place Name District Killer Day How?
24th Ivan Pantigo Eight Shermaine Wilson Day One; Bloodbath Head hacked off
23rd Sha'Tanya Seven Buerry Danora Day One; Bloodbath Strangled
22nd Carson Anderburg Nine Penny Dawson-Tishler Day One; Bloodbath Heart pierced with a sword
21st Alissa Davyson Six Levi Summler Day One; Bloodbath Speared
20th Faust Terron Twelve Penny Dawson-Tishler Day One; Bloodbath Slain
19th Devin Fortmass Three Self Day One; Bloodbath Killed self after kissing another tribute
18th Kadiah Sparling Nine Xavier Doron Day One; Bloodbath Throat Slit
17th Dawn Santori Ten Devin Fortmass Day One Infected Kiss
16th Levi Summler Five Amme IIorenzo Day One Slain
15th Amme Ilorrenzo Eleven Arena Day One Arena Caused Death

Chariot Rides

Xavier Doron; D2 PoV

Shermaine's stylist, Avalon fusses over the little head pieces that accompanies our chariot outfits. Nearby at the District One chariot, the male, Dragon or something, is complaining about the outfit.

"I look like someone's taken a yellow highlighter, and stuck it in a bowl of glitter!" he yells, waving his arms around.

The female of that District, Penny or something...again, twirls around in her outfit, smiling and laughing with her stylist. I have to admit, looking like you've been highlighted and dumped in glitter doesn't look good on anyone. District Two's outfits are always the best. This year, our outfits are a grey colour, that seems to shimmer gold in the light, like armour that an old age of people used to wear. Behind us, a bright, blood red cape drapes from our shoulder blades. At our sides, there's a shield with the District's seal on it. Unknown at first glance, in small writing, every single victor from District Two's name has been etched into the word "Masonry."

The first chariot rolls out into the long stretch that leads to the way that the chariots go through. Loud screams and shouts of the names of the tributes can be heard, and are in huge numbers. Slowly, our own chariot is pulled out by the ebony black horses. The crowd's applause grows significantly. I smirk and wave at the standing crowd. Glancing over at Shermaine, she's doing the same, but her smirk is wider...more deadlier. I remember her saying on the Train Rides here, that nothing would take away the glory of winning from her. Silly girl, I'm going to win of course. District Two males have a thing for winning, and I'm not gonna stop the 'tradition' here on this Quell.

My smile widens as we begin to reach the place where President Hill will announce the offical start to the Games. Well, Xavier Doron, Victor of the 350th Hunger Games does sound good...

Jaysen Frock; D5 PoV

The applause loudens when it's a Career District. When it was District Three, the crowd was quiter. Now, my chariot inches foward, nearing the entrance to the trail. I gulp, how intimidating can it be? Just, parading ourselves in cheesy get-ups to the whole of Panem. Last year, the victor was one from the District, a girl named Janette. A lot would be riding on me and Levi. Our outfits are boring and plain; just skin tight sliver material with a weird head piece.

A blast of cold air hits me as our chariot speeds down the trail. The Capitolites look so...unique with their different shades of skin colour, and their abnormal hair colours, eye colours and clothes. Behind me, I can hear the different reactions to the following chariots. I smile and wave shyly, I mean, I couldn't act brave, it's not me. Levi waves and smirks, laughing either at, or with, the crowd. He's always been the joker...and the creep around me...

Our chariot hits a hole in the road, and the whole thing shakes, causing me to fall over. Slowly, I stand back up, the whole of the Capitol crowd that can see me, laughing at me. I know Moolight Starsha and Abideen Urusla would be laughing at me, and Moolight would be sure to bring it up with her interview with me...if I'm not one of the ones taken of course. I breathe in, this'll be a long way until the Games.

Buerry Danora; D11 PoV

I laugh and wave stupidly at the Capitolites. They seem to laugh with me...or is it at me? My stylist took the lead for the costumes, and decided on these two amazing outfits! Amme is dressed as a large dildo, with milk squirting from the top. She throws strawberry condoms out to the crowd, though she seems to be sad about it...but my stylist yelled at her, so obviously, I have the cool stylist.

Myself, I am dressed as a massive condom, that is scented apple, and is green. I hold I life size doll of a girl name Dora, from a really old show, Dora The Explorer. I wave some more, grinning at the audience...

Did I mention that I found this erotic?

Bella Empiress; D12 PoV

I sigh as a finally manage to get changed into something more comfortable, as oppose to those stupid chariot outfits. I walk over to the couch where Faust sits, twiddling with his thumbs.

"Hey Faust," I say, smiling softly, not drawing that much attention to myself.

He glares at me, but softens seeing my smile, "Hey Bella. They're annoucing the placings of the chariot outfits, and then the first taken tribute."

He pats the space beside him, and I slowly sit down, my eyes glued onto the screen. Our Escort and Prep Teams join us, and we await the news.

Moonlight Starsha's face appears onto the screen, a dumb smile plastered onto her face. Faust's eyes glare at the sight of her, his eyebrows knit together in disgust.

"Well, well, well! That was quite the opening to this year's Quell! Now, as you know, Capitolites everywhere have been voting for their favourite chariot! And here, in my hands, I have the results! The winners of course, shall recieve a special dinner tonight, with everything one could desire!"

She opens up a small, golden letter, laced with different colours; probably one for each district.

"In first place, we have...District Two! Well done District Two Tributes; Xavier and Shermaine! You've done the folks back home proud! In second place...District Three! Third place...District One! Fourth; District Six! Fifth; District Seven! Sixth; District Four! Seventh; District Twelve!"

Our whole team claps, but our Escort, being himself sighs, "You guys coulda done better, not gonna lie."

Both me and Faust sigh back, glaring at him.

Moonlight continues, "Eighth; District Five! Ninth; District Eight! Tenth; District Nine! Eleventh; District Ten! And finally, in twelth place, District Eleven with their sexual costumes."

I smirk on the inside, remembering them...poor Amme, she must've been screaming on the inside.

"Now, also, I shall know announce the first. Taken. Tribute!"

She smiles and looks at the name, "...Dragon Lord of District One!"

The cameras cut to the District One level, where Dragon is being escorted...more like pushed, out of his level and into the lift...only President Hill knows where he'll go.

One tribute down...two more to go.


Dariah Hellen; D4 PoV

Today's our final day of training. This is the time to properly look at all of the competition, a.k.a the other Careers, and maybe the odd other tribute. District One. Such, frilly, prissy, stuck up people who'd rather be playing with jewels rather than fighting. The male, Dragon, isn't present. I'm glad he's not here, I've heard some bad things about him. He seems tough and brutal anyway. Penny seems like a little innocent girl, nothing more. Though, that girl from the 74th Hunger Games, Clove, was the same, looked innocent, but was evil and wonder she went on to win. District Two. Xavier looks confident and ready to win. Shermaine mirrors the image, but she seems more deadlier...I can't help but think that they'll have some trouble when it comes to taking them out. Jason, my district partner. I haven't payed much attention to him, but he's arrogant and over confident...I hate that.

After some trainer telling us the facts we know, they let us out to the weapons and stations. All weapons imaginable line up the walls. Silver spears and tridents point upwards, their points blunt at the tips, obviously it wouldn't be fun if we killed each other now, would it?

Myself and the other Careers burst towards the weapons, picking up our most favourable one. I pick up a sleek trident. Many of the other tributes just watch as Xavier and Shermaine hack the lives out of the dummies, or how Penny tries to use some throwing axes, and succeeds quite easily. Jason throws multiple spears at many of the targets. A select few of the tributes are actually training along. The boy from Twelve seems to like doing the monkey swings, and he seems good with an axe.

For the next....three hours or so, we go around and do the training courses we have been assigned, before doing our own thing again. There's a clang at the other end of the centre, towards the swords. I turn around, with the District Seven girl, Ursae next to me, and we look, seeing Jason, and the boy from Six, Lintely fighting about something. Ursae turns to me, "What do ya think they're arguing about?

I shrug as if she just asked the simplest question of the world, "Jason seems to get annoyed easily, more than likely, Six over there must've pissed him off."

I think she nodded, but I got bored of the conversation by that time.

"Tributes! Tributes!" the trainer calls, "Time to go back to your levels and wait for you to come down to perform in front of the Gamemakers!"

I smirk, this'll be fun.

Devin Fortmass; D3 PoV

Myself and Raphie sit on the bench outside of the centre. I fiddle with my thumb, whilst Raphie chews her bottom lip nervously. Xavier walks out from the centre, a sly grin on his face. While walking past us, he gives both a warning glare for the games. All it can do, is make me hope that I'm one of the taken Tributes, and that when I'm released back into the arena, he's dead.

A metallic sounding voice booms from a speaker as Xavier goes up the lift, "Raphie. Carys."

Raphie stands up slowly, her face pale, drained from all colour that was once there. I force I smile and look up at her, "Hey Raphie?"

She turns around, giving a small smile back to me, "Yeah Dev?"

"Throw those arrows at the targets, not at the floor..."

She allows herself to laugh slightly, "I won't."

She turns around again, before walking to the place previously filled with tributes. The door slams shut, and I'm left in silence. Cold, deathly silence. The kind of silence that I'd here when I'm dead. I tap my foot slowly to some beat I heard when we arrived in the Capitol some time ago. It's funny how a simple five minutes can feel like an eternity. Eventually, Raphie walks out, somewhat of a proud look is etched onto her face as she walks past me.

"Devin. Fortmass."

I sigh deeply, before standing up, staying still, wondering what I should do. I slowly walk to where Raphie and Xavier had gone. I turn around to face the bench once more, before blinking, and walking back into the centre. The Gamemakers watch me. I walk to the middle of the centre, and clear my throat, before saying in a small voice, but loud enough to here, "D-Devin Fortmass. District Three."

The head Gamemaker Arlene Tamesis nods slightly, and I pick up a battle axe that hangs from one or the rows of weapons. Gripping the handle so hard that my knuckles turn a milky colour. I approach the dummies with caution, before swinging the axe at full strength, butchering the dummies. After completely destroying the final one, I turn around to Arlene and bow slightly, putting the axe back in it's place, then proceeding to walk to the lift. The District Four tributes sit on the bench. Jason gives me a glare much like the one Xavier had given me. Dariah gave me a small smile...obviously she's the nicest career out of all them. I walk past and press '3' on the lift buttons. Hopefully I've done enough.

Kadiah Sparling; D9 PoV

Sitting down on the couch in our level, myself and Carson sit, watching the screen. Moonlight's tan face appears on eventually. Her hair is dyed a nice lavender for these Games. I sigh as she lists the tributes and their scores.

"Penny Dawson-Tishler!"

Xavier Doron!

Shermaine Wilson!

Devin Fortmass!

Raphie Carys!

Jason Mayers!

Dariah Hellen!"

Eventually she says our names, "Carson Anderburg! Kadiah Sparling!"

I sigh in relief. My score may not be the best, but it's higher than others, which is all I wanted. I smile at Carson, he got a good score as well.

"Now," Moonlight says in a more serious tone, "Our taken tribute tonight is...."

Everyone waits on bated breath for the name. If it's another Career, that'd be awesome.

"Our District Six male, Lintely Smith!"

Well, no Career. The camera pans to the District Six floor, focused on Lintely, oh joy.

Lintely Smith; D6 PoV

My name. She said my name. I can feel my face paling. I turn to Alissa, her face the same as mine. Our mentor, Annabetta puts her hand on my shoulder as we wait for the peacekeepers. The lift opens and eight come out, asking me to stand. Slowly, looking at Alissa, Annabetta and my stylist Venus, I get of the sofa and walk towards them. They form a box around me. One to my left, another to my right, one in front, and one behind, and the other four filling in the gaps to my diagonal directions. They walk at a brisk pace, pushing me with them.

As the lift opens at the bottom floor, we keep on walking outside, and down this road. Many Capitolites scream my name, mainly teenage girls my age. In order to convince myself that be taken away and being released later is a good thing, I breathe in and smile at them, waving slightly. We approach this building that is a marble white in colour, and has a similar look to the Training Building. Inside, it's brightly lit up with a similar white colour. The girl at the desk smiles, "Do you have Lintely?"

The peacekeepers disperse around me, leaving me facing the brightly oranged hair girl. Her smile widens, "You must be Lintely, correct?"

I nod slowly, "Y-Yeah...."

She gets up and motions for me to follow her, "Follow me, you'll be escorted to where Dragon is."

I gulp and slowly follow her. Walking down the hallway, she talks to reassure me, "I'm Magnate Jordans, a past victor from District Five. I won a few years back, and now I've been offered to work in the Capitol."

I roll my eyes, "Sounds like fun."

She turns to face me, "It is. You're not hungry here, even if you do come from a good district like five."

I sigh, "District Six is quite poor, even more so after the rebellion ages ago."

She nods, "Most districts did become poor once the Mockingjay was killed, anyway, what do you want to do with your life if you won?"

I laugh, "I'm not winning, but if I did, I'd come here and be a doctor, I mean, I'm smart enough to do it."

Magnate begins to walk again, "So you're the smart one at your school?"

Following her, I nod, "And the popular one. I've got the best of it all."

She laughs and opens a door, "In there."

I walk past her and into the room. The door slams shut behind me, and I look at the other person in the room, Dragon.

"Hey whoever you are. Welcome to the easy life of the games."

I sit down on the bed that has 'LINTELY SMITH, DISTRICT SIX MALE' plastered above it.

Wow this is going to be awkward.

Training Scores

District Male Score Female Score
1 Dragon Lord - Penny Dawson-Tishler 10
2 Xavier Doron 11 Shermaine Wilson 9
3 Devin Fortmass 7 Raphie Carys 3
4 Jason Mayers 8 Dariah Hellen 10
5 Levi Summler 4 Jaysen Frock 2
6 Lintely Smith 8 Alissa Davyson 6
7 Sha'Tanya 1 Ursae Maymoon 6
8 Ivan Pantigo 5 Filivena Staford 7
9 Carson Anderburg 8 Kadiah Sparling 6
10 Hunter Hayes 6 Dawn Santori 3
11 Buerry Danora 2 Amme Ilorenzo 7
12 Faust Terron 10 Bella Empiress 7


I'm no longer doing the interviews for these Games. I asked on chat if I should skip them, and a few agreed. Meaning I shall go straight onto the Games.

I can reveal that Bella Empiress of District Twelve was the final taken tribute, and will be joining Dragon and Lintely until only six tributes remain in the arena.

Devin Fortmass of District Three was revealed to be the infected tribute.

Happy Hunger Games! And may the odds be ever in your favour.


Day One: Bloodbath

President Hill; Capitol; PoV

I sit down on my red velvet chair, waiting for these Games to begin. My first Quell! It's all exciting and what not, but I want to know who wins. The arena! Oh my god the arena is to die for! No pun intended. One half is a wasteland of mountains with icy tips and volcanoes who burst and bubble every second. The ground itself is ashy, and cracked in certain places. I think, if Moonlight told me correctly, wolf and bear mutts will be stalking these parts. From the pan over by the cameras, not that many caves can be seen, and rivers are scare by the looks of it. A large amount of bushes can be found in the forest ring, between Death Mountain, and Magnus' Volcano. But one cannot be fooled by the berries who hand loosely on the branches! No! Some are beautiful gorgeous black or blue berries, whilst some are nightlock. Of course we'd have more nightlock than normal berries...we do want the Capitol to have an interesting Games of course!

Slowly, the podiums rise up, revealing our glorious tributes! At a first glance, I can see Xavier from Two, Faust from Twelve and Amme from Eleven. Those district Eleven chariot gusta!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The gong begins to count down from 60.

60, 59, 58, 57, Run, Run, Run Away, 56, 55, 54, 53, Buy Yourself Another Day, 52, 51...

The Tributes are gearing up to go, expecting kills to be blessed to them, or deaths, cursed to them.

50, 49, 48, 47, Run, Run, Run and Hide, 46, 45, 44, 43, Somewhere No One Else Can Find, 42, 41...

I can only imagine what some of the younger tributes' parents, or the parents from the outline districts are thinking, praying. In a long lost hope that their child won't die, and how they'll return.

40, 39, 38, 37, Don't You Fret My Dear, 36, 35, 34, 33, It'll All Be Over Soon, 32, 31...

I bet most of the Districts are now praying for their tributes, hoping they'll live...believing a broken dream. Some tributes stare out into the Cornucopia, some, are determined. Oh my gosh, this'll be a good games.

30, 29, 28, 27, I'll Be Waiting Here, 26, 25, 24, 23, For You, 22, 21...


20, 19, 18, 17, Run Fast As You Can, 16, 15, 14, 13, No One Has To Understand, 12, 11...

Final ten seconds. Let's do this.

10, 9, 8, 7, Run, Run, Run Away, 6, 5, 4, 3, Run, Run, Run Away, 2, 1...


Citizens of Panem. A problem has occured with the broadcasting of the 350th Annual Hunger Games. Due to this, Day One of the Games cannot be shown. Please check the updated tables situated around each District and the Capitol for the surviving Tributes.

We are sorry for any problems that have been caused.

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