So I'm bored and yeah. The other games I'm doing are cancelled until I wanna do them again...if I do. Props to Jade for the arena c:

4th Annual Dreaded Games

The arena is a large ocean with only four islands. On one island is the Cornucopia with the weapons, the other three islands are barren. The tributes will be dispersed randomly on any islands but the island holding the Cornucopia. It'll be the tributes' choice whether to starve to death on the island they're on, or go search for the Cornucopia.

On top of that, every three days, an island shall drop under the sea, forcing the tributes on it to either swim or drown. By the 10th day, all tributes should effectively be on the only island which didn't sink; Corn Island. However, each island seems barren, but the day before it sinks, a catastrophe will occur on the island, either Volcano, Tsunami or Tornado.

Like the 2nd Dreaded Games, when only 10 tributes remain, they shall be allocated into two teams. Whilst on these teams they cannot kill team-mates. If the tributes should still be dispersed, they will have to remember their team-mates' names, because if they should kill a team-mate, they will be killed by Gamemakers.


So I really don't care what you do, there's only a few things I want to be made clear:

No advertising Games on here. I don't do it so I'd rather you don't.

No swearing in the comments, and that's a rule of the wiki. I might swear in the blog.

You must use the template I give, no links of any kind. Sorry, but I can't be fucked to go and click around.


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Bloodbath Strategy:

Games Strategy:






District Male Weapon Female Weapon
1 Beau Vanity Mace Genesis Arcardia Bow/Throwing Knives
2 Salem West Spear Mercedes Ice Throwing Axes
3 Kodai Hitogoroshi Dagger Madoka Artemisia Dagger
4 Brendan Ryder Trident Mistina Seabreeze Knives
5 Troi Cian Dagger/Spear Greta Maverick Meathook
6 Brann Clatch Sword Tundra Magnolias Bow/Blowgun
7 Mist Scorchil Axe/Tomahawk Lydia Malfoy Daggers
8 Merek Dropbone Spear/Machete Chakra Fatalis Dagger
9 Colton Coremarrow War Hammer Missy Teagle Throwing Knives
10 Caleb Green Any Bella Mustang Bow and arrow
11 Samual X Jackson Claymore Deliah Brooklyn Throwing Knives
12 Jarrod Echo Cat Claws Majorale Pandre Knives.

'Mutt' Tributes

These Tributes are Tributes who were in previous Dreaded Games, who have been brought back to kill. Their place will not be recorded officially, but say, one died after the person who placed 13th. The mutts' rank would be 12.5th. These tributes are listed in the Games they appeared in.

Name District Kills Place Weapon
Valencia DeCruz 1 2 - Sword
Drachma Dornus 9 - - Kama
Armstrong Shadows 12 - - Hammer

Death Chart

Place Killed District Killer Method Day of Death Island
24th Madoka Artemisia 3 Missy Teagle Strangled 1 Tsunami
23rd Colton Coremarrow 9 Salem West Drowned 1 Volcano
22nd Samual X Jackson 11 Valencia DeCruz Neck Snapped 1 Tornado (swap with Mist's placing)
21st Mist Scorchill 7 Valencia DeCruz Neck Crushed 1 Tornado


Victor - - -

Tribute/Island Statuses

Island Days Remaining until sinking Tributes currently on the island
Cornucopia Island Salem (2)
Tsunami Island 2 Beau (1), Madoka (3), Troi (5), Greta (5), Tundra (6), Merek (7), Missy (9), Caleb (10)
Volcano Island 5  Kodai (3), Brann (6), Lydia (7), Chakra (8), Colton (9), Bella (10), Deliah (11)
Tornado Island 8 Genesis (1), Mercedes (2), Brendan (4), Mistina (4), Mist (7), Samual (11), Jarrod (12), Majorale (12)


Day One

Madoka Artemisia, District Three, Tsunami Island

Those fucking Gamemakers. I thought I'd be on the island with the Cornucopia on it. But no. I'm on one of the shitty ones they were on about during the TV broadcast last night. There's nothing on the island that I can see of...nothing. I get to my feet and look around. Emerald sea encloses the island in a vast area of nothing. I could swim out and look for the Corn, but, who knows what mutts are waiting for a Tribute to be stupid enough to try. I sigh and look at the island itself. Its baren, not even a single cactus stands tall on the sandy place. The sun seems to be cool, the wind providing a lot of breeze. It seems like a blissful place; white sand, beautiful sea, amazing climate...but its too perfect for the Dreaded Games.

I spit on the floor and begin to walk north, hoping to find something that'll help me. Of course I started with nothing and its doubtful I'll find anything here. Walking fowards, I see a small hillside, its the first thing I've found so far that's actually been of any use. I begin to run quickly until I start climbing. Its small yet steep. Reaching the top, I see three figures. One in front of me, one to my left and a final to my right. A smirk creeps across my lips as I pick my victim. The one on the left seems to be a female, a weak one. The other two seem like males, ones who'll easily kill me. The smirk widens as I begin to run to the figure.

Getting closer to the girl, I see she's small and has blonde hair. I grin as I realise its Missy, the girl from Nine. She's weak, she admitted she'll be an easy kill. As I get closer to her, I make more noise on purpose to make her scared, make her death more fun, "Hey Nine! You're gonna be dead, better start running!"

She turns around and a gasp seems to run from her mouth. She turns around and begins to sprint away from me. But hey, I'm not losing a kill, especially not a wimp like her, so I run faster until I tackle her. She screams as she hits the floor. Instantly I begin to punch her. Whimpers seem to come from her each time my fist touches a part of her. She tries to overpower me with no success. I laugh and ease my grip slightly; she can't do a thing, she's useless.

There's a pain from my leg and I look down to see her digging her nails into my skin, "You little bitch!"

I try to punch her more, but this time she manages to throw me to the ground and pin me down by my neck. I can feel it getting tighter and her grip becoming more strong. I choke a few times before the world goes black and I can hear her whimper, "I-I killed someone..."


Colton Coremarrow, District Nine, Volcano Island

A cannon's gone off already...already. Someone's lying dead on one of the other islands...or maybe its this one? Perhaps they got to the Cornucopia and killed themselves? Who knows. Whatever happened, one tribute is either stronger or weaker than they were before. There's no sound other than the waves going in and out, over and over again. I walk aimlessly, thinking about random things, useless things. I walk until I reach a sand dune and look out over the waves. In the distance, I see a golden horn shining mighty and proud over an island that seems to have trees and grass...

Excitement fills me as I jump into the water, when a pair of hands grab me and force my head underwater, I turn and see Salem from Two looking slightly regretful as he drowns me.

My sight goes a pale colour and the last thing I see is Salem swimming towards the Cornucopia. It looks as if he could win...


Valencia DeCruz, Dreaded Tribute, District One, Tornado Island

It all seems very surreal; being alive again. Three games have passed since I last walked the earth, since I last avenged someone's death. I'm a puppet now, someone brought back to kill and make the games more exciting. I'll do that, its the only thing I know how do to do know. 

The islands are bare with no life to them, sand, sand and more sand covers the land in a yellow blanket with white ruffled edges. I look around to find nobody near me. Fuck. Well this is ever so boring. I sigh and kick a small pebble across the white plain, dying to kill someone. I take this time, whilst exploring, to see what the arena's like. In mine, it was a replica of a past Hunger Games, but this time, its a single island, with a vast ocean surrounding it. Nearby, I hear talking...

"We're not allies okay? We're just together until we see someone else," a slightly dominant toned voice says, ordering another.

"Sure, whatever, doesn't bother me," the second voice speaks, slightly more jokey, with a sense of not caring at all prominent within it.

I grin and turn to the direction of the voices, and see two males standing around, looking around. One of them, the boy from Seven spots me and runs over, dragging the other, Twelve or something, with him, "Hey girl! You lost?"

The other boy smirks, "You need some men to protect you."

I smile cutely, pretending to care, "Oh yeah! The arena's a dark place..."

The boy from Seven smiles brightly, "Yay! I'm Mist and that's Samual."

Samual smiles and I rack my brains for the name of a female in the games, "I'm Genesis!"

They smile, "Cool!"

So we walk for a while, chatting about things that I couldn't care more about, until the topic of the Night Massacre of the First Dreaded Games comes up. 

"Oh I watched it, it was brutal, the two from One showed no mercy," Mist says, forever searching for someone better than me and Twelve.

Twelve looksat Mist, "Oh yeah, I remember that. Levi and Valencia? I think her name was."

They turn to me, "How about you Genesis? Do you remember the Night Massacre?"

I smile a deadly, cold smile, "Oh yes, I remember it oh so very well. In fact, I remember their screams as my blade pierced them."

Mist starts to look cautious, "What do you mean 'my blade'?"

I let out a of pity for my first victims, "Oh darling, I thought my first victims would be smarter, yet, I have you two dumbasses who believed I was Genesis. Honey no, I'm Valencia. Dreaded Tribute, first class. Ready to kill you!"

Both look scared and get ready to run. Mist's been bugging me for a while, so, wishing my strength hadn't gone, I grab his neck and snap it. He falls to the ground.


Twelve has a slight upper hand against me, but my speed soon kicks in, and I'm tackling him to the ground. He doesn't show much emotion before I stamp on his neck, killing him.


Two kills? That's pretty good if I do say so myself.

Day Two


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