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The Tributes

District Male Weapon Female Weapon
1 Dasma De Sanqui Battle axe Jullie Sugarfree All types of Knives
2 Allan Pisces Fishing Hook Hope Vicuna Dual Scimitars
3 Genericus Guyus


Taissa Sinnet Dual Long Knives
4 Konami Aretino Trident Lyphae Hydra Intelligence
5 Gaara Ryûghan Spears Bik Shire Katana
6 Blade Spectrus Spear Lianni Demax Morning Star
7 Lamp Shade Axes Pilar Seychelles Axe
8 Xavier Sharma Whip Clary Tin Traps
9 Kyle Jang Dual Assassain Blades Saguana Isola Pickaxe
10 V.D.T Kuli Bladed Throwing Stars Vivan Incomstanti Knife
11 Archie Rye Bow/Arrow Marie Yiresley Strength
12 Willie Fry Bow/Arrow Leona Soleil Sword

Red means the tribute is dead.

Green means the tribute is still alive.

Purple means ???

The Arena

The arena is essentially an abandoned arena. Scattered throughout the arena there are old rides, some rideable, others not. The main feature, north of the Cornucopia is a glass maze. The Cornucopia itself is one a small hill to provide an extra challenge for the tributes coming and too and from the golden horn. 

To the north of the Cornucopia there is the glass maze and a small hut in the woods that surrounds the entire arena. To the east of the Cornucopia, there is a lake with a small beach encircling it. In the south, there's a mountain range, a tundra of sorts.  And finally to the west there's a grassy land. A place where hiding is not an option.

In the trees, it is easy to go around from the North to the East of the arena easily. The rides are scattered throughout. One may include going into the mountains, another into the lake. 

Death Chart

Place Victim Killer Method Day
24th Genericus Guyus, D3 Lyphae Hydra, D4 Trident to neck BB
23rd   Marie Yiresley,   D11 Xavier Sharma Strangled BB

Blade Spectrus,   D6

Hope Vicuna, D2 Slashed Neck BB
21st        Archie Rye,       D11 Jullie Sugarfree Knife to head BB
20th Dasma De Sanqui. D1 Lyphae Hydra, D4 Unknown BB
19th Saguana Isola, D9 Lyphae Hydra, D4 Neck snapped Day 2
1st - - -

The Games

Day One; BloodBath, 3rd Person

The Tributes stand, encircling the hill that is the Cornucopia tightly. They look around, inspecting the arena, evaluating their chances of survival, if they live the massacre to come. The hill is daunting to some, a little thing to others. The countdown's on 10. 9. 8. 7. 6. 5. 4. 3. 2. 1...GONG!

The Tributes race up the hill, scrambling for anything of use on the way, mainly backpacks full of small things like ropes and empy water cannistars. The air is heavy with the determination of staying alive for this part. The thunder of forty-eight feet running up the hill is only the music to the blood thirsty arena. One tribute, Lyphae Hydra, manages to reach the golden horn with little to no problems. She wastes no time in killing. Yeah her main point was her intelligence, but doesn't mean to say she's not handy with actual weapons. She grabs a silver trident, a cheap looking one, not one you'd get from a sponsor, and throws it to the nearest tribute. That tribute received a nice, cheap trident to the neck, killing him almost instantly. He coughed a few times, blood spewing from the three points in his neck and from his lips. He turns from side to side in a weak attempt to extend his life. However the attempt proved to be what he feared the most; useless. Giving up, he lies on his back, allowing himself to choke on his own blood. 

Marie Yiresley from Eleven hastily grabs a small, bright orange backpack in hopes to find something she really needs. Quickly looking inside, she sees a sleeping bag and decides it's better than nothing and begins to run down the hill. In her haste, she runs into Xavier from Eight causing them both to fall down the hill slightly. Xavier gets up, and in his fear and slight tint of rage, wraps his whip around her neck, tightning with all his force. At first, Marie's face turns a dark shade of pink, then blue. Lightly blue, to dark blue, to light blue. Her previously strong hands trying to prevent Xavier from killing her, limp. Her head lolls back in defeat and Xavier grabs her backpack and runs, not caring if he could of gotten something better if he'd carrying on. Making his chances of survial better and at least having one backpack is good enough for him.

Blade Spectrus runs around the base of the hill, collecting up any final supplies, ready to venture towards the tundra. Yeah it could kill him, but most would be going to the woodlands or the lake, or the plain, but, due to the cold, nobody would go to the tundra. Nobody, but him. He has his spears, a warm jacket, sleeping bag, food, water and a torch, what else does he need? That's when he spots them. Some night vision goggles. Surely that'd make the games a ton easier, basically giving him the crown Snow has to offer him when he makes it back to the Capitol. But, a tall girl with green hair seems to swoop down and grab them. Refusing to believe it, Blade throws a spear at her, piercing the side of her lower left leg. She screeches in pain and looks at him. Blade then realises he's just attacked Hope, the girl from Two who was beautiful. That beauty now being bitter sweet of course. She glares at him and runs, her two scimitars at the ready. Now worried, Blade arms himself with his spear, hoping to block any attacks she deals. At first, she slashes in an X motion, easily blocked by Blade's spear, giving him the chance - which he takes- to stab her in the stomach. The stab wasn't deep, and Hope easily ignored it. She slashed again with her one scimitar, causing Blade to block it, but slashes his chest with the other, before kicking him to the ground.

"Rule one," she hisses, watching Blade hold his chest, crimson blood leaking onto his fingers and seeping into the ground, "Never, ever let your guard down."

And with that, she slashes a single scimitar across Blade's neck. 

Jullie Sugarfree stands on the hill, scanning her side of the arena to watch; the lake. By now most of the other tributes had left and the only ones remaining at the Cornucopia was the careers, or tributes at the bottom of the hill, scavaging from previous deaths before running off. Jullie watches a small boy with red hair pick off bits from a certain Blade Spectrus' body. She watches with hawk eyes as he grabs a small loaf of bread and shoves it in his jacket, ready to take off. Jullie lines her arm perfectly with the direction he plans to run in, and throws a knife as he begins to run. The knife lands in the back of his head, and blood erupts from the cut instantly. The boy falls to his knees, blood oozing from the cut and his mouth. By the time he's dead and his cannon sounds along with the other three losers who died, Jullie realises she killed the boy from Eleven, finishing Eleven from the Games this year completely. 

Now a few hours after the initial bloodbath, the Careers regroup at the top to discuss their plans. Long story short, the decide to go tribute hunting, what could be more fun. They trudge towards the north where most of the old rides seem to be. Lyphae walks with Dasma at the back. When they pass a hut, the two are instructed to search it. There, is where Lyphae took her second victim's life. There, was the scream of Dasma that startled tributes across the arena. The cannon that sounded a sweet victory for Lyphae. 

Day Two

Lyphae Hydra, District Four Female PoV

It feels good, knowing your feared. It means people'll leave you alone. Yeah sure people might target me more, but who cares? I've got two kills under my belt and that's all that matters. Of course, killing a Career wasn't the smartest, I'll get over it. There's only four of them left anyway, they pose little threat to me or any other tribute at all. I guess I could still try and win, for mother at least. I trudge towards the lake looking for water. It's the next best thing I have to home, might as well relish it. If anything I could just be a water predator. I listen out for the calming trickle of water flowing, but instead I hear a crackle. Then a snap. I smile to myself, obviously some tributes need to know there's never a safe time to light a fire. 

As I near the sound of a fire I come to a set of bushes placed in an even wall to prevent whoever lurks behind it to be seen. I stalk around the left, only to find the same thing. It seems as if they've tried to encircle themselves inside for protection. I smirk inwardly and climb the nearest tree. Once I'm at a sutiable height I look down on the idiotic tribute(s). I look town to see the pair from Nine conversing nervously. Why're they together? The male made it clear he doesn't want allies. Maybe they were serious about that pact they made in the Training Centre...anyway. I whistle slightly. Only a soft whistle, nothing to give away my location. But their reaction is priceless. The girl scrambles all the food into her backpack and the male, Kian? Kordon? Kyle? tries to but out the fire. I clap my hands and they both shoot their gazes up to me.

"Well, isn't this cosy? You two, me, nowhere to run..."

I jump down and kick some dirt up. Luckily I landed on my feet, otherwise I would've broken my ankle for sure. The male's smart. He dashes through the bush boundry and I can here him tripping up and falling down the slight slope. Twisted ankle, for sure. The girl looks at my in complete fear, "D-Don't come any closer!"

I sigh, "Bit hard," I take steps closer with every breath, "I mean, we're face to face now..."

She'll make a good sacrifice. I mean, she has food, she'll hardly go to waste when she dies. I put my hands on my neck and try to remember what they said at school about killing. Grab the neck and twist quickly. I do so, and her limp body falls to the floor after a crackle. A cannon goes off in the distance and a few tributes scream loudly. I grin and take the food. Oooooh, cooked beef tonight.

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