Okay. So hi, holla, bonjour, sup.

I'm bored, and I mean, v bored. So I wanted to make a blog. Here it is.

So this is the Hurt/Heal Games, featuring Chat Couples.

If you don't know what the H/H Games are, they're a series created by Andy, all credits to him (I got bored and Mia asked him and yeah permission granted. Haidere 5eva.) Go see his ones, and Cass' for how they work.

(Ps, I was gonna put "ALL CREDITS TO ANDYYYYY" but I forgot how to make the font different colours and I can be fucked to go and remember.)


  1. No spamming, like really? I don't need countless emails telling me someone's commented, when all it is, is something like "OMG CHECK OUT MY GAMES" or "LMAO 69TH COMMENT!!!!!!". Just no.
  2. You can 'as many times as you want now' a day. You must wait one hour between each vote(s).
  3. No chat fights.
  4. You MUST hurt a different person each time you vote. You cannot repeat hurts, until you've hurt at least THREE other ships.

The Couples

Couple Name People In Them
Moli Mia and Oli
Callice Callam and Alice
Beenie Colin and Liza
Dole Dani and Oli
Jolice Joan and Alice
Kierani Kiki and Dani

Kekai and Anna
Duanna Dustin and Anna
Muff Mia and Gruff
Erstin Erlend and Dustin


Sam and Oli
Djustin Dustin and Justin
Anni Anna and Dani
Dania Dani and Mia
Granna Gruff and Anna
Dam Dani and Sam
Laurli Lauren and Oli
Kiem Kiki and Emma
OliHan Oli and Kaeghan
Grani Gruff and Dani
Griki Gruff and Kiki
Emani Emma and Dani

Sam and Emma
Doli Dustin and Oli

Placing of Couples

Place Couple "Killed" By Days Survived
24th OliHan Justin 0
23rd Callice Nick 0
22nd Doli Wesley 0
21st Beenie Ian 0
20th Griki Justin 1
19th Jolice Emma 2
18th Muff Ian 2
17th Grani Nick 3
16th Kiem Ian 3
15th Laurli Wesley 3
14th Soli Ian 3
13th Granna Justin 3
12th Dania Emma 4
11th Kierani Lauren 4
10th Dam Mia 4
9th Erstin Alice 4
8th Anni Caylin 4
7th Dole Kaeghan 5
6th Djustin Chat vote 6
5th Duanna Chat vote 6
4th Emani Chat vote 6
3rd Kekanna Decided by Emma -
2nd Samma Decided by Emma -
1st Moli Decided by Emma -


Each couple will have 3 points to begin with.

Comments will be formatted as such;

"Heal Moli, Hurt OliHan"

Heal = +1

Hurt = -1

So in the case of that comment, Moli would have 4 points, and OliHan would have 2.


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