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The Pupils



The leader of the Populars, Dani is sassy and witty. You think she'd run? Wow fuck off. All the populars bow down to her. If you wanna be a popular, you better start worshipping her. Her best friend is Kiki.


The second in command of the Populars, Caylin is pretty sassy and won't give you a break. Some could say her favourite hobby is making fun of others...she calls it, being open minded about the people around her. Her best friend is Cass.


The final "leader" of the Populars, the third in command, Emma, is pretty sarcastic, and yes, she holds the infamous trait of sass. She is among the nicest of the group. Her best friend is ____.


The unofficial fourth in command of the Populars, Kiki is nice, yet blunt and of couse sassy. Some could argue that she is the nicest of the Populars. Her best friend is Dani.


The brains behind the Populars, Mia calculates the Popular's moves and next victims. She's of course the smartest Popular, and rivals Kiki for the title of nicest. She can also be pretty sassy. Her best friend is Oli.


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