So hai. People have done similar things, but eh, not copying, I saw this game and thought I had to do it :3

I'm pretty sure the game this is based off is called "Murder at the Masquerade" or something.


There's technically not any rules apart from if you're the murderer DO NOT tell anyone who you are. 

How it'll work

Basically, there'll be 13 users. 12 suspects and 1 detective. One of the suspects will be a murderer. Each update, either someone'll die OR a clue will be revealed. If a murder happens, the detective will contact me via PM to say who they think the murderer is along with 2 other suspects. If they get it right, the murderer will lose a "life" in a sense. The murderer has 2 lives. If both are lost, they die and the detective and the innocents will live. 

Each update, the murderer will PM me telling me who they want to murder. It'll be up to me wether I write this in. 





The People

Name Mask Suspicious Rating
Sam - (Dectective) -
Erlend Cat
Emma Devil
Kaeghan Anonymus
Nick Doctor (Medico Della Peste)
Joan Raven
Chandni Volto
Gruff Columbina
Alice Jolly Venetian
Rebekah Bauta
Toast Burglar 
Liza Capitano
Michelle/Mia Mime

Colour codes:

Green means the guest is not suspected by the Detective.

Red means the guest is currently suspected by the Detective

Orange means the guest has been a previous suspect by the Detective but hasn't been chosen by the next update

If a guest has a stroke through their name, that means they are dead.


The Masquerade

Day One; around 10pm

I'd heard of the Masquerade, I mean, who hasn't? Its basically a gold mine for murders or thefts, all that fun stuff. So needless to say, when I got a call from The Boss telling me little old Mrs Bryer who throws the event was murdered, I was happy. 

The night was stormy and it rained quite heavily. I was being driven by my assistant Miss Beyonce. I took this time to recount what I had heard from the police down at the station concerning the guests and whatnot. Twelve people had been invited and told to never take off their masks. Bryer's manor house was locked top to bottom so the murderer was still inside. The call had come from a person who said their name at the event was "The Devil" and they seemed to be shocked, to say the least. 

As we approached the house the first thing I noticed was that only the first two floors had the lights on. The final one, which everyone in the town knew was reserved for the later evening parties, had been blacked out by the curtains. Police were leaving as I walked into the rain, putting a sleek black umbrella above my head. They told me a few details like where everyone was standing around the old woman's body waiting for me to come in and what masks everyone was wearing. Sighing, I walked towards the doors of the marble white house, turned to Miss Beyonce, signalled her to leave and walked in. 

The doors slammed behind me and I locked them with the keys I had been given. I placed my umbrella beside the rack that had some lavish coats hung on it. In the grand room ahead I could see 12 people all dressed darkly standing around a white cover. I strolled up, my shoes making a clicking noise. One by one the masked people turned to face me. It was then I realised how important the notes on the clipboard I had been given were. It would be easy to forget the identity of a mask, and that was something I wasn't going to risk. 

As I stood in the small gap between The Doctor and The Anonymus, The Volto who was opposite me spoke up. "Ah, Mr Detective, you've arrived."

I nodded, "I have, Miss...Volto. I see everyone is here."

I looked around for the first person I could ask. It was known that in the crimes that happened here, you were allowed to ask one person a set of questions, once finished, the rest would do their own thing, and you had to walk around. 

The Burglar caught my attention and I walked towards her so I was face to face.

She smiled sweetly, "Hullo Mr Detective."

I returned the smile a little less sugary, "Evening. Mind if I question you?"

The murmers behind me signalled that the others were relieved. Yet, The Burglar didn't seem phased at all. Instead she nodded, "Ask anything, I'm an open book."

I coughed and read out my first question, "Where were you when this took place?"

"Oh, The Capitano and myself were eating the foods Mrs Bryer asked us to taste. A set of scones."

I noted it down and nodded, "Ah. Can anyone support this?"

She nodded again, "The Capitano, like I said."

I glanced over at The Capitano and recieved a, "She was," in confirmation. I coughed again and faced The Burglar, "Final question Miss. Did you kill the organiser?"

She shook her head quite swiftly, "Oh lord no! Mrs Bryer has been a family friend for quite some time! She was my father's father's best friend at school! I wouldn't dare dream of killing the old woman, she was like a second mother to me!"

I nodded and closed up my notebook with a snap. And just like that, the eleven other masked suspects scattered.

A couple hours later

I haven't seen many of the suspects. I've seen The Capitano and The Burglar together, but that's it. There's no need to ask The Capitano, I mean, her story'll be the same as The Burglar's. It was after I saw them for the third time that a male scream happened down one of the hallways followed by a female scream. I sprinted to the room to find The Anonymus dead in a pool of blood. On the walls the words 'I WILL KILL ALL OF YOU, JUST LIKE MRS BRYER,' were written in blood. All the suspects seemed to gather in the room, it was then that I had to make an assumption on the killer by choosing three suspects to follow. 

Information on the Suspects as the Detective entered the room;

-The Cat: The Cat didn't seem phased by the Detective's arrival, he seemed calm and collected. He was ahead of the Detective as he sprinted to The Anonymus' corpse.

-The Devil: The Devil has a similar story to The Cat. However, she was located in the room next door to the murder room. 

-The Doctor: He seemed nervous before the Detective entered the room, but calmed down slightly as the Detective talked. He hadn't left the grand room since the suspects scattered.

-The Raven and The Volto: The two had been chatting as the Detective entered. They showed respect and walked off to the kitchen as The Anonymus was struck down. 

-The Columbina: The Columbina had been silently observing the Detective as he entered and smiled as he surveyed all of them. He had left to the garden for some air after the suspects had scattered. He was the last to arrive at the scene of The Anonymus' murder

-The Jolly Venetian and The Bauta: These two ladies had left to the toilets after the Detective had gone. The reason being that The Bauta wasn't going on her own. They were among the first to arrive since the toilets were near The Anonymus' murder scene.

-The Mime: The Mime had been quiet to the Detective, but eager to engage conversation despite not being talked to. She had moved to door to get her coat as she felt a draft. She decided to explore the house after that and had found The Anonymus' dead body. The female scream belonged to her.

Day Two; Around 2am


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