So Hai Thare :D As the title suggests, I am selling off some of my OLD tributes. As I dun use them :P It's first come first served :P All backstories can be decided by the new owners, but if I say that the Dad/Mum/Sister is dead, they are dead. Don't change that. Also, tell me the backstories, I'd love to hear them :D

I doubt if people will want these...LOL :D

Too lazy to add them all right now, so here is Annabelle, Daniel and Frervia

District One Female (Annabelle) Open!

Name: Annabelle Dreamsense

District: One

Age: 13

Personality : Sweet, Kind, Shy

Family: Ninia Dreamsense (mother)

Salamade Dreamsense (father, dead)

Layala Dreamsense (twin sister)

Appearance: Rather short- 5'1, Blonde hair to her waist, pale skin and big, green eyes.

Advantages : Small, Fast, Cutesy appearence and reacts quickly.

Disadvantages : Being labelled weak, ACTUALLY being weak, cries a lot and she'd probably grimace at the the thought of being in the games.

Weapon: Dagger

Arena Strategy: Stay alone.

Interview Strategy: Cutesy.

Back Story: For whoever gets her to decide

District Two Male (Daniel)

Name: Daneil Kart

District: Two

Age: 17

Personality : Cold, Arrogant and cocky. Has a good nature to those he is close to.

Family: Gilligan Kart (mother)

Sleizar Kart (father)

Gians Kart (younger brother)

Carly Kart (younger sister, Gians' twin)

Appearance: Tall, muscular, short copper hair, brown eyes

Advantages : Physical Strength, Endurance and Determination

Disadvantages : His personality often clashes with others around him and he's pretty stupid

Weapon: Double-Sided Axe

Arena Strategy: Kill with the careers for as long as possible.

Interview Strategy: The one people can't have

Back Story: Up to whoever gets him.

District Three Female (Frervia)

Name: Frervia Harrison

District: Three

Age: 15

Personality : Calm, Collective, Silent and Mysterious.

Family: Harriet Harrison-Raymond (mother)

Guidan Harrison (father, dead)

Leonardo Raymond (step dad)

Jeyna Raymond (little sister)

Karro Raymond (little brother)

Appearance: Tall, long black hair, grey eyes- WEARS GLASSES

Advantages : Knowledge, Speed and Aim.

Disadvantages : Makes enemies quickly, Is silent so people generally hate her and She cannot do close combat to save her life.

Weapon: Bow and Arrow/Mind

Arena Strategy: Be alone.

Interview Strategy: Mute.

Back Story: Up to whoever gets her.

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