The Fifth Annual Dreaded Games

The Twists

Twist One: From each district, two sets of siblings shall be chosen, each containing three members. This then equals 6 people per district and a total of 72 tributes overall, extending the games so that they last over a longer period of time.

Twist Two: The games shall proceed as normal until the final 50, where four tributes are injected with a deadly infection that will kill them in three days, unless they pass it onto another tribute - infecting them and curing themselves. The only way a tribute can pass on the infection is mixing blood, finding a way to recreate the infection and place their blood in it and have a tribute drink it, or engage in kissing or other such ways.  If all tributes who are infected fail to pass the infection on and die, four new tributes shall be selected and knowledge of the infection won't spread, leaving tributes unable to request or create immunities.

The Arena

The Arena consists of four areas, each with their own unique charms that make them deadly. 

The first area, the Northern Area, is an abandoned theme park with various rides scattered within the metal fenced borders. The ground seems to be dead and all water sources are evidently polluted with various chemicals and oils. There seems to be no food sources in this area apart from nightlock berries. Each ride is fully functional, however, once turned on there is no control and the ride stops when it loses power. Each ride is also fairly damaged so riding could cause it to break, possibly killing those on or around it.

The Eastern Area is a woodland with tall trees. This is the only area with clean water sources, due to the main river than runs through it. Also, the majority of the arena's edible wildlife resides in this area, making it a hunting grounds for the tributes and larger predators. Throughout the area there are log cabins, each having something benefitial within them. This can range from water cannisters to coal or food. The charm of this area is that trees will fall without warning and often knock other trees, making it just as dangerous as it is safe.

The Southern Area is a wasteland with no life able to live aside the tributes. It is the hottest part of the arena and all water sources have been dried up. There are cracks in the sandy and hard ground which are prone to cracking and causing a tribute injure themselves. Unknown to the tributes, underneath the ground there is a lava pool, which a tribute could fall into if they create a big enough crack. This area is the only area where the arena's mutts, vulture like creatures, reside. Unlike normal vultures, these mutts will target anything that moves and will follow them until either they are killed, or they kill their prey.

The Western Area is a mountain range and the coldest part of the arena. Bordering the metal fencing and the wasteland, the area is made up with mostly snow with the mountains situated near the arena's boundaries. All water sources have been frozen and any animal that could be consider as food will attack on sight and are known for being vicious. Avalanches happen often in this area and unless the tribute finds a cave, they will more than likely die.

The Cornucopia is located in the middle of arena in a shallow swamp land. Once the first day is over, this middle section will slowly concave into a separate lava pool beneath it, making it dangerous to come back. The only parts staying would be a large island with the Cornucopia on it and various trails to it that all prove difficult.


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The Tributes

District Family One Weapons Family Two Weapons
1 Bridgette Dime (18)
Truth Cadence (18)
Virtue Cadence (16)
Zaphire Ombra (17)
Crescent Ombra (16)
Satin Ombra (16)
2 Lily Penn (18)
Trip Penn (17)
Lauren Penn (15)
Castleton Vesta (18)
Cyan Vesta (17)
Mahogany Vesta (17)
Throwing Knives
3 Diamond Repearson (17)
Nemo Silverfin (15)
Dennis Rystentia (12)
Lilly Blackburn (18)
Amalia Blackburn (16)
Chloe Blackburn (13)
Throwing Axes
Bow and Arrow
4 Lorelai Carter (17)
Gianni Carter (16)
Arabella Carter (14)
Throwing Knives
Aero Mancerr (18)
Pyro Mancerr (15)
Aqua Mancerr (15)
Throwing Knives
5 Astella Hagen(17)
Annabeth Chartain (15)
Drayden Blaze (15)
Syndney Zaelia (15)
Garette Zaelia (17)
Samantha Zaelia (?)
Bow and Arrow
Twin Swords
6 Joshua Rockwell (18)
Buck Rockwell (16)
Rosalina Rockwell (13)
Combat Skills
Thomas Quince (16)
Wes Quince (16)
Kevin Quince (16)
Throwing Knives
Yin-Yang Sword
7 Elle Sirus (15)
Titan Sirus (17)
Tinder Sirus (18)
Long Ranged Weapons
Cedar Lorelle (18)
Aspen Lorelle (16)
Alona Lorelle (13)
8 Ash Vayle (18)
Kana Vayle (18)
Dean Vayle (18)
Alfa Azurbias (17)
Miko Azurbias (15)
Lima Azurbias (15)
Bow and Arrow
9 Mercury Heart (17)
Nitro Heart (17)
Amaryllis Heart (12)
Alexandrite Bohamia (14)
Lyrie Bohamia (??)
Lunar Bohamia (16)
Bow and Arrows
10 Amethyst Moraitis (18)
Silas Moraitis (16)
Hero Moraitis (15)
Claw Gloves
Callam Yaeger (17)
Dani Yaeger (13)
Lady Yaegar (13)
11 Quill Kharif (13)
Cyprian Kharif (13)
Garnet Kharif (17)
WIP ALL THREE Reginald Travner (18)
Soficus (16)
Darlon Travner (13)
12 Emily Fry (18)
Charlie Fry (17)
Willie Fry (13)
Bow and Arrow
Bow and Arrow
Coal Dust (18)
Morena Dust (17)
Jayce Dust (16)

A line through the tributes name means the tribute is dead.

If the tribute's name is bolded and in italics, it means the tribute is one of the infected.

Death Chart

Just because it's easy, there'll be two death charts. One being 72nd to 51st and then the other being 50th to 1st.

Place Dead Tribute Killer Method of Death Day
72nd Samantha Zaelia (D5) Zaphire Ombre Speared Bloodbath
71st Sydney Zaelia (D5) Zaphire Ombre Speared Bloodbath
70th Annabeth Chartain (D5) Garette Zaelia Neck slit Bloodbath
69th Amaryllis Heart (D9) Wes Quince Knife to heart Bloodbath
68th Lyrie Bohamia (D9) Silas Moraitis  Slain Bloodbath
67th Darlon Travner (D11) Callam Yaegar Whipped Bloodbath
65th Willie Fry (D12) Nitro Heart Axed Bloodbath
64th Jayce Dust (D12) Amethyst Moraitis Clawed Bloodbath
63rd Lady Yaegar (D10) Silas Moraitis Slain Bloodbath
62nd Elle Sirus (D7) Cedar Lorelle Axed Bloodbath
61st Dennis Rysteria (D3) Virtue Cadence Slain Bloodbath
60th Mahogany Vesta (D2) Satin Ombra Stabbed Bloodbath
59th Rosalina Rockwell (D6) Lily Penn Knife to heart Bloodbath


The Games

The Bloodbath

The Bloodbath, Cornucopia, Nobody's PoV.

The tributes are raised on their pedastals that overlook the golden, shimmerling Cornucopia in the middle of the darkened swamplands. Some look at the ground with disgust, wondering if getting a weapon is really worth getting stuck in the muddy plain before them. Others get ready to sprint and grab a weapon to kill those stuck. And the remainder of the tributes figure out mental plans in their heads. The gong ticks away.











As a horn in the distance blows, the tributes leap from their pedastals and try to navigate through the marsh. A few tributes scream in disgust as the mud goes into their boots and others scream when they can't lift their foot high enough, rendering them sitting ducks. Although rare, some weapons lie in the ground closer to the small elavation of land that the cornucopia sits upon.

A few mintues pass with no deaths as many tributes try to wade through the swampy waters, killing not their top priority. There's silence then a scream followed by another. The cameras pan to see two sisters from District Five, Samantha and Sydney Zaelia with spears through their hearts. A tribute at the Cornucopia, Zaphire Ombre, stands proud - a smirk on his face. The death then acts like a signal.

Slowly, the muddy water seems to seep into the ground, leaving only a slightly mushy floor left. The tributes begin to scramble to weapons and prepare themselves for battle. The next three deaths happen quickly in unison. Annabeth Chartain from District 5 is killed by Garrette Zaelia with a knife to her throat, Amaryllis Heart from 9 had a knife to her head by Wes Quince and Lyrie Bohamia, also from 9, was slain by Silas Moraitis.

By this time, tributes are beginning to move away from the Cornucopia, leaving the number of those left to diminish. There's a screech of, "HOW DARE YOU CALL ME UGLY?!?!?!" and it wouldn't take a genius to guess that Callam Yaegar got his first kill which happens to be Darlon from District Eleven. Willie Fry from District 12 finds an axe to the back of his neck from Nitro Heart and another cannon sounds.

Amethyst Moraitis and Silas regroup and in sync they kill two tributes; Jayce from Twelve and Lady from Ten. As Lady dies she screams, "I CAME HERE TO HAVE A GOOD TIME AND I'M HONESTLY FEELING SO ATTACKED RIGHT NOW"  From the edges of the Cornucopia there's a muffled scream and then nothing. Amethyst and Silas smirk at each other, get weapons and backpacks then run to the abandoned amusment park.

As the last of the tributes fan away from the Cornucopia, four final cannons blow, signalling the end of the bloodbath; Elle Sirus from Seven, Dennis Rysteria from Three, Mahogany Vesta from Two and Rosalina Rockwell from Six.

The Games have only just begun.

(Meh I hate writing bloodbaths and this is so shitty, it'll be better after this I promise c: )

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