Yeah yeah Pokemon reference get over it kty.

The Destiny Bond Games

In these Games, every Tribute is paired up randomly; the bonds unknown to them of course. When a tribute is killed, their partner will be weakened and if their current condition happens to be immensly bad - death.

At the Final Six - AKA the Feast, the bonds will be broken and depending on the Tributes' performance throughout the games, their strength may be regained.


  1. I accept links to HGRP as of these games.
  2. No reservations.
  3. No swearing in the comments as this is against the wiki policy (ooosh >.<)
  4. I'll be swearing inconsistently throughout these games
  5. Don't whine if your tribute dies, and if you do go down to this level; don't hate on other users.


District Male Weapon Female Weapon
1 Derpy Hooves, 14 Idk.
2 Angelica Sinclair, 16 Daggers
3 Brianna Joltick, 18 Bow and Arrows
4 Allan Pisces, 14 Fishing hook Lyphae Hydra, 17 Poison Darts
10 Velia Caror, 16 Knives
11 Kiara Himura, 15 Blowgun

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