idk the title yo I just guessed lmao

i kinda regret the title but idk


Idk about the title and I got bored so I made this!!!!!!

Imma decide what factions people end up being based on what I think of you so woop (if I don't know you there is a high chance you'll just stay in the same faction) c:


  • Name:
  • Birth Faction:
  • Personality:

The Citizens (Original Faction)

Although all the spots have been filled, you can still join.

  • Oli, Abnegation born
  • Liza, Erudite born
  • Haley, Amity born
  • Erlend, Candor born
  • Ellie, Candor born
  • Rebekah, Erudite born
  • Blake, Dauntless born
  • Bee, Erudite born
  • Eli, Candor born
  • Mia, Dauntless born
  • Lady, Erudite born
  • Claudia, Erudite born
  • Emma, Amity born
  • Justin, Dauntless born
  • Joan, Dauntless born
  • Marlene, Abnegation born
  • Lauren, Candor born
  • Toast, Amity born
  • Nick, Amity born
  • Nathaniel, Abnegation born


3rd Person POV

The air is cool, wafting between the streets of the different factions. Each has their own story to tell, each has their own tale to unfold. Every one of them offers different people, different entities, all enigmas until they choose their factions.

Do you know your sister well enough? Is she Dauntless or Amity? What faction was your mother from? Could you imagine her acting like one of them?

The sixteen-year-olds sleep soundly in their beds, for in one day they will find out which factions they belong in and which factions will house them for the rest of their lives. Are they going to leave somebody?

Only the bowls can tell the tale of the enigmas.


Day One

Mia, Dauntless born POV


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