The Dynasty Games

The Dynasty Games are special games created for families. Siblings will be reaped in the reaping ages. One family will represent each District. Only 3 may win each year. You might just have to kill your sibling. In the final 10, there will be two teams, and you shall stay in these teams until only 5 remain. You cannot kill anyone in your team, as it will result in your death.

Rules and Other Games

  • No swearing
  • No complaining if your tribute dies
  • You can send advice but it most likely will not affect what happens
  • Only maximum of 4 siblings allowed atm, one district per person, YOU DON'T NEED TO DO 4 TRIBUTES.
  • You must add in a picture, as I'm doing a tribute gallery.
  • I will not go on profiles or links to HGRP, you can copy and paste, it's simple.
  • User Games: Will be updated soon.
  • Battle Royale: Updated Irregularly

The Tributes

District Sibling 1 Weapon Sibling 2 Weapon Sibling 3 Weapon Sibling 4 Weapon
1 Titan Sirus, 16 Mace Elle Sirus, 15 Bow - - - -
2 Zane Pierce, 18 Sword Axel Pierce, 18 Throwing Knives Avalon Pierce, 14 Axe - -
3 Kitty Emolga, 15 Axe Blaze Emolga, 15 Sword - - -
4 Felix Seaworth, 17 Trident Zach Seaworth, 14 Bow/Arrow Olivia Seaworth, 18 Throwing Knives - -
5 Rengar Bloodmoon, 17 Katana Akali Bloodmoon, 16 Katana - - - -
6 Shade Spectrus, 16 Dagger Frade Spectrus, 14 Dagger Tiara Spectrus, 13 Dagger Rade Spectrus, 15 Bow/Arrow
7 Caffiene Hassolfer, 17 Axe



Throwing Axe - - - -
8 Lauren Nova, 15 Bow/Arrow Jac Nova, 18 Sword Lexi Nova, 17 Poison Traps (Axes) - -
9 Lemin Jolice, 17 Curved Knives Baord Jolice, 17 Throwing Stars - - - -
10 Xenia Bloodhound, 17 Long Knives Eleith Bloodhound, 13 Knives - - - -
11 Salome Gemina, 16 Axes Devin Gemina, 16 Machete
12 Sia Duskleaf, 16 Bow Seth Duskleaf, 17 Sword - - - -

Final Ten Teams

Team One Team Two

Death Chart

Place Killed District Killer District Method Day
29th Lauren Nova 8 Elle Sirus 1 Slain BB
28th Caffiene Hassolfer 7 Zane Pierce 2 Head chopped off BB
27th Eleith Bloodhound 10 Devin Gemina 11 Machete to back BB
26th Frade Spectrus 6 Felix Seaworth 4 Slain BB
25th Sia Duskleaf 12 Titan Sirus 1 Mace'd BB
24th Kitty Emolga 3 Avalon Pierce 2 Axe to back BB
23rd Lemin Jolice 9 Axel Pierce 2 Knife to back BB
22nd Baord Jolice 9 Zane Pierce 2 Slain BB
21st Tiara Spectrus 6 Jac Nova 8 Head chopped off BB
20th Mocca Hassolfer 7 Titan Sirus 1 Head wiped off BB


Shade Spectrus, District Six.

Our escort ushered us into the main quarters of our floor of the Training Centre, a dumb grin plastered on his face. Glinston was the overly hapyy Escort of our District. Anyone would think he enjoyed escorting a sucky district like Six. I sighed and slumped beside Rade. He looked over at me and formed a small smile, "What do you think he wants?"

I shrugged not caring to be honest, "Something about training probably."

Glinston clapped his hands in a quick fashion, his grin becoming more prominent, "Alright you four! First day of training! Now, I know we've all seen the other families, and we know that families like the Pierce's, or the Duskleaf's look quite strong, but now is the time you can see them for what they are."

Tiara groaned, "So what? One's from District Two, they'll be deadly machines, the other's from Twelve, they're useless, but they have strength."

Glinston forced a small, sweet and menacing smile aimed at her, "Well, yes Tiara, but the girl from Two, Avalon, he looks like she can't kill, can she?"

Tiara shook her head slightly, "Not that you can see."

Again, Glinston clapped his hands, a bit more loudly this time, "Exactly! You can't judge on what a tribute looks like! For all you know, they could be labelling all four of you as easy prey. So Tiara, shut up you little bitch, and don't make assumptions."

Tiara went quiet, staring at the ground, not daring to take a peak at the escort again, nor us. Frade spoke up, holding his hand for permission to speak, "What if...we're one of the best families out there?"

Glinston flashed us a cheeky smirk, "Well then, you'll be the hunters, and the hunted."

Silence lingered among me and my siblings, which caused Glinston to return to his peppy, sarcastic smile, "Off we go!"

Slowly, we followed him into the elvator, and went down. I turned around and stared at the Capitol; lush green trees dotted around, clear fountains and waters, grand buildings which towards high, and most of all the people, those who'd bet on my life and the life of my siblings, wondering who'd die first, who'd win. The people who should be known as incests, feeding off the death of us Tributes.

Zach Seaworth, District Four

We walked through the large double doors, only to find a large room, weapons lacing the walls, and stations placed where they needed to be. The other families walked with us, each member staring around the room. Some, like the boys from Two, had smirks on their faces, whilst others, like the girl from Eleven, had horrified looks, betting on who'd be the biggest killer. I have to show my brother and sister I'm worth something, that I can be like them; a Career.

The head trainer, Atlantia stood straight, smiling at us, "In the space of one or two weeks, 26 of you will be dead. Only three shall remain. Don't ignore what the trainers tell you, just because you're with your siblings, does not make you invincible."

After ranting on for a few more minutes, Atlantia allowed us to go for training. And I was about to get the biggest shock of my life. 

{Note that from now on I'll be writing in 1st Person. I'll do a similar thing to this when if I decide to go to 3rd.}

Salome Gemina, District Eleven

I stick close to Devin's side and he instantly wraps his arm around me, "Where first?"

I look up at him and smile slightly, "The axes? Or we could do some survival skills..."

Devin ponders on this choice for a second before looking down at me and smiling, "We'll do axes first. If you show them how good you are with them, maybe they'll leave us alone in the Games."

I nod, smiling. You see, I've been betrayed before, having no-one but Devin. If people come near us in the games and ally with us, they'll betray us. They always do and always will. Its the Games. We walk slowly to the axes, no other family is before us nor behind us. Before taking an axe, I scan the centre and check out the other families. The boy from One swings a mace around as if it were a feather; effortless, his sister uses a bow, and never misses her target. The family from Two stay sly and elusive, not giving any of us a glimpse of what they use, instead, they're learning of to tie knots. The two from three stay close, using the swords. The eldest male from Four throws a trident around, and like his sister and the girl from One, he never misses. The youngest one, Zach I think his name was, throws some knives around, but nine times out of ten, he misses. The two from Five use katanas well, but apart from that, they have nothing going for them. The boy might get sponsers, his sister though? I doubt it. The family from Six seem to use daggers, so they're there, learning how to use more effective moves. The two from Seven stick close to the climbing station...they must have some knowledge being in Seven. In our part of Eleven, people from Seven are known as monkeys because they can go around the trees so easily.  District Eight. They're at the traps part of the centre, one of them, Lexi, works easily with them, whereas her siblings falter many times. District Nine are at the knives and stars section. The male throws the stars easily, and mostly hitting what he wants to hit, rarely missing. The girl uses some knives like an expert. Behind the girl, the sisters from Ten stand, waiting to have a go with the knives. They seem deadly, their eyes reflecting the light from the knives' blades. And finally, the ones from Twelve stay together quietly by the fire starting station, barely taking their eyes from their work to stare around.

After spending a substantial amount of time on, Devin smiles, placing the axe down, "I'm going to go to the machete section, why don't you go to the survival station?"

I nod slowly, fearful that the other tributes will pick on me, "S-Sure."

I watch him as he walks off, and I slowly walk towards the avaliable station. The woman standing there smiles and motions me to come foward. I allow myself to smile sweetly at her and pick up my pace. Whilst walking, I walk into the male from Eight, Jac, who spins around and smiles too sweetly at me, "Oh hello...Eleven."

I smile and awkwardly shuffle to the side, in which he sidesteps, "H-Hi...Can you let me past? I'm trying to get to the survival station..."

"Sure sure," He says, about to move to the side before looking around, "Where's your brother? I heard you can't do shit without him...that's a bit weak and pathetic..."

One of his sisters, Lexi I think her name is, grabs him by the arm, "Jac, leave the girl alone."

He smirks, "Sorry, I was just.."

"Just what?"

Behind him, Devin stands, fists clenched, a glare fixed onto his eyes. Jac turns around, "Oh nothing mate, nothing...just, having small talk with Salmon here."

Devin's voice to a soft, dangerous one, "Her name's Salome and what did you call her?"

Jac stands still, not saying anything. Devin raises her voice, "What. Did. You. Call. Her?"

Before Jac can even reply, Devin sends a punch straight to his face. Oh great, the other tributes are looking. Four peacekeepers come and drag Devin off, who's still screaming insults at Jac. Atlantia has a distressed look on her face, "That's enough for today! Go back to your levels."

Great. We have some enemies now.

Scores and Odds

(These odds are made up. Dislike them? Don't complain.)

If a tribute's name is bolded, it means they got the highest score/odds of their district.

Name District Score Initial Odds
Titan 1 10 5-1
Elle 1 9 12-1
Zane 2 10 5-1
Axel 2 10 5-1
Avalon 2 8 15-1
Kitty 3 5 27-1
Blaze 3 7 17-1
Felix 4 8 15-1
Zach 4 9 12-1
Olivia 4 10 5-1
Rengar 5 7 17-1
Akali 5 9 12-1
Shade 6 4 30-1
Frade 6 5 27-1
Tiara 6 3 36-1
Rade 6 8 15-1
Caffiene 7 6 19-1
Mocca 7 6 19-1
Lauren 8 4 30-1
Jac 8 8 15-1
Lexi 8 7 17-1
Lemin 9 6 19-1
Baord 9 8 15-1
Xenia 10 5 27-1
Eleith 10 5 27-1
Salome 11 6 19-1
Devin 11 10 5-1
Sia 12 7 17-1
Seth 12 8 15-1

The Games.

Due to problems, the bloodbath will be skipped. All deaths are in the death table. Sorry if your tribute(s) died.

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