The Ribbon Games

The arena is pretty small and all tributes shall have a special coloured ribbon tied to them. Whoever kills the tribute gets their ribbon. The more ribbons a tribute has, the more sponsor gifts they are likely to get.


  1. No swearing in the comment (generic but whatever)
  2. I WILL take links in the comments, however no profile links
  3. You can have four tributes
  4. Reservations will be allowed and will be kept for a week maximum
  5. Don't whine if your tribute(s) die
  6. Give your tributes advice!!
  7. Have fun reading~!

The Tributes

District Male Weapon Original Ribbon/Obtained Ribbons Female Weapon Original Ribbon/Obtained Ribbons
1 Lion Scrapes (18) Mace Burgundy Sapphire Lustre (17) Sword Lilac
2 Uzi Krystel (15) Machete Orange RESERVED FOR MEORYOU Magenta
3 Dennis Rystentia (12) Sickle Grass Green RESERVED FOR JEN Black
4 Thomas Quince (15) Trident Moss Green RESERVED FOR ERLEND Yellow
5 Red Sparks Edison (12) Bow and Arrow Grey
6 Brann Clatch (17) Sword Gold Sharpe Cindre (12) Knives Teal
7 Akumai Kubaya (17) Greatsword Brown Whitney Grey (12) Axe Crimson
8 White RESERVED FOR JEN Dark Blue
9 Wes Quince (15) Trident Sea Blue Saguna Isola (15) Pickaxe Cream
10 Magenta Alice Withers (16) Whip Violet
11 Purple Willow Thorn (15) Farming tools Light Grey
12 RESERVED FOR MIA Polka-Dotted Cecilia Fen (15) Bow and Arrow Striped


RESERVED FOR ERLEND Rainbow Cyanea Larkspur (16) Bow and Arrow Metallic Silver

Blue/Light Green means the tribute is alive.

Red/Pink means the tribute is dead.

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