So Jade's unaware I'm making this but I feel like this needs to be addressed.


I, like many others are sick of the amount of sexual blogs that seem to be raging on the wiki. Now in the words of Alice, I understand we're "horny teenagers" but there has to be a point of stopping; enough is enough. I don't want to read a blog where a user is being laid by a bear.

I'd like to divert everyone's attention to this policy. The policy I just linked is the Blog Policy in which it clearly states "No objectionable material – No gratuitous foul language or content of a sexual nature will be permitted." This means no sex no nothing. For any of those worrying, it doesn't mean you can't have two tribute loving each other, just no sex. If you're unaware, one user has already been punished for creating blogs that come under this category.


So I, like many others, begged Jade (the newish B-Crat for those who don't go on chat/stalk pages) to raise the image policy so on our profiles we could have more images/gifs that're unrelated to the fandom. While that's all very well and good, we notice a certain user (or group of users <we only know the one>) to be uploading images, mainly gifs to be used in comments and nothing else.

We'd like to remind those user(s) that this is against the rules. Granted its not a written rule, but almost every admin in the past few months have raised this issue and said it's against the rules.

The bottom line is, when it comes to these two issues many users are annoyed and you WILL get reported for them. I and many other users hope you read this and get the message. Thanks

This also is kinda like a way to say "We need to enforce these policies" as they are, in my opinion, the least kept policies.

New SigMe and wifi, better than me and u ~ ♡ Oli ♡


So, some users have been swearing in blog comments. Can we remind them that this is also against the rules. Swearing in blogs is fine, just not in blog comments.

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