So yeah.....a user battle royale.



  1. Fill out da form <.<
  2. No whining if you shall be deciding that
  3. Same rules as in Battle Royale
  4. ONE WINNER...or not :3


  • Name:
  • Gender:
  • Age:
  • Number:
  • Personality:
  • Are you playing the game or not?: (it's basically asking you if you'll kill)


Number Males Designated Weapon Placing Females Designated Weapon Placing
1 Bella, 14 Butcher's Knife 19th; Day One Emma, 14 Information on other students 20th; Day One
2 Jason, 14 Baseball bat Sarah, 15 Rope 25th: Day One
3 Joan, 14 Coat Hanger TMG, 16 Icepick
4 Jack, 14 Kitchen Knife 21st; Day One Emily, 14 Small dagger 18th; Day One
5 Kekai, 13 Tablemat Anna, 16 Cardboard box 22nd; Day One
6 Erlend, 16 Spork Mia, 13 Shotgun
7 Junior, 18 Small Pistol 23rd; Day One Taylor, 15 Scythe
8 Gruff, 14 Axe 26th: Day One Dani, 14 Ninja Sword
9 Jojo, 13 Pom Poms Claudia, 14 Crossbow
10 Wikia Contributor, We'll say 15 N/A 24th; Day One Laura, 14 N/A
11 Ben, 13 Butter Knife Kiki, 14 Mini Uzi
12 Wesley, 16 Baking Tray Lawshawna, 14 Stick
13 Dustin, 16 Metal Pole Jessica, 17 Matches


Everyone thought it was a normal day. How far off from the actual event could they be? Last thing they all remember is being brought into the hall for a special assembly, and now, they're on an island off the coast of the US, with no connections or anything.

Now all 26 of them stand in a uniform line, some short (totally not Girl 11 and Girl 6), and other tall, like Boy 12. Miss Birkett stood in front of them all, glaring at each one.

"All of you," she said, looking down at each and every one of them with disgust, "Shall no longer be referred to by your first name by The Program. Each of you have a number."

She glared some more at each of them, and pointed at one girl, "You! What is your name?"

The girl gulped and crossed her arms around her chest in a sense of shyness, "K-Kiki..."

Miss Birkett got out a clipboard and searched for the name that had just been spoken out, "Ah yes! Kiki. From now on, you shall be called Girl 11!"

All of the students gulped, now they knew that they were in The Program, the yearly event that claims the lives of many students. Miss Birkett smiled, her grey eyes eminating a sense of caution and danger. Her smile was sweet, so sweet it was sickening.

"All of you have an assigned weapon! You can only gain weapons by killing the other students. You all have a collar on. Touch it, and it'll explode, killing you in the process. Last note; if, by the end of three days, more than one person remains, all of the collars will detonate, and we shall not have a winner!"

All of the students glanced at each other, wondering who'd die first, who'd win, who'd get the most kills, and, what weapon did they have?

Miss Birkett stood straight, clapping her hands, "Who'll play and kill people, and who will refuse to play, and not kill? That, my precious little fighters, is up to you, and you only."

She glanced down at her clipboard once more, "Boy One! Bella! Come and collect your dufflebag and leave the school!"

Officially, The Program has begun...

The Program

Day One; Pre-Dawn

Gruff (Boy 8) walked down the streets of the long since destroyed and abandoned city, looking for signs of life, someone who he could kill, make his chances of survival widen. Rubble from some of the old towers fall to the ground, making little crashes here and there, only creating the atmosphere of something bad would happen. Gruff sighed and took out his assigned axe. He smiled, surely he'd be able to kill people with that. A crunch behind him made him go back to his senses, and not some fantasy where he'd kill people.

Behind him, Taylor (Girl 7) stood, a shy grin plastered on her face. She held her scythe with such ease, and even when she swung it in a warning swung, a piercing sound came from the sheer blade. Gruff smirked, he could easily throw his axe at the girl and kill her. He was playing the game, and playing the game meant killing, and, standing before him, was a student...someone who he could kill. The girl saw his smirk, and slowly, her smile faded, "D-Don't come any closer! I-I will kill you!"

Gruff took no notice of the girl's pleads, and slowly, walking towards her, swinging his axe, he smirked a more manic smirk. Taylor stepped back, until she was against the wall of a crumbling tower. Gruff, held up his axe, ready to bring it down on the girl's head, when he noticed Kiki (Girl 11) running past. He looked at her weapon...a gun. He processed his thoughts for a second, and decided that killing that girl would be easier from behind, and then he could go back and finish the girl who was against the wall before him. He flashed her one more look, before running after the other girl.

Taylor, regaining some of her strength, ran after the boy, and just as he was reaching his victim, she brought her scythe down on his back, slashing it open, before slicing the back of his neck. Kiki turned around and saw the other student in her now blood ridden uniform. Taylor simply picked up the now dead male's yellow dufflebag, took out his food and drink and placed it in her own, along with his axe, which still gleamed in the sunlight...unused.

Kiki opened her mouth to scream, yet Taylor waved her hands frantically, "Stop! It's alright...he was going to kill you...and me...I-I don't want any harm...I'll go, and leave you alone...I swear!"

Kiki closed her mouth and nodded. Both girls ran off in different directions.

24 to go.


Sarah (Girl 2) stepped silently across the plain, hoping not to draw any attention to herself. The school was long gone in the distance, and she was sure that by now, all students would be in the playing field, and it was now a free game. She gripped her rope with such force, that her knuckles were a snow white colour. The words of Miss Birkett still echoed in her head, like a bad nightmare, haunting her.

The grass around her closed in like walls, concealing her from other people. She sighed some relief. Yes she was playing, but she was sure others would be two, and being hidden would be more fun when it came to killing. She came on the island a free girl, and that's how she intended to come out of it.  A shot rang out from the other side of the island, and Sarah stopped. How close was that shot? Did it mean someone was dead? She shook her head and moved slightly faster. If someone had died, someone else was becoming stronger with an extra weapon, and possibly seeing other students flee from their hiding places, which meant more kills.

TMG (Girl 3) walked behind Sarah, following her ever so silently, like a predator stalking it's prey. She couldn't waste time. Not in The Program. How could she kill the girl that walked before her? Neck slashed? Icepick through the heart? Beheaded? So many possibilities, so little time.

When she stepped on a branch, causing Sarah to turn around, she knew it was kill, or be killed. TMG ran towards Sarah, tackling her to the ground. Yet, Sarah wasn't over and out...not now. She wrapped her rope around TMG's neck, and began to tighten it, strangling her slowly. TMG could feel her face turning red, she had to act now. She raised her icepick and brought it down on Sarah's head. Warm, crimson blood started to flow from the gash, yet Sarah wasn't done. She still tightened the noose, hoping to kill her attacker, yet she hadn't had any hopes on living, if the girl didn't kill her...the gash would.

TMG, now feeling her face go scarlet, slashed Sarah's head a few more times, until, the grip on the rope became loose, and the girl's arms dropped to her side. TMG stood up, and brushed herself off, and rubbed the blood off her icepick onto her blazer sleeve. She bent down and picked up Sarah's food and drinks and ran off, the rope still bouncing on her shoulders.

23 to go.


Jessica (Girl 13) held her matches close to her heart. She dragged her feet down the forest path, hoping to distance herself even more. Distance is key in this. She knew that. Almost all of the winners had won by doing that. If she had been placed on the island with her year group, she'd easily know how to kill and not be killed, but no. This year, they've randomly picked 26 students from the whole school to compete. She looked up from looking at her pacing, to see a small hut in the forest. She grinned, it was somewhere to be safe for a while...not the safest, but it'd be safer than standing out here. It's Pre-Dawn, and the sky is a nice light blue colour, with a vivid red and orange mixed line streaking through it. She smiled, it's so beautiful. Mother nature is oblivious to the pain and worrying that the players have to endure. The snap of a twig behind her caused her to swing around and face whoever stood behind her. There, holding nothing as a weapon, stood Wikia Contribute, or simply WikiCont (Boy 10). His face looked determined to kill Jessica in some way, shape or form.

Jessica watched as he charged at her, his firsts raised, ready to hit her. Jessica panicked and lit a match, and just as WikiCont was about to smash her face, she stuffed the match down his blazer pocket. While he was trying hard to get it out without burning himself, she lit a few more matches, and stuffed them in different places. She watched as he caught alight in a mixture of red, orange and yellow hues. She grabbed his dufflebag, quickly discared the food and drink for herself, and ran off. Only his screams could be heard, echoing eternally. He'd have nothing left to show of himself, not a single thing. His corpse would hardly be salvageable, just a burnt up thing. Useless.

22 to go.


Junior (Boy 7) walked through the massive hotel. It was a giant complex with a million different places to hide and conceal himself, and wait for his victims. He clutched his small pistol tightly. It was for sure a good weapon, compared to other useless things, like, last year, some boy had a pen as a useless is that? Taking the stairs up, he looked out of the glass windows, scanning the area for other students. Sadly, no one availed.  He reached the final floor in say...twenty minutes? The view was breathtaking. If you'd forgotten that you were on the island to kill or be killed, you'd marvel at the green trees, laced with birds of all colours and shapes, the flowers that poked their heads through the veil of leaves, the plains that created a patchwork effect on the landscape, the sea, a sapphire blue colour, with the odd wave crashing to the custard yellow beach. Junior smiled and sat against a wall, listening for the slightest movement. Oh, these were going to be a fun three days.

Bella (Boy/Girl/IDK 1) walked into the massive hotel she had seen in the distance from the school. Surely, there'd be someone in there that she could kill. She grinned down at her butcher's knife, how easy could it be to kill someone with it? Pretty easy....the interior of the hotel was stunning, considering the exterior looked like crap. Polished floors, fancy walls, the whole placed looked as if you'd just stepped back in time to the Victorian era. Bella noticed the stairs and began to walk up them, ever so slowly, until she reached the top floor.

There, the two collided. Junior jumped up and aimed his gun down on Bella, "I'll shoot...and don't think I'm bluffing."

Bella shook her head, no way was she going to die to the oldest person on the island, no way in hell. She threw her knife, aiming for his shoulder, in which it hit, causing the boy to fall to his knees, clutching his collar bone area. His gun was now discarded on the floor, like a used napkin. Bella smirked and ran towards the gun, picked it up, and aimed it down, and......


21 to go.


Claudia (Girl 9) had heard two gun-shots in the space of two hours. People were getting stronger, and she was getting weaker. Her crossbow was loaded, ready to strike on the nearest person. One arrow to the neck, and their fate would be sealed crisply. Claudia was sure that the gun-shots meant that people were indeed playing the game, the sweet, precious glory of winning was slipping away from her grasp. The beach was on the outline of the island, easily she could swim away, and win anyway, but they'd know it and make her collar detonate. The collar. Ew. The silver thing that chained her neck was irritable, and was the only thing that kept her from escaping. She grumbled and kicked a rock into the trees that lined the beach. The shuffle of movment startled Claudia, and she stood still, and waiting for whoever...or whatever was there to reveal itself.

Quickly, Anna (Girl 5) ran from the bushes, before seeing Claudia. She stopped, scared about what the crossbow weilding girl would do. It was useless, Anna wouldn't have any chance of survival, she could run, but it'd be a struggled attempt. She gulped and ran back into the bushes, heading to the area that the school was in. Claudia, however, wouldn't let a victim go, and ran after her, grinning.

As Anna ran through the trees, she heard and saw many arrows rush past her. After roughly 2 minutes of spriting, Anna was hit in her leg, causing her tofall over. Claudia stood over her and smiled, "Aw, shame. Pre-Dawn, Day One? That's bad...painfully bad."

Claudia carefull placed an arrow into her crossbow, and shot Anna in the heart, before getting her food and drinks, and picking up her cardboard box...better not waste anything.

20 to go


Day One; Morning

Dani (Girl 8) sighed. The second section of the first day, and she hadn't got a kill. Was this some kind of sick joke Miss Birkett had some kind of horrid delight in making true? She growled. She had a good weapon, and she couldn't use it? That made her only more determined to play the game and win. She trudged through down the forest path that led away from the abandoned city. There was no sound other than the birds singing in the wind. Dani laughed, that'd be ironic. It's silent when she's alive, madness when she dies...if she did die. You see, Dani, like almost all of the students, was playing the game, and had no intention, not in her slightest dream to die, and if she did, she'd have to go down with a massive fight, and not be down in one move from her attacker or victim. As she walked, Dani pushed a strand of hair away from her eyes, because it was annoying her.

Many things were annoying in in that particular point in time; the stupid birds singing, the stupid other people getting kills, and the fact that she couldn't get a kill. Not a single, minor kill. She groaned, kicking a stone at a nearby tree. The impact caused many annoying birds to flee.

"WILL YOU SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU STUPID BEASTS!" Dani yelled, ready to throw her sword at the birds. The sudden outburst caused a laugh to come from behind Dani. She swiftly turned her body to the place when the laugh came from. There, Jack (Boy 4) was standing, a kitchen knife in his hand. Before Dani could react, she found herself pushed against a tree, the knife's cold, silver edge against her throat. She glared at Jack, before kicking him where the sun don't shine. After, she managed to regain some sense, and grabbed her sword, which had been thrown on the ground in the push, and swung it towards Jack's neck.

Well then...that was a bit bloody.

19 to go.


Emma (Girl 1) was happy. She'd found her friends Jojo (Boy 9) and Erlend (Boy 6). Out of the three, she had the best weapon; information sheets about everyone else in The Program. With it, she knew what weapon they started off with, and from that, who killed who. In addition, she had the personalities of everyone, so she could determine who was playing and who wasn't. The trio themselves were, and as they were in a large group, the intended to get some kills. Though of course the kills would be much more fun to do, as they had no good weapons, and would be using their bare firsts.

They sat down in the little house that they had proclaimed camp. It was small, and cramped, and awkward since Jojo wanted to talk about the new pokemon he had created only days before entering The Program. Emma sighed, these were her best friends, and she did have to put up with them, even now. Jojo was about to speak again, but the voice of Miss Birkett over the island stopped him.

"Well well well! My precious little fighters! Six people dead at Pre-Dawn? One already dead now it's morning? You lot are putting yourselves out! Now. I shall proclaim the dead. So sorry if you hear a friend being announced dead, I can't help it. So, move on. Here are the dead in order of death. Gruff, Sarah, Wikia Contributor, Junior, Anna and Jack. Have a lovely rest of the day!"

Erlend looked at Jojo and Emma, "Emma, cross them off your list, and make a note of their weapons and stuff."

Emma nodded as she did so. Jojo, however, opened the back door to the house that they were in, and seemed to be scared, "Go. Run."

Erlend cocked his head slightly, "Why?"

As he said that, Wesley (Boy 11) ran into the house, ready to kill. It startled the three, and Erlend and Jojo safely made it from the house. Emma ran, but tripped. Wesley smirked and stood over her, "Well..well...well. Hope you had a good life."

And with that, Emma's neck was flattened, and Wesley became the most dangerous student in terms of knowledge.

18 to go.


Mia (Girl 6) was happy. She'd found her best friends Kiki (Girl 11) and Dani (Girl 8). Their alliance was surely the deadliest. Kiki and herself had guns, and Dani seemed to be handy with her sword. The alliance was dedicated to killing, even though Kiki was one of the two people who weren't playing the game, and now that Anna (Girl 5) had died, she was the remaning person who refused to kill. The three were in a small hut having breakfast. Between them, they had a few packs of cookies, and at least three glasses of orange juice and water each.

Sunlight streamed through the window, giving off a summer look. After the breakfast, the three were ready to move again, and packed up their dufflebags. Mia and Kiki both had their guns out, yet in contrast, Dani had her sword hidden. The weapon she did show, however, was the kitchen knife that Jack (Boy 4) had used before her.

The sun shone, getting warmer and warmer each minute. The girls had to drink from their bottles regularly, and soon had to roll the sleeves of their school uniform up, and take their blazers off. Only a few short hours ago, it was near freezing, and now, it was becoming too hot for their tastes. They walked into the abandoned town, and saw the body of a student.

"Poor guy," Kiki said, walking past the corpse, not wanting to know who it was and how they had died. Inside, she knew it was the boy who had tried to kill her at the beginning of the day, but if Mia and Dani knew that, what would they think? They knew she wasn't playing, but to pass up an easy kill, even in her position?

Dani simply shrugged, "It's less of a compitition for us, I guess. Now move on. That hotel up down the road looks like it's housing a few people."

Mia and Kiki followed Dani's finger, which pointed to the intact building on the far side of the small village or town. In there, Bella (Boy/Girl 1) was waiting. She had seen the three girls, and decided that they would feed her lust for winning. Slowly, the three girls climbed the stairs, keeping their footsteps as quiet as they could make them. Bella waited behind the door, ready to shoot each girl as she walked in.

The oak door was cleanly varnished. Mia slowly turned the golden door handle and opened the door with a creak.

"Fuck sake Mia, can you make it any more obvious?" Dani hissed into Mia's ear, taking her shotgun from her.

Mia turned around and glared, "Give me that back."

Dani shook her head, and pushed Mia, and dragged Kiki into the room. Bella shut the door and grinned, "Why, hello."

The three girls turned around to see the voice. Bella smirked, she had been waiting for more kills, she held up the small pistol Junior (Boy 7) once held in his own hands, "It's such a shame you'll die. You're all very adorable and pretty girls. Shame nobody could see i-"


Dani shot Bella in the head, wiping the top of her skull clean off, exposing her brain, "I'm not pretty hun, okay, thanks, bye."

She handed Mia back her gun, and walked over to the girl's remains, and picked her weapons, and food and drink, and walked out of the room, "Let's keep moving."

17 to go.


Emily (Girl 4) skipped down an old, worn away path. She though she had distanced herself from the other students quite well, and was now thinking of ways to manipulate them if they should so happen to be near her. She skipped down, not looking at anything in particular, before she skipping into some girls...three girls. The girls themselves were Mia (Girl 6), Dani (Girl 8) and Kiki (Girl 11), each conveying a different expression on their face. Kiki looked shocked and scared, holding her gun outwards, as if to shoot Emily. Dani, was fierce, and already had her gun aimed at...well, let's not say, and Mia looked tired already, and had her gun aimed at Emily's neck.

Emily blinked and quickly formulated a plan to ensure her life, "You wouldn't dare kill me! I know all about all of the students! We can ally and then we can win and all go ho-"

"Yeah, no," Mia said, shooting Emily in the neck.

Dani laughed and picked up Emily's stuff. Well, this group seemed to be the most dangerous in The Program.

16 to go.


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