The Program

Overpopulation is out of control. It has to be controlled quickly, and of course, grusomely. 

The countries of the world have gathered and decided that they shall hold The Program, where, 13 males and 13 females will be entered in a competition where in three days, only one shall remain. This of course will happen once a year and this time, its the second one, more gruesome than ever.


  1. Don't whine if you die
  2. Don't start arguments on chat or in the comments
  3. Have fun
  4. No "you know me" on the personality part please and thank you :D

The Form





The Students

Number Male Weapon Female Weapon
1 Mason, New Zealand Nail Gun Emma, Canada Plastic Bag
2 Erlend, Norway Barbie Doll, Pen Summer, Australia Poison
3 Adrian, Phillippines Compass Anna, Denmark Information on other Students
4 Eli, America Sword Toast, America Collar tracker
5 Aspen (m), Australia Spear Jade, England Hammer
6 Sam, England Shard of glass Chandni, America Twin daggers
7 Blake, Canada Shotgun Rebekah, Antarctica Bullet proof vest
8 Mist, Japan Pack of matches Tara, England 3 grenades
9 Wesley, The Netherlands Small pistol Kaity, Switzerland Horse Shoe
10 Trace, Scotland Brass pipe Jinx, Italy Scythe
11 Aidan, Canada Baseball Bat Aspen (f), Sweden Stick
12 Gruff, Wales Cricket Ball Billie, South Africa Flammable Acid


Some Guy, Mexico Pen Annabella, New Zealand Pack of Cards

RED means the Student is dead

ORANGE means the Student is injured 

GREEN means the Student is healthy 


Known Alliance

Toast, Jay, Mist, Anna, Wes and Adrian

The Program.

Boy 2, Erlend, Norway

Why was I chosen? There's like, fucking thousands of other boys to be chosen. But noooo, I get picked to represent Norway. With a babie doll. A fucking barbie doll. Do you even know how embarrassing this is for me to say that? I won't be able to scare off anyone who wants to kill me with a plastic doll with longer hair than me. I repeat, nobody will fear me and I'll die clutching onto this bitch like it's my life. The only thing I can do is stab people with the pointed toes...hmmm, that'll cause some pain which could be fun to watch. Note to self, kill when people try and sleep. 

I groan as I walk over yet another hill. I understand this is the plain/mountain like area but come on! This many hills? Truthfully, I ran out as soon as I could to create some kind of distance between me and the other killers. That's what we are - killers. Not people, not teenages...killers. Cold, bloodthirsty killers. We're as bloodthirsty as some sluts are thirsty for the D. 

I guess it's about one or two hours into The Program and to be honest, I'm bored out of my fucking mind. They told us in the school it would be exhilarating or some bullshit. But noooo, it's fucking slow as fuck and boring as watching fucking paint dry. Fuck fuck fuck fucking fuck. Did I mention the word fuck?

After another ten minutes of pratically dragging myself across the plains, only munching on a KitKat bar in my duffel bag I spot someone walking in the distance. Excited, I begin to run down the hills, arming my fucking useless weapon ready to stab their neck. 

I charge into them and they yelp in pain. It's that guy from Mexico I couldn't remember...Boy 13? Anyway, we roll around a few times, punches and kicks being thrown every direction. I manage to drag the feet of my barbie girl across the boy's neck and I watch as he dies. I smile and give my Barbie babe a small kiss on the forehead, "We're gonna win."

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