So hey. These are going along side by 1st Annual Battle Royale.


  1. Standard Rules
  2. Don't whine if you die
  3. Don't whine if you don't get who you want (relates to the quell)
  4. Don't swear pls
  6. Mk, mk.







Preferred Second (who you wanna be allies with, only ONE person):

The Quell

The Quell is:

Each tribute/user is paired with another. When their partner dies, they become weaker.


District Male User Weapon Female User Weapon
1 Blake Anything Caylin Spear
2 Erlend Throwing Knives Dani Sword
3 Colin Throwing Axe Liza Bow/Arrow
4 Justin Trident Cass Trident
5 Toxic Bow/Arrow Haley Throwing Knives
6 Dustin Sword Laura Knives
7 Wesley Knives Anna Crossbow
8 Gruff Scythe Mia Dagger
9 Joan Traps Claudia Knife
10 Kaeghan Bow/Arrow Morgan Knives
11 Damien/Emma Katana Jade Double Swords
12 Nick Mace Berry Pickaxe

Colour Codes:

Green means the tribute is alive

Red means they're dead

Orange means that they were weakened

The Pairs

Pair Number Person One Person Two Pair Odds
A Toxic (5M) Laura (6F) 14-1...19-1
B Colin (3M) Liza (3F) 23-1...31-1
C Justin (4M) Morgan (10F) 0-1...35-1
D Blake (1M) Gruff (8M) 0-1...32-1
E Caylin (1F) Dani (2F) 3-1...9-1
F Kaeghan (10M) Berry (12F) 0-1...27-1
G Anna (7F) Cass (4F) 0-1...24-1
H Joan (9M) Jade (11F) 17-1...15-1
I Claudia (9F) Wesley (7M) 0-1...6-1
J Erlend (2M) Haley (5F) 18-1...19-1
K Dustin (6M) Miah (8F) 2-1...2-1
L Damien (11M) Nick (12M) 23-1...0-1

Death Chart

Place Killed Pair ID Killer Pair ID Method Day
24th Blake D Wesley I Knife to heart 1 BB
23rd Kaeghan F Mia K Neck slit 1 BB
22nd Claudia I Dustin K Slain 1 BB
21st Nick L Caylin E Speared 1 BB
20th Justin C Mia/Dustin K/K Beaten 1
19th Anna G Wesley I Beheaded 1
Victor N/A N/A N/A
Victor N/A N/A N/A

The Games!

Day One: Bloodbath

The tributes stood around the golden Cornucopia, watching the carefully placed weapons with hungry eyes. Not one tribute wanted to miss the oppurtunity to grab a weapon and claim safety. The Cornucopia itself was a merry-go-round, to accompany the theme of an abandoned theme park. Each horse had lost it's paint, and the only thing intact was the red eyes on each one, that still gleamed like polished rubies. The grass was worn down and near to dead, being a light brown colour. A smirk began to show on some of the tributes' faces as the clock ticked down to 10. This Game would be good...This game would be entertaining.

The gong sounded and all sprinted towards the weapons which were spread out across the width of the plain. The first tribute to get a weapon was Wesley, and he spent no time in killing after that. He scanned the plain for the closest tribute and launched a knife towards their heart. That tribute was Blake, and he fell down, screaming, coughing up his own crimson blood. His body shook violently before stopping and remaining still. The first life had been claimed. With his death, Blake caused Gruff to be weakened. A small nip at the neck did this, and Gruff grabbed a small pack and ran off in the direction of the haunted mansion, hoping to avoid any more conflict.

Back at the Cornucopia, tributes were fighting. Kaeghan was picking up a bow, searching for some arrows, when a cold blade was pressed against his neck, he turned around to see Mia being the owner of the knife, a small devious, yet murderous smirk placed on her lips. He opened his mouth to protest his life, and to scream for Berry to come help him, yet his words were cut short, as Mia brought the blade to the side, slitting his neck open, his warm blood coming in contact with the cold air. Mia sighed and shrugged, as if the death had been nothing. She ran to the other side of the Cornucopia where Dustin was and grabbed him by the wrist and began to drag him where Gruff had once ran.

"What the fuck? I'm trying to get a kill," Dustin yelled, trying to swat Mia's hand away from his wrist.

Mia turned, and glared, before hissing, "I swear if you get killed I will torment your ghost so badly. Now, I suggest if you don't want to meet the same death as that kid from 10, you'll shut up, and follow me."

Dustin looked over at the dead body of Kaeghan before nodding slowly and following his partner away. Claudia ran past him, and seeing the oppurtunity to show Mia that he could fight, he swung his sword at her back, piercing her heart, killing her. Another howl from being nipped came from Wesley, who was still there, trying to get some supplies. Mia turned and smiled, "Wow 6, I'm impressed."

The bloodbath was drawing to a close, only a few people were left trying to scavenge as many supplies as they could, ready to endure the week or so to come. Nick promised Damien (but for our sake I'll call Emma from now on) that they'd meet at the old rollercoaster near the edge of the arena. He grabbed many different coloured packs, and shoved weapons into them, or onto his belt. Dani and Caylin watched from behind the horses, ready to pounce. They giggled before charging out at him, weapons raised. Nick let out a scream of terror and began to sprint towards the small layer of trees, throwing a knife towards the two. The knife hit Dani in the arm, causing her to stumble backwards. Caylin looked down at Dani and glared at Nick, aiming her spear right at his neck, before throwing it, hoping it'd do some damaged. The spear stuck through Nick's neck like a kebab, and he fell to the floor, coughing up blood with a mixture of other things. His eyes rolled into the back of his head and he pulled the spear out, before losing his life completely. Again, the small nip of the neck let Emma know she was on her own, no allies, no nothing. She was now even more vunerable to death.

Rest of Day One

Justin and Morgan walked slowly down the hedge maze, evaluating their options. Justin turned to Morgan, "How many do you think are dead?"

Morgan shrugged, "This year, we're all smart, it'll be a low number."

Justin nodded. In the distance the familiar sound of the cannons could be heard.

Boom. Boom. Boom. Boom.

Morgan's eyes lit up slightly, "Four dead? That's great!"

Justin sighed. Being from Four, he knew almost every little nook in the games, "No its not. Four being dead means that twenty are still out there, all capable of killing."

Morgan looked down, "O-Oh...we better keep moving then...we don't want the deadly ones to catch up to us."

With that, they walked deeper into the maze, and behind them, Mia and Dustin crept, waiting for the right moment to pounce. The centre of the maze was an array of small huts and small kid rides. Both of the tributes smiled and ran to them, their childish wishes and the fear of the games overcomming them. Behind them, Dustin snapped a twig, "Having fun are we?"

Justin and Morgan snapped round and locked their eyes onto the other tributes. Mia smiled and took a step foward, "Oh...don't be scared, we won't bite..."

Dustin smirked and joined Mia, "But we kill..."

From the kill, the tributes dashed. Morgan and Justin to the other enterance, and Mia and Dustin to get them. Morgan sprinted as fast as she could, and managed to gain some distance. Justin, however, tripped and landed to the floor. He sat up, and inched backwards, expecting the worst. Dustin raised his fists and began to punch Justin, allowing himself to laugh manically. Mia started to do the same. Instead of laughing, she screamed threats aimed at Morgan, "Oooh! We're going to find you and kill you next! Just. You. Wait!"


Wesley trudged around the old mirror maze, being bored as hell. He'd been weakened yes, but it didn't stop his ability to fight and claim lives and go home back to District Seven. Claudia had been foolish and got herself killed, meaning he was weak now for the rest of the Games, until he won...or...or...yeah. The voices of two females made him smirk and grip his knife tightly. He followed the sound until he saw the reflection of two girls in the mirror. He began to ran down each path, trying to get to them. Being louder than he wanted, Wesley had alerted the two girls of his presence, and they two began to run, screaming bloody murder.

One of the girls, Anna, ran into Wesley, and he, not knowing she came from his district, beheaded her before he could probably process what he was doing. Boom. Anna's headless body slumped down, and he ran off, not wanting any more conflict for the evening.

Toxic and Laura smiled at each other in their tree.

"We're alive for the first day!" Laura gasped, finding it too true to be real.

Toxic returned the gasp, "I know! We can win, two can win, and that'll be us!"

They smiled and looked down to the ground, Rainie and Colin had made camp under their tree. Laura tilted her head, "Imagine how easily we could kill them? Imagine two more gone? We could win then."

Toxic shrugged, "What's the us-"

He was cut off by the anthem of Panem. Slowly, the names of the deceased and their pictures were broadcasted to the whole arena.







The arena turned pitch black once more, and the two decided that they had to think through the night.

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