Who is the favorite Hunger Games tribute? You can vote and find out in this tourament! Each game ends after 6 votes for 1 person. The match-ups will be re-randomized after every round. Keep reading for next matches!

Female Morphling vs Rue

District 3 Boy (74th) vs Beete

Marvel vs Blight

Gloss vs Foxface

Annie vs Titus

Wiress vs Glimmer

Seeder vs Lyme

Chaff vs Cato

Peeta vs Cashmere

Katniss vs Brutus

Woof vs Clove

Finnick vs Cecelia

District 10 Boy (74th) vs Enorbaria

Johanna vs Maysilee

Mags vs Haymitch

Thresh vs Male Morphling

First match-up is Female Morphing 2 votes vs Rue 4 votes! VOTE VOTE VOTE!

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