This is my first Hunger Games! Just enter your Tributes and send me a paragraph of what you do in the private training session and I will score you. Your tribute CAN'T BE PERFECT and hit the target every time. Here is the Tribute Temeplate. A max of 4 tributes per person please! Thanks and please join!







Bloodbath Strategy and what they want in bloodbath:

Game Strategy:

Arena Section:

Alliances (if any):


There are 4 areas around the Cornucopia area. The wheat feild with lots of food but also lots of dangers. The frozen tundra has no food, unless you ice fish. The rainforest has lots of trees, lots of posionus plans and non-posionus animals there. Lastly there is a marshland with lots of water, but lots of quicksand too. A river flows through the Frozen Tundra and Cornucopia sections.

Tristian Cale: Rainforest or Marsh

Liberty Firar: Wheat

Jade Seeku: Coruncopia

Carlos Yuacke: Cornucopia

Clover Gaiearne: Cornucopia

Gail Pillowry: Cornucopia

Matt Coupe: Cornucopia

Candance Bolt: Rainforest

Lynnie Handsows: Marsh

Jackson Merlk: Wheat

Miya Rye: Wheat

Jill Watsson: Coruncopia

Ilsa Beeheavens: Wheat

Haylurk Carbsint: Marsh

Wind Jamie: Marsh

Tobi Odiar: Rainforest

Katara Ayei: Wheat

Sapphire LeHane: Rainforest

Twilight Night: Marsh

Celesta Dagger: Cornucopia

Brennan Magsby: Cornucopia

Avian Cross: Cornucopia Zac Bolvar: Rainforest

Derek Trike: Wheat


Name Gender and Age District Training Score


Weaknesses Alliance, and Strategy
Matt Coupe M, 16 1 10 Hand to Hand, Spear, machette, and Bow and Arrow None Carrers and KILL KILL KILL
Jade Seeku F, 18 1 9 Spear, Throwing Knives and Whip Speed Carrers
Gail Pillowry M,15 2 10 Throwing Knives, Speed, Knots, Camouflage, Spear Hand to Hand, Close Range and Climbing Carrers, Kill everybody.
Jill Watson F, 18 2 10 Speed, Flexibility, Axes and Throwing Knives Cocky and Heights Carrers
Haylurk Crabsint M,16 3 6 Mace, Slingshot and Electronics Speed, Strgenth Get a weapon that he is good at or run. Only alliances if he can convice that he is useful. Find shelter and scavenge.
Ilsa Beeheavns F, 18 3 2 Knots, Survival Skills Just about everything Hide or find a ally. Foolish and will trust everyone. Get Backpack if can.
Carlos Yuacke M, 17 4 10 Sword, Hammer, Axe, Spear, Whip and Bow and Arrow Survival Skills Carrers
Clover Gaiearne F, 15 4 9 Bow and Arrow, Camouflage and Plants. Speed Carrers, Tries to get bow and then hide in Cornucopia. Luring boys in.
Tristian Cale M, 15 5 7 Knives Body stength, speed not able to fend for self Get Knives, if time supplies. Maybe alliances but likes to work alone.
Candance Bolt F, 12 5 5 Climbing, designing clothes, knife throwing ,healing and bow and arrow. Stregnth and is loud. Avoid the Cornucopia
Brennan Masgby M, 15 6 7 Is handy with a sword, but is not the best. Is really quick on his feet. Hesitates at the wrong time when someone he knows as a friend is hurt. He wants to get at least a backpack and a knife or sword.

Try to avoid the other tributes until he can unleash his killing instinct. Try to ally with Lynnie and Liberty.

Lynnie Handsows F, 16 6 5 Knives All other weapons. She tries to form an alliance with the strongest people she can, and if she can't, then she tries to get the sponsors' sympathies on her side.
Jackson Merlk M, 16 7 7 Axes, running. Swimming Get Axes, Hide and Kill
Miya Rye F, 14 7 7 Speed Camoflauge Sickle/Scythe and bo staff Does not want to kill. Ilsa and Liberty and Grab a backpack
Avian Cross M,16 8 9 Daggar, Whip, Fists, Running and brute strength Hard-Headed Carrers
Wind Jamie F, 14 8 4 Spears Not fast Escape the Cornucopia
Derek Trike M,18 9 7 Spear, machete, and throwing knive. Family and Friends Try to get a weapon on outskirts.
Liberty Friar F, 13 9 4 Hiding, Slingshots Not fast, cowardly and small. Run from bloodbath. Hide in wheat, and one or two allies.
Zac Bolvar M,12 10 5 Blow gun, slingshot, Running(Long Distance) and tree climbing. Slow Hide and Run, No alliance.
Tobi Odiar F, 14 10 7

Trident, traps, bow + arrows, basic survival skills, extremly smart, swimming, climing, can make weapons and lethal with a knife

Speed, and straght up stregnth. Outskirts
Celesta Dagger M, 14 11 7 Knives, bows, snares, tracking, lying, climbing, fast Plants, spear. Grab a knife or bow from the cornucopia, but only if I have an alliance with the Careers, so show off in training. Help or try to destroy the Careers.
Katara Ayei F, 13 11 6 Slingshot, knives, whip, axe. Survival Skills Kill whoever she can find and kill whoever blocks her path.
Twilight Night M, 16 12 8 Swords, finding water, swimming, hunting, hand-to-hand combat Some Survival Skills Try and get a weapon from the outskirts but if not run!
Sapphire LeHane F,15 12 4 Stealth Stregnth Avoid and Hide

Please Join, Thanks!

Day 1

GONG! The games have begun and Candace (5), Wind (8), Liberty (9), Zac (10) and Sapphire (12) immediately run away. Jackson (5) picks up and ax and throws it at Carlos (4) killing him. Matt (1) hits Derek (9) with his Bow and Arrow and Jade (1) finishes the job with a sword she picked up. Twilight (12) picks up a sword and hits Ilsa (3) with a Peyton Manning throw, right in the heart, killing her. After Jade (1) killed Derek (9), she yelled “This is my arena!” and got killed from behind by Miya (7) who then ran. Celstia (11) who has joined the Carrers, kills Katara (11) his district partner. He killed her with his knife, and he never really liked her. Lynnie (6) throws 2 knives that she got at Gail (2) and Clover (4) wounding them both. Haylurk (3) finishes them both off with his mace. Lynnie (6) and Haylurk (3) are aligned. They run off into the marsh. Jill (2), angry about Gale's death kills Brennan (6) with the help of Avian (8), who has joined the Careers. Tobi (10) who got some throwing knives makes a money throw, killing an unsuspecting Tristan (5). The bloodbath is over. BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! 9 cannons.

Tribute Status

The Careers, Jill, Matt, Celstia, and Avian are mourning over the loss of the other Careers.

Lynnie and Haylurk have 2 backpacks, a mace and a few knives in the marsh.

Candace is in the rainforest with no supplies but she found Sapphire and they aligned. She has nothing too.

Miya found Liberty in the wheat, and they have a backpack and a sickle.

Wind is alone in the marsh with no supplies, but she found a water source.

Jackson has a backpack and 3 axes in the wheat, killing little mutts with ease.

Twilight has a sword, bread and a filled canteen, in the Marsh.

Tobi and Zac are in trees in the rainforest. They are yards away but don't know it.

Day 2

Candace and Sapphire are plotting to attack the Careers because Candace found 2 sharp rocks that she made knives out of for both of them. Meanwhile Tobi plans to go to the edge of the rainforest and pick off a Career. Candace and Sapphire go first and Tobi goes right after them and quietly asks for an alliance because all the Careers but Matt are sleeping. They agree and they decide to go together. Matt sees them and yells “Wake up!” All the Careers wake up but Sapphire throws her knife and it hits Celsita. BOOM! Jill gets an axe and throws it a Candace. She dodges it but Matt runs in with his machete and finishes her, but she fights back long enough to giver her allies a huge head start. BOOM! The Careers don't chase her because they think their supplies might get stolen.

Tribute Status

The Carrers, Jill, Matt, and Avian are well fed and at the Cornucopia

Lynnie and Haylurk have 2 backpacks, a mace and a few knives in the marsh.

Sapphire and Tobi are in the rainforest with some knives.

Miya and Liberty are in the wheat, with a backpack and a sickle.

Wind is alone in the marsh with no supplies, but she found a water source.

Jackson has a backpacks and 3 axes in the wheat, killing little mutts with ease.

Twilight has a sword, bread and a filled canteen, in the Marsh.

Zac is in a tree in the rainforest.

(I know a lot are the same, sorry)

Day 3

On Day 3, Wind (8), Haylurk (3), Twlight (12) and Lynnie (6) are all headed towards the center of the marsh. They all see each other at the same time. Wind has no weapons so she decides to run. But Haylurk throws one of his knives at Wind, killing her. BOOM! Twlight sneaks up behind Lynnie and gets her with his sword. BOOM! Haylurk asks for an alliance with Twlight but she does not respond and runs into the rainforest to meet Sapphire and Tobi. Avian, hearing the 2 cannons, runs from the Carrers and into the wheat. The 2 remaining Carrers don't chase after him. Avian finds Jackson in the wheat and asks for an alliance. Jackson is weary at first, but he accepts when Avian offers him food and they align. Zac is the last one who never had an ally. The Capitol is angry that there is only 2 Careers, and starts uprising.

The Careers are the same as yesterday, but without Avian.

Haylurk is well supplied, and the only person in the marsh.

Sapphire and Tobi have accepted Twlight into their alliance, in the rainforest.

Miya and Liberty are the same as yesterday.

Jackson and Avian are well fed and armed, and have one of the best chances to win.

Zac is running out of food that he found.

Day 4

Zac is out of food and decides to try to kill a tribute and steal their food. Zac looks around for a weapon and finds a sword just laying around in the rainforest. He runs around the rainforest and eventually finds the D12 and Tobi alliance. He sneaks up behind Twilight and gets her with his sword. BOOM! Tobi whirls around and throws her knife at Zac. BOOM! In the wheat Avian and Jackson see Miya and Liberty. They both smirk at each other and chase the two. Miya and Liberty hear them coming and start to run. Jackson throws an ax. Miss. Avian throws a knife at Liberty's head. She blocks it with her backpack. Eventually, Miya and Liberty get away. Jackson and Avian both argue about who's fault it was that Miya and Liberty got away, and break the alliance. Jackson ends up running right into the marsh, and finds Haylurk. They form an alliance. Day 4 has some action, but not enough for the gamemakers. They expect a lot of deaths tomorrow.......

The Careers and the same as normal.

Haylurk and Jackson are well fed and armed.

Avian is the best fed in the games, getting food at ease.

Miya and Liberty are in the lone pine in the wheat.

Tobi and Sapphire are running out of supplies.

Day 5

Liberty awakes with a start. She hears a loud noise behind her. “Miya” she mumbles, “wake up”. Suddenly the loud noise she head behind her, is now right in front of her. Miya wakes up. “What is it?” she asks. Liberty points right in front of her and Miya sees the 20 foot bear mutt. “Run!” she screams at the top of her lungs. Miya and Liberty break out into a sprint. Miya is fast and outruns the mutt. But Liberty is not so lucky. The mutt slashes at her with its claw, and she was wounded. The mutt eventually caught up to her, and killed her. BOOM! Miya makes it to the Cornucopia where the Careers are sleeping she climbs the Cornucopia and the Careers wake up and do too. In the rainforest, Tobi and Sapphire see the another bear mutt. The mutt is quick to pounce on Sapphire. BOOM! Tobi grabs a knife and throws it at the bear. It hits right in the eye. The bear suddenly dissolves, leaving a filled backpack for Tobi. She is so excited, that she does not see the bear mutt come up behind her. BOOM! Avian sees the mutts coming and runs to the Cornucopia full speed and scurries up it. Haylurk and Jackson see the mutts too and run away. They have a good head start on them, but suddenly Haylurk falls into the quick sand and he is killed within 3 seconds. BOOM! Jackson gets to the Cornucopia as well, and the final 5 stand on it. 5 bear mutts stand below them. Avian makes the first move and pushes Miya. She falls into the mutts. BOOM! Will this be the final battle? All of a sudden, the mutts dissapeer into thin air! All 4 remaining tributes run into a seperate section of the arena. Matt to the rainforest, Jill to the tundra, Avian to the wheat and Jackson to the marsh.

All tributes are well fed.

Matt is in the rainforest

Jill is in the tundra

Avian is in the wheat

Jackson is in the marsh.


Jackson 6-1

Avian 4-1

Jill 3-1

Matt 3-1

Day 6

Matt decides that it is time to make his big move. He knows that Jackson is in the marsh and decides to try to go and kill him. He see Jackson in the marsh sleeping, near a lake. What luck, he thinks, and takes out his throwing knives. All of a sudden he sees a blur of light and hears a cannon. BOOM! Jackson lays on the ground dead and the assassin and decides to chase after them. He throws a knive at them but it is just left and hits a tree. Then the person turns around and whips an axe at Matt. But the throw is low and Matt jumps over it. Now he can see that it is Avian. He must of slipped out of the wheat and on to the marsh, looking for a kill. Matt is so mad, because earlier in the games he betrayed the Careers. He grabs another knife and throws it, harder than he ever has before. BOOM! Avian has died, the knife hit him right in the heart. Matt pretends to blow off his fingers, that are in the shape of a gun.

Jill and Matt are getting ready for the final battle.


Jill 2-1

Matt 2-1

Day 7

Jill and Matt both know that the mutts are coming. They have been trained for this all their lives. So when the bear mutts come back, they are ready. The both scramble to the top of the Cornucopia. Jill immediately throws one of her knives, and it hits Matt in the upper thigh. Matt pulls back an arrow but his misses. Then he takes out one of his spears and hits her in the foot. She hobbles around for a second, and that is what allows Matt to get her with an arrow in the torso. She angrily throws another arrow at Matt but he somehow catches it and throws it back at her! She is not ready, but he is not too good with knives, so it hits her in the shoulder. Now Jill knows that she is in trouble so she tries to head-butt Matt, but he hits her with his spear again. But Jill stabs him with a throwing knife in the arm. Matt charges with his spear and pushes Jill off the edge. BOOM! Matt Coupe from District 1, is the winner.

Death Chart

Name District Place
Carlos Yuacke 4 24th
Derek Trike 9 23rd
Ilsa Beeheavens 3 22nd
Jade Seeku 1 21st
Katara Ayei 11 20th
Gail Pillowry 2 19th
Clover Gaiearne 4 18th
Brennan Masgby 6 17th
Tristan Cale 5 16th
Celesta Dagger 11 15th
Candace Bolt 5 14th
Wind Jamie 8 13th
Lynnie Handsows 6 12th
Twilight Night 12 11th
Zac Bolvar 10 10th
Liberty Friar 9 9th
Sapphire LeHane 12 8th
Tobi Odiar 10 7th
Haylurk Crabsint 3 6th
Miya Rye 7 5th
Jackson Merlk 7 4th
Avian Cross 8 3rd
Jill Watson 2 2nd
Matt Coupe 1 VICTOR

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