This is my first Hunger Games! Just enter your Tributes and send me a paragraph of what you do in the private training session and I will score you. Your tribute CAN'T BE PERFECT and hit the target every time. Here is the Tribute Template. A max of 4 tributes per person please! Thanks and please join! Also there will be interviews and training soon!







Bloodbath Strategy (Avoid, Outskirts, Go in somewhat or Go in):

Alliances (if any):


Remeber in my last games how the Capitol started uprising? If not you can read it here.

Well the loyal part of the Capitol stopped it and decided to add a Capitol Male and Female to the Games!


Revealed when all tributes are in.


Every person who wants to, even if they already have a tribute, can donate $100 to one tribute before the games start. Also if you get a top 3 interview or training score, you get a bonus.


Every day you survive, you get $150 and $150 for every kill you make.


Food and Water

Small Meal: 50 (Lasts 1 day)

Medium Meal: 95 (2 days)

Large Meal: 140 (3 days)

Giant Meal: 185 (4 days)


Apple: 33 (1 day)

Dired Beef: 60 (2 days)

Full Groosling: 85 (3 days)

Big Fruit Basket: 105 (4 days)


Cup: 33 (1 day)

Pint: 60 (2 days)

Quart: 85 (3 days)

Gallon: 105 (4 days)


Insta-Heal (Heals anything): 250

Burn Relief: 100

Itch Relief: 100

Weapons: (Tell me if you want another one that I did not put on here.)

Arrows (12): 50

Axe: 200

Blowgun (No darts): 125

Bow (No arrows): 150

Darts (12): 50

Dagger: 150

Knife: 150

Mace: 125

Rocks (12): 15

Slingshot: 75

Spear: 200

Sword: 200

Throwing Axes (6): 125

Throwing Knives (6): 125

Trident: 250

Wire: 100


Please answer one of these 5 questions.

1. Tell me about your reaping.

2. Why do you think you can win these games?

3. What is your plan concerning alliances?

4. What is your opnion of Career tributes?

5. Is there anyone you would like to say something to back home?

Training Scores

Just enter what your tribute did. For example "Tram showed off his spear and speed skills" is good.


Name, Age Gender, District Money Skills/ Weaknesses Bloodbath Alliance
Blanka ?, 12 M, C $300 hammer,strength and finding food by the smell of blood./when he is angered there is no reasoning with him. Go in Weaker People
Emily de Rocherfot F, C $300 hand to hand combat,trident and speaks both english and french./the way she treats the people from low districts none will ally with her from those disticts. Go in D1 to D4
John Trike, 15 M, 1 $300 Throwing Knives, Fast, Archery, Strengtth, and can wiggle out of tough situations. Also can make close friends easily/ Temper Go in Carrers
Amy Jackson, 18 F,1 $300 Bladed Fans speed flexibility/ Heights Go in Carrers
Max Duin, 18 M,2 $300 Axe, Sword/ Can't be hungry Go in Careers
Thiala Combe, 16 F,2 $300 Knife Throwing, Archery, Strength, Speed, Seduction and mostly all weapons/ short tempered Go in Careers
Dagwood Barlow, 16 M,3 $300 Smarts, Wire and Knife/ Size Outskirts None
Niamh Casrea, 12 F,3 $300 Plant recognition, wire/ size Avoid Non-Careers
Surf Sup, 17 M.4 $300 sword, size, intimidating appearance Go in Careers
Cerculan Sparkle, 15 F,4 $300 Knife, intelligence, persuasion/ Size Go in Careers
Raven Rylands, 16 F,5 $300 stealthy, good at killing with her bare hands, quietness, killing animals, mostly any weapon she isn't impaired with. Strong thrower, puncher and kicker./ Whips, blowguns, axes, slingshots, guns. Avoid None
Tamora Summers, 18 F, 6 $300 throwing knives, sleuth, strangling, using axes/Watching a death Outskirts Partner
Mack Lark, 14 M,7 $300 Axes and Climbing/ Speed Outskirts Partner, maybe others.
Melanie Wilkins, 18 F,7 $300 Axes, Clubs, very fast runner/ listening Outskirts D6,D7
M $300
Jake Odiar, 16 M, 9 $300 knife, sword trident, traps, bow + arrows/ too protective Outskirts Partner, maybe others
Tobi Odiar, 14 F, 9 $300 knife, trident, traps, bow + arrows/ too protective Outskirts Partner, maybe others
Ryan Rubio, 17 M, 10 $300 Manipulation/Does not want to kill Outskirts None
Brianna Tryla F,12 $300 Pick axe, can handle a knife as well/ Doesn't like the sight of blood, or the idea of killing anyone! Avoid D9, D10, D11, D12

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