Welcome to 12 tributes and only 12 on from each district.


District Name Age Wepons

1 Cassie Tan 17 knife



4 Stella Ridgeheart 13 axe and mace.

5 Lloyd Arrels 15 Traps and whips

6 Amber Frias 13 bow and arrow



9 Miya Rye 14 Scythe

10 Lynnette "Lynnie" Handsows 16 Knives

11Tristan James 13 Spear

12 Caroline Everleaf 15 Knives


District Name Part in District

1 Elise Fortenberry 28 She won the 62nd hunger games.


3 Jason Lynch 31 Mentor






9 Bradley Fells 39 Game Won: 67




Format for Tributes






Tributes for Mentors



Part in District


District 1 She had been training ever since she was 12. Her family is the richest of her district. She and her family moved from District 8 because of the bombings and the rebellions from the Capitol. Cassie's younger sister, Annabelle, won a past hunger games. Her older brother, Samuel, was a victor, also. She had broken her ankle while training at home, but she has completely recovered because it happened when she was 14.

District 2

District 3

District 4

District 5 His parents let him go on his own merry way, paying no attention to him. Lloyd loves most animals. He always plays with the animals from the farm. He is the dangerous animal killer of his district, with his advantages being speed, camoflague, and traps. His friends often joke about how much time he takes training in making traps. He often goes camo near his trap, waiting for an animal to step in it. His traps are so advanced some humans have almost been killed by it. If he isn't making traps, he's making a meal.

District 6 Her mother was a victor of a victor of the 53rd Hunger Games. Her father was blown up in a bombing from district 2. Her brother, Imanol, was the victor of the 73rd Hunger Games. Her brother gave her a good luck anklet as a good luck charm and a birthday present.

Disrict 7

District 8

District 9 Miya has been working in the grain fields since she could hold a sickle. She is the youngest of five children, all of which are too old to volunteer for her. She is also a vegetarian, though meat is hard to come by in District 9. She doesn't want to kil anyone, so she spends most of her time running and hiding from the other tributes. When she is confronted, she is very skilled, but will always stop at leaving her opponent unconscious and then fleeing again.

She also hates the boy tribute from District 9, for unspecifed reasons.

District 10 She was originally born to a couple that was starving, but they couldn't afford to take care of the child. So they layed her on a merchant's doorstep, and rang the doorbell. The couple that lived there raised her as their own, naming her Lynnette after their daughter who had been killed in the Hunger Games. They have trained her for this since the day she could walk, and she is very prepared. She is strong, and a good hunter. She has had many agility tests at school and aced them all. District 10 might have a winner. . .

District 11 Voulenteered for his brother, who is 12.

District 12

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