Now before i began i will give people here from the beganing a thax because i wouldn't be where i talk to people like Rainfacestar and THGG and Cato Rocks. You may not know me and thats fine but my name is Roxi and i joined in early april. Now i want to talk to the genaration who may have read the books but may just have saw the movie. I not trying to persuade u to leave but i want peace with the new generation and the old ( before the movie). The chats down for a couple weeks and i'm kind of sad. I may be new but i want to give the new gen a chance. i can see y people hate u new gen. My good friend KELWBEN is a perfct guy and really nice. The games are for fun, but when somebody already sighned up dont try to sigh up for that spot. This is the end of my rant and i hope u will stop being such noobs about this (New Gen).

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