• FairyYuki

    The Nightmare Before Christmas.

    We know everyone's biggest nightmare in Panem, and it's a little thing called The Hunger Games. The annual event where children are again children, slaughtering one another. Betraying one another, befriending one another and loving one another. 

    President Zephyrine Shard is definitely in the Christmas spirit, and her Christmas wish is a full-blown manslaughter event. So, Zephyrine is planning on surprising the whole of Panem. The announcement may postpone a few Christmas arrangements, for sure.

    Who's on the naughty list this year?

    Two tributes per user, one male and one female and they must be in two seperate Districts.

    Here's the template:









    History …

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  • FairyYuki

    Hey, so I will be starting a Hunger Games series, with three games to it. Anarchy, Malice and Saints. In the series will be drama, rebellion and lots of death. Let's just say, you're missing out if you're not submitting tributes. The tribute you create must require this template; Name, district, age, gender, personality, strengths, weapons, history (optional). Please add more if you feel you need to. The most detailed, interesting tributes will stand more of a chance than the others. So, lets make these games one to remember.

    2 tributes per user! Not acceping boring, dull, typical tributes.

    District 1, LUXURY: Auriel Chryasor, Alric Gould.

    District 2, MASONRY: Sakura Xiphos, Juto Gohan.

    District 3, TECHNOLOGY: Beemo Xra, Bacchus Ranks.

    District 4 F…

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