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    Remember Me?

    June 13, 2012 by Fallen Angell

    Hey peoples of the virtual world, remember me? That random person! Yes! I haven't been on here for so long... So I just want to know a couple things...

    1. Did you miss me? ;D

    2. Should I continue with my first games that were created two years ago and no one cares about anymore?

    3. Should I take the risk and make a new games?

    So just let me know... I feel like I don't know anyone anymore...

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    Family Reunion

    July 12, 2011 by Fallen Angell

    I thought this was a pretty cool idea, so I'm going to have a family reunion! If you want to participate, join my HG family and then tell me if you want to do something special at it, like BBQ, bring a weird food, or play a game or something. Also, please tell me how you are related to me. Thanks for participating!!!!!!! :D

    It's that time of year again. The one where you get to see all your long-lost 3rd cousins twice removed. Where you get to steer clear of those uncles who embarrass you with their juggling babies and hula hooping tricks. Where your great-grandmas pinch your cheek and tell you how tall you've grown (like you didn't know). It's *sigh* family reunion.

    OK peoples, I got a question for you guys. Should this crazy FR be somethin…

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  • Fallen Angell

    This is my first Hunger Games! Yay! This is just going to be a normal Games, 1 boy and 1 girl from each district. All tributes must be in by the 1st of June so I can start writing it. :)

    Alissa Kelppuller by Monster

    Jackson Piper by Lilac Hemingway

    Kyler Quist by Katherine Anaklusmos

    Day 8:


    Lilac knew that more deaths were on their way. It was day 8 for goodness sakes and there were still seven tributes! That's why she decided more people needed to be killed, and soon, or else she might be taken off the face of Panem soon.

    Lilac walked softly, afraid to make the slightest noise. Aca from 3 was right in front of her, enjoying her meal of mountain goat cooked from the coals of her small fire. Lilac was sure that this tough girl was going t…

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