This is my first Hunger Games! Yay! This is just going to be a normal Games, 1 boy and 1 girl from each district. All tributes must be in by the 1st of June so I can start writing it. :)

  • Chandelier Fronum, Dist. 1
  • Canopy Starsos, Dist. 1
  • Amber McCraken, Dist. 8
  • Roy Schnekums, Dist. 8
  • Keyllu Vetra, Dist. 7
  • Aydan Monarcha, Dist. 7
  • Topaz Cytonn, Dist.6
  • Mhoss Fleete, Dist. 6
  • Peppa Rannoch, Dist. 5
  • Kyler Quist, Dist. 5
  • Alissa Kelppuller, Dist. 4
  • Ryan Saltser, Dist. 4
  • Aca Jask, Dist. 3
  • Wenry Drive, Dist. 3
  • Alice Brown, Dist. 2
  • Mason Brown, Dist. 2
  • Lilac Hemingway, Dist. 10
  • Peppa Gulfin, Dist. 10
  • Katherine Anaklusmos, Dist. 11
  • Jackson Piper, Dist. 11
  • Bryce Ocelot Dist. 12
  • Rachel Dusterer Dist. 12
Dist. 1 Canopy Starsos, 17 Chandelier Fronum, 17
Dist. 2 Mason Brown, 16 Alice Brown, 13
Dist. 3 Wenry Drive, 14 Aca Jask, 17
Dist. 4 Ryan Saltser, 17 Alissa Kelppuller, 15
Dist. 5 Kyler Quist, 16 Peppa Rannoch, 14
Dist. 6 Mhoss Fleete,15 Topaz Cytonn, 14
Dist. 7 Aydan Monarcha, 12 Keyllu Vetra, 15
Dist. 8 Roy Schnekums, 14 Amber McCraken, 17
Dist. 9 Cole Smoke, 15 Lizzy Blue, 15
Dist. 10 Peppa Gulfin, 17 Lilac Hemingway, 13
Dist. 11 Jackson Piper, 14 Katherine Anaklusmos, 14

Dist. 12 Bryce Ocelot, 14 Rachel Dusterer, 14

Chariot Rides

District 1:

Canopy and Chandelier come out in suits that sparkle. Canopy has a suit that looks like jems are sewn into it and is open on his chest, making the girls swoon. Chandelier has a gown that trails behind the chariot that also looks like it's made out of gems. Both have on crowns that go 4 feet in the air, but look like they are as lite as a feather. Crowd rating: *****

District 2:

Mason and Alice look absolutely stunning in outfits that look like they are going to go to a battle on a fashion show runway. Mason is in armor that makes look like he could take out a entire army by blinding them and carries a deadly looking axe. Alice is in a short warrior dress that doesn't cover much of her body. She carries a basic knife, but throws it into the crowd randomly. Crowd is scared, but thrilled. Rating: ****

District 3:

Wenry and Aca come out in midnight blue jumpsuits. Looks boring, but then Aca plugs in a power cord. First does nothing, but then a bright light blinds the crowd. When it’s safe to look again, the tributes are glowing with a florescent color-changing light. Their faces are highlighted and beautiful. Crowd goes wild. Rating: *****

District 4:

Ryan and Alyssa come out wrapped in seaweed and shells. Not the best thing that’s been on here, but definitely original. Crowd Rating: ***

District 5:

(Making it automobiles and stuff)

Kyler and Peppa have on metallic clothing in all colors. Their jewelry is all made out of the same material. The crowd thinks it’s kind of strange, but they like it. Rating: ****

District 6:

(Making it medicine)

Moss and Topaz are in hospital gowns, something the crowd has seen before. Rating: *

District 7:

Ayden and Keyllu are in dressed in shiny leaves that drape off of them. As they move, it changes colors. Rating: *****

District 8:

Roy and Amber are in outfits that are expended from the original Peacekeeper uniforms. Amber’s is a mini dress with patterns engraved into it. Roy’s is more like the original uniform, but still with the patterns. Rating: ****

District 9:

(Making it canned supplies)

Cole and Lizzy are in metallic jumpsuits. They shine as they move. Cole has a crown while Lizzy has a tiara. Crowd Rating: ****

District 10:

Peppa and Lilac are in black and white clothing to represent cows. They’re faces are painted as well, and while their chariot moves the audience can hear ringing noises, like bells. Crowd isn’t very impressed, but it’s better than last years. Rating: **

District 11:

Jackson and Katherine are dressed as farmers. Both are in overalls (but Katherine’s are short shorts) and plaid t-shirts. Jackson carries a pitchfork. Crowd Rating: ***

District 12:

Bryce and Rachel are in coal miner outfits. The crowd is disappointed, and is about to look back at District 11 when the tributes rip off their clothes. Underneath, Rachel is in a jumpsuit that has flame patterns and sparkles all over it. Her face is highlighted, and she looks stunning. When the crowd looks at Bryce, though, they start laughing. Confused, he looks down to discover that his stylist forgot to put his under-outfit on. Rating: *****


The arena for this game will be a mountain region with scattered trees. The Cornucopia is surrounded by boulders. There are some really awesome/helpful stuff at the top of the mountain. Of course, the higher they go up the thinner the air, so by the time they get up there they hardly have any strength for fighting. The tributes are started at the bottom of the mountain. Other stuff on the mountain is a river, but it is saltwater until it gets to a pond, some pine trees, poisonous lizards and other reptiles, carnivorous mountain goats, and other stuff. Sounds fun, right?

The Game

Day 1:

The tributes look across their plates studying each other. When they look down, they see rocks at their feet. The cornucopia is on a gigantic boulder with the contents on the ground and the more valuable ones on other boulders. When the minute is up, they spring into action.

Kyler had turned to run up the mountain when he spotted Roy running a couple of feet away. Kyler quickly grabbed a sharp rock at his feet and lunged at Roy, smashing the rock into his skull. His victim crumpled to the ground.



As soon as she stepped off the plate, Aca ran for the boulder closest to her and chose a poor looking spear, but it would work for what she needed it for. She scanned the bloodbath, looking for one tribute in particular. Then she saw him running with a backpack towards the bottom of the mountain. You won’t get away that easily. She thought. When she threw the spear, she knew it wouldn’t kill Wenry, but that’s not what she wanted. When he went down, Aca grabbed another spear (a better one this time) and a knife. She ran over and flipped him unto his back, but not before taking his backpack. when he was looking at her, she cut across his forehead. “Run, Wenry, so I can track you down and really kill you.” She got up and Wenry stumbled away.


Mhoss had a hammer that would have to do for now. It wasn’t the best, but it was fine. He also had a coulde kinves and a bag that he hadn’t looked through yet. While looking around for a victim, he spotted Chandelier collecting supplies and fighting off other tributes. She hadn’t yet joined the other Careers, so he figured this was a perfect opportunity. Mhoss ran over and banged his hammer into her spine. She wasn’t dead instantly, but she was as good as dead.


Canopy turned around just in time to see Chandelier fall. Filled with raged, he did an odd war-like cry and ran over to Mhoss with a long, 8-inch knife. Instead of it sinking into his chest, it sunk into Ryan’s, who unlukily had been trying to escape that second.


The surprise of an unintended target gave Canopy a start and Mhoss enough time to run with his supplies. “I’LL GET YOU MHOSS!!!” Canopy screamed at the retreating figure.


Bryce was running. He had gotten some good stuff at the Cornicopia. Stuff that could keep him alive. His plan was to go to the trees and hide until everyone else was had killed each other off. Bryce looked behind his shoulder and fell. The boy from District 2 was following him with a hungry look n his eyes. Bryce hurried to get up and ran as fast he could to save his life.


Mason had spotted the boy from 12 collecting supplies, stuff that Mason didn’t even want but when he picked up a bow and quiver of arrow’s, Alice’s bow, Mason knew he had to go. Now. so he followed him. They were in the trees when Mason finally caught up. The boy, Bryce remembered, looked in bad shape. He was out of breath and looked like he had fallen a few times. Mason tackled him to the ground. “Ready to go?” Mason said with a smile. Bryce just closed his eyes. This is going to be fun. Mason thought and started on his work. Lets give the audience some fun.


“MASON!” Alice cried for the ump-teenth time. “MAAAAAAAASON!” Where is he? She thought. She had seen him run into the woods following someone, but seen hadn’t seem him since, and the sun was setting. Alice stepped into a puddle. Looking closer, she saw that it wasn’t water; it was blood. Fearing the worst for her brother, Alice cried again. “MASON!!!” “Will you keep it down?” a voice said. She started, but then recognized the voice. “Mason, thank goodness. What’s all this blood from?” She asked. Mason made a gesture to follow him and led her to a lump of something. Not something, someone. She realized. Organs and veins were strung all over the place. Alice stepped forward and her foot landed on something round and soft.”Ew!!!” She cried. “What?” Mason said. “It’s just an eyeball.” “Just an eyeball? Really Mason? Is that what it is? This is a human eyeball. What did this boy do to deserve this??” Mason held up the bow. “I was getting this for you.” Alice sighed. It was a marvelous bow. She took it out of Mason’s grip, loaded an arrow, and aimed it at her brother’s victim.


“Let’s go find the others” She said. “The bloodbath is over.”


Roy Schnekums by Kyler Quist

Chandelier Fronum by Mhoss Fronum

Ryan Saltser by Canopy Starsos

Bryce Ocelot by Mason Brown and Alice Brown

Day 2:

Keyllu took a bite from her jerky. She was lucky at the cornicopia. She had come close to death a couple of times, but still got some stuff. Now she had just woken up and felt great. Great that is, except for 2 reasons. One, this food was horrible, and two, she could feel someone watching her. She didn't mind. She was accually gratiful because since they hadn't attacked her for the last half hour they were watching, they were probably safe. Keyllu took a BIIIIIIIIIIG bite out of her jerky, and if she listened really closely, she could hear the sound of saliva dropping into the pool she was by. She smiled.

"You know," She finally said, "If you're going to just sit there like a dog begging for food, you might as well come over."

That did it. Someone stepped out from behind the boulders. It was the Peppa from district 5. But that wasn't what surprised her. What surprised her was that there were others, too. Amber from 8, Lilac from 10, and Kathrine from 11 were with her. Obviously it was Peppa who was the in charge. She was the one who spoke first.

"You won't get anywhere by just sitting there pigging yourself out. Lucky for you, we think we can help you."


Peppa had liked Keyllu since she had first seen her. They had made plans for an alliance, and frankly she wasn't surprised that the other girl had bailed after the bloodbath without her. So Peppa took matters into her own hands and made alliances with other people so Keyllu couldn't say no without getting hurt. Amber was chosen by her for her mad "sharp things" skills, and also she would be helpful if they needed a spy. Katherine was chosen because she had a good score in the training (if Peppa could remember right). Then Lilac...... Lilac she didn't trust. The girl said that she wanted to help, and she did seem friendly, but there was something in her eyes that made Peppa afraid to turn her back to her...


Now that Keyllu joined their alliance (not that she had a choice) Lilac knew that it was time to kill and get out of here before more people came and made her job harder. Night came and she asked to have first watch. Lilac sat, waiting for everyone to fall asleep, thinking of a stratagy. If the person she targeted first make any struggle then the rest would wake. Lilac would have to work quickly and quietly.

Day 2 Midnight:

Katherine woke with a start. Why am I awake? She thought. Then she recognized the sound of screaming. Her eyes slowly adjusted to the darkness of the middle of the night. She made out people moving around rapidly. Why are people making so much noise while I'm trying to sleep??? Then she saw more then their small group of girls. They were being attacked.


Kyler, Mhoss, Jackson, and Cole had been trying to find the Careers. Sure it was dangerous, but this is the Hunger Games, right? Everything is dangerous here. Cole thought to himself. Anyway, they had been following the Careers when they happened to stumble upon a different camp. They had been watching their "guard" take watch and slit open the girl from 8's throut with her own knife.


The girl, Lilac, had just finished with the first girl and was moving onto the second. Then Kyler recognized one of the girls out there. It's Peppa!!! He screamed in his head. This was the girl that he so desperatly was wanting to find, and now her throut was going to be cut open while she was asleep. He couldn't let that happen. So they attacked.


Peppa was the first to wake. She had been dreaming about home (and the people there) when she heard someone scream her name. She jerked up and saw Lilac above her, just about to cut into her. Peppa grabbed the knife from her belt and was going to stab, but Lilac was gone. Peppa looked farther and saw other tributes running towards where they were sleeping with their weapons drawn.


Mhoss didn't know what was going on. He just heard Kyler yell to attack and did.So he was fighting these other girls instead of fending off Lilac like Kyler wanted. Mhoss had a new, better hammer now. His old one broke. And with this new one he was knocking around these girls. Then a arrow (Peppa's) got him in the arm, making him drop his hammer and forced to pull out a small knife, fighting with his left hand. Soon he could tell that the fight was not in their favor. That cursed Peppa with her bow was making them disabled and dying.

"Retreat!!!" he yelled. Then they ran back into the woods.


Keyllu and Katherine watched their attackers run away. They would follow, but they had taken their toll from the fight, too and needed time to rest.

Keyllu was the first to speak. "Ughhh feel so tired......" But the she stopped. Katherine was looking alarmed. "What is it?" Keyllu asked, a new urgency in her voice. Katherine looked back at her. "Peppa's missing."


Amber McCraken by Lilac Hemingway

Day 3:

Aydan was crouched, waiting. The Careers were running around their camp trying to find their weapons. Aydan smiled, because he knew that they would never find them. The smile never reached his eyes. The past couple of days went a little like this:

The younger boy had watched the Careers make their camp and... camp there. Their campsite had been prepared for a war attack. The edges had trenches with only one opening. Wooden spikes where placed all around the outside to prevent someone from climbing the sides. They had also prepared a watchout tower (which they never used, Aydan noticed). Dispite the war-like outisde, on the inside of the trench the Careers prepared it like they would stay for a while. They had tents set up and a large campfire. Obviously they were sure no one would try and attack them. Aydan thought he should give a shot at it. The last night while the Careers were asleep, Aydan snuck into the camp and had a look around. He was quiet while sneaking (like a true sneaker should), and they didn't wake up. While there, he decided to put an indent on their positive attitude. He stole their weapons.


Alissa didn't know what was going on. Last night, their weapons had all been where they left them. Now, POOF! They were gone. Canopy and Mason had been arguing for the past half hour. Alice stepped between them.

"Mason, stop." she said in a calm voice. The boys still glared at each other. Alice pulled her brother away. Alissa walked toward Canopy.

"We're all stressed, but you don't see Alice and I fighting, do you?" she said. Canopy just sighed.

"No, but you two are girls. Girls don't fight." he replied. Alissa could feel anger stirring at the bottom of her stomach at this responce.

"Girls. Can. Fight." she said hotly before turning and walking away.


Peppa's (the girl) eyes opened. She looked around at her surroundings. It seemed to be the other side of the mountain's base, the opposite of the Cornicopia. It was a small clearing with ocasional large boulders. There was no one in sight, though. Peppa sat up. There was a small campfire with what looked like a left over breakfast of lizards (ew). Just as she was wondering if they would taste any good, a figure came from around a corner. The sun was behind his back, so she couldn't see his face, only his figure. He stopped when he saw her, but it was only slightly before he ran over to where she was crouched. "Peppa!" Kyler yelled. "You're awake!"


Kyler had taken Peppa with him into hiding after she had gotten a cut at the little battle. Apparently, the girl Lilac had tried to take one more person down and had given Peppa a bad wound. Kyler had scared her away, but Peppa still had some damage. He was glad she was up again, because there hadn't been much fighting lately and if the Head Gamemaker suddenly decided to have a banquet or something before she was awake again, well, he wouldn't know what he would do.


Speaking of Lilac....


She had left the fight by the skin of her teeth. One of the guys (she didn't bother with names that didn't effect her) had caught her sneaking on Peppa and rushed at her. She naturally ran. Now, she was tracking a small allience of 3 tributes. It had been about a day, so she stepped out from the shadows. "How about an allience." she asked with a grin.



Day 4:

Peppa (the boy this time) was feeling tired. He escaped from the bloodbath as fast as he could, but unluckily he was only able to grab a small tarp. And that wasn't very much help. It wasn't very warm, it wasn't comfy to lay on, it was bright yellow so he couldn't use it as camoflouge, and it never rained so he couldn't catch water in it. And water is what he wanted most now. No rain, the river was salt water, and there was an alliance at the lake so he couldn't campe there. He hasn't had water for three days. Now, he was wandering around the mountain, getting to a higher elevation. He was stumbling along, but could feel his strength sapping. Peppa tripped over a rock and sprawled out on the ground. He didn't get up again.



Rachel didn't get much from the cornicopia, but she did manage to grab a small bag with some dried food and a water bottle in it. She was holding out, but not very well since her supplies were very low. She was getting tired as well. She heard the cannon sound, and she was close to the death zone, so she knew there wasn't a fight and they died either by accident or just like she will.


Lilac was a good addition to the alliance of Topaz, Cole, and Mhoss. She had hunted food for them and saved Topaz from a flesh eating tree. Topaz liked her, and dreaded when their alliance broke and one of them would die. She trusted Lilac with her life. (Gamemaker comment: probobly not a good thing. NOW BRING ON THE BLOOD!!!)


Canopy sat on a rock sharpening his knives. They where super sharp already, but he didn't notice because he was dreaming about Chandelier and how he would evenge her. There was a faraway glint in his eyes as he thought about a knife by his mastered hand sinking into Mhoss, the boy who killed her. An evil grin spread onto his face at that.


Alice sat next to Mason while sharpening their own weapons. Alice's arrow heads were done already, but she liked having this oppertunity to have her brother all to herself. Since their weapons went missing, all Mason could think about was revenge on the person who took them and how it was all "Canopy's fault". Alice sighed. Why were guys always thinking about revenge. Mason looked up at her sigh.

"What is it?" he asked. She shook her head.

"Nothing." The look on Mason's face told her that he didn't believe this responce. He set down his ax and turn towards her.

"What is it?" he repeated in a softer tone.

Alice could actually feel the words rush out of her. "WhydoestheHungerGameshavetoexist? Whycan'twejustliveinpeaceinourdistrictsanddowhatwewant?"

Mason put his hands up in protest. "Woah woah WOAH. I think you have to slow down a little for me to understand you."

Alice sighed again, this time in defeat. Mason smiled and put his arm around her. "It's alright. We'll be OK." Alice smiled back at him.


Aydan narrowed his eyes. The Carrer pack had more weapons now. Apparently, they were more fit for a battle then he thought and had stashed some reserves. He shrugged and turned to pack up his stuff and go. He was too late to see Aca Jask stab a spear into his side. He fell to the ground and watched her retreating feet. He smelled in the earth that he was leaning up against, and closed his eyes for the last time.



Aca was looking. Not for something, but someone. That someone, was Wenry. She knew she should have killed him during the bloodbath, but caught up in the excitment her head hadn't been working right or something. She had hoped a little that someone else would find and kill him, and with everyday's cannon fires she hoped he would appear in the sky. But he didn't. She underestimated his hiding skills, and she couldn't track him down. So she gave up with him and is killing off the others.


Keyllu and Katherine couldn't find her! That her is Peppa. She went missing after the fight. They knew that she was still alive because she wasn't in the sky. Yet. They had no clue what was happening to her, how she was doing, or if she was dying, They had no way to tell.


Cole was going over the last of the battle plans with Mhoss, Lilac, and Topaz.

"Then, once they're out, we'll attack." he concluded. The others were nodding.

"This could work." Mhoss said. Cole looked at him. "It's our only chance." He said. They were going to attack the Careers.


Lizzy was camped near the fresh water lake. It was the only water source here, and it also was a small hunting ground. She was living probobly as comfertably as she could. She was all alone, but she was hoping that she would find Cole somehow, her district partner. She was skinning a small jack rabbit when she heard a noise. She quickly grabbed her bow and turned around, but she was late in seeing the monster that lounged at her.



<FA Note>

This monster is a new thing that my brother thought up of. As a twist, everytime there is a lull in my future and present games, I will bring out a new monster created by my brother. This one is a vampire, and my bro made a lunii for it which is here:
Vamp g1


For more info on the monsters, go to this Monster Bio that SpyShadow13 made.

<End of FA Note>

Peppa was feeling better. A lot better. She was now up and hunting for herself and Kyler. She was getting kinda bored at their campsite, though. She was up and running, just like new, so she didn't understand why they weren't leaving and hunting down other tributes. She couldn't convince Kyler that it was time to go do something. She decided she had to trick him.


Kyler came back from checking around the campsite and had another shock. Peppa wasn't anywhere to be found, and when he looked closer, he could see more footprints then normal and drops that with a closer examination was identified as blood. Kyler could feel his blood chill. Peppa was in danger!!! There was no cannon, so she was still alive, but it looked like not for long. he set out to following the tracks.

The tracks were looking worse and worse to Kyler as he went. There was a seet of foot prints with a patch of something that was dragged beside it, plus even more blood. Finally, the tracks led to a maze of large boulders. He entered causiously, not knowing what to expect from Peppa's kidnappers. Then, unexpectedly, the trail ended. In front of him was a dead end, and nowhere to go exept where he entered. He quickly turned, scanning for somewhere that someone could hide to ambush him. Right when he was scanning the area, he felt a force from behind, pushing his face up to the ground. He got up and spun around, only to see a smiling Peppa looking at him, not a scratch on her body. It quickly dawned on him that she tricked him, and that she could take care of herself now.


Peppa Gulfin by lack-of-food

Aydan Monarcha by Aca Jask

Lizzy Blue by Monster

Day 5:

Jackson knew that the Gamemakers had done something really bad for the tributes. He had been searching for something that he could hunt or a single tribute or something, when he heard a close sound of rocks tumbling and then a scream cut off suddenly. Jackson had no way of knowing what had happened, but he knew it wasn't good. It wasn't human. Then, he heard something behind him. He spun, and saw a creature. It was humanoid, but not quite human. For one thing, it had one black eye and one red. Also, when it smiled at him, Jackson saw that it had very pointy canine teeth. That smile led him to see the worst part of the monster: that it had blood around it's mouth. The monster lunged unexpectedly at him. Surprised, Jackson swung his sword at it, catching it's arm and making blood drip out. The vampire backed away and screamed an unhuman scream in pain. In the distance, Jackson heard another scream like this one. The vampire ran away, and Jackson was left with the thought, there is another monster, and it's hunting me down.


Actually, the monster was a she. Rachel saw her and nearly fainted from fright. Once she knew that she hadn't alerted the female vampire that she was there, Rachel took a second look, and almost laughed out loud (haha, lol). The vampire seemed to be trying on different clothing and accesories and then strutting around in them. Then, Rachel had a lightbulb moment.

After about an hour, Rachel had an assortment of necklaces, bracelets, and a ring around her head. She made these out of rocks and pine needles that she founed around. Then, in this get up, she strutted out in front of the vampire, a daring move, and showed her stuff in front of her. The vampire saw her, and at first was going to attack, but then she took in the whole picture and went giddy from excitment.

"You have to show me how you made all that!" the vampire said, grabbing Rachel's hands in her own.

"Okay! Lets be allies!" the Rachel replied with the same giddiness in her voice. The two girls jumped in circles, still hand in hand. In her mind, Rachel thought, Success!!! The female monster was a fashionista.


The light of day was fading, and Cole knew that this was the time to carry out their plan. They stationed themselves around the Career camp, and started. They each started making their own noises, Mhoss snarling, Topaz yelling like an savage, and Cole was howling like a wolf. Lilac had left them as they were traveling, said she had to "answer the call of nature". That traitor. But it made no difference to their battle plans. They could do it themselves, career or not careers.

Just as Cole had thought, the Career group came out to investigate. When they Careers had gone out enough and spread out, Cole gave the signal, which was a lion's roar, and his group attacked.


Mason's eyes narrowed when he saw the tributes run out from behind boulders to attack them. He lifted up his ax and swung a blow to the leader of the group. Cole ducked, and then lunged with his spear. Mason sidesteped, and cut off the spearhead of Cole's spear. Cole looked down at it, then hit Mason in the face with it. Mason stepped back and put his hand to his nose. It came away with blood. Mason jumped forward and struck down on the smaller boy. He hit something, but it wasn't Cole's skull. Cole had drawn a heavy knife and stopped the blow. Mason's ax slid off, but he moved quickly and swung from the side, hitting Cole in the ribs. Cole fell to his knees, and looked up at Mason with glazed eyes.

"You were a worthy opponment." Mason told him, then pulled out his ax. Cole gasped, then fell over.


Mason looked around, wiping the blood from the ax and his nose with his shirt. He saw Canopy strike down the girl from 6 with a well aimed blow to the thigh. Canopy saw Mason watching him and nodded to his ally. Soon, the last of Topaz's life seeped out of her body.



Canopy walked over the body of Topaz now that she was dead. He worked on cleaning his knife, and then saw out of the corner of his eye Mhoss. He smiled. Time to get revenge. He pulled out a new knife, one that he had sharpened just for Mhoss, aimed, and threw.


Alice and Alissa were both fighting Mhoss. At first it was just Alice fighting him, but we was more skilled with his hammer then she had judged and had to call for the other girl's help. She saw Canopy throw the knife from behind Mhoss. But as fate would have it, at the same time Alissa lunged at Mhoss, making him duck, and the knife landed into Alice's chest. Through blury eyes, she saw Canopy's bewildered look, Alissa and Mhoss stop to stare at her, and Mason screaming and running to her. He crouched over her fallen body, trears streaming down his dirt stained face out of his one eye. She looked at him.

"Win Mason. If not for your son, then win for me." She looked at the sky, struggled for breath, and faded away. In her cannon fire, Mason wispered a promise. "I will win for you, Alice. Goodbye." But she didn't hear it.


Alissa could only stare open mouthed at this turn of events. She and Mhoss exchanged looks. Oh no for Canopy. Their eyes said. Just when Alice's cannon fire was finished echoing, Mason got up with hatred in his eyes, staring at Canopy. Canopy tried to explain.

"Mason, I didn't mean to, it was Mhoss' fault. If he didn't duck-" but Mason wouldn't listen he was walking towards Canopy, and the boy realized it was no use. He turned, but Mason caught up and grabbed him by the neck of his shirt. He started to walk off, but then turned to face Alissa. "Be back soon." Then he was gone. Alissa heard a scream, then a cannon.


"Good-byeeeee, Canopy." she muttered. She looked at Mhoss, the only survivor of the other alliance. "Well, hopefully we won't meet again." Then she walked off to the spot where Mason had disappeard, leaving Mhoss in the clearing, still trying to process what had just happened.


Cole Smoke by Mason Brown

Topaz Cytonn by Canopy Starsos

Alice Brown by Canopy Starsos

Canopy Starsos by Mason Brown

Day 6:

Keyllu and Katherine gave up on trying to find Peppa. They figured that since she wasn't dead yet she could probobly take care of herself. Now, they where working on tracking other tributes and trying to stay alive. This mountain range had a ton more dangerous things then they had thought at first glance. Once, they had been hunting a mountain goat, and right when Katherine was going to kill it, it turned and almost killed her with nasty long canine teeth. They learned their lesson since then and now their diet was down to the population of little lizards. SInce they hadn't died on them yet, they figured it was ok.

Now, they were following a tribute who seemed pretty confident about herself. They couldn't really tell who it was because of the distance they had to keep, but the mass of red hair they occasionally saw was a hint that it was the girl from 3. After they saw her take down one of the carnivorous mountain goats, they decided that challenging this girl might be biting off a bit more then they could chew.


Peppa (girl) and Kyler were also hunting for tributes. She had proved to him that she could take care of herself, and it didn't take much convincing on her part for him to come to that conclusion. They were walking by a salt water stream, when Peppa saw a lizard next to the stream. She stopped and looked at it again. It looked different then the ones they had normally seen, and when she realized that the reason why was because it was more brightly colored, she jumped to her feet.

"Kyler! This lizard is poisonus!" she cried. Responding to the sound of her voice, he stopped and turned around, his eyes going to her's, then to the lizard by the stream. But before he even registered what she said, the lizard lunged at Kyler. Without thinking, Peppa jumped in it's way. The reptile puntured the skin of the center of her chest with it's venomn, and a second later Kyler's kinfe stabbed into it, killing it instantly.

Peppa's eyes were flickering, making it hard to see Kyler as he kneeled over her. She pulled her shirt down a little to study the spot where the lizard got her. In the background, she could dimly hear Kyler telling her to hang on, that everything was going to be ok. But she knew it wasn't. She could feel herself losing the stregnth to move. But before all that stregnth left her, she recognized the mark on her chest that the lizard had made. It was slowly forming the shape of a 6-pointed star and turning green. She recognized it, and called to Kyler so he could know, too.

"Kyler." she said weekly. She heard him swallow a lump in his throut.

"Ya Peppa?" he asked.

"This is the desise that my mother died from. Make sure my family knows once you get back to District 5." She said it with such certainty that Kyler almost believed he could win, too. But he couldn't let Peppa know that he didn't really think so when she was this close to death.

"I'll let them know." was all he could manage. She smiled at him. "Thank you." she said, then died, still with a smile on her face.



Wenry thought we was doing quite well. So far he hadn't run into any other tributes (especially Aca) and he had a good supply of food. He had done well with the shelters in the training, so he made himself a hidden shelter with some rocks and a pine tree. Since Aca had taken his backback, he had to survive with the bark from his tree and the many supply of lizards. He was next to the freshwater lake, and so far hadn't had any trouble.


Keyllu stopped skinning her fish. Katherine looked at her.

"What is it?" she asked. Keyllu shuhsed her. She had heard rustling. Someone, or something, was there. She picked up her machete and motioned for Kathrine to grab her knife. Keyllu walked over to where she heard the noise come from.When she got right undernieth a pine tree, a rope net fell on top of her. She yelled, and quickly slashed at it. Katherine helped get it off her, and when they're focus was away from the rope, they saw Wenry with a sharpened rock held tightly with both hands.

"Don't come closer, or I'll.. I'll..." he said. Keyllu laughed. This boy didn't even know how to use a weapon. It was amazing he got this far in the games.

"You'll what?" Keyllu taunted. "Throw a stone a me?" Wenry hesitated, then lunged at Keyllu. Bad mistake the girl chided in her head. She moved to the side and sliced at the boy. He yelled, then rolled to the ground. He was still, but no cannon.

"C'mon Keyllu." Kathrine said, pulling the other girl's shirt sleeve. "Let's get out of here. He doesn't stand a chance." Keyllu took one last look at Wenry, and then followed Kathrine.


Aca heard a yell, but no cannon. She naturally went to investigate. She peered over some rockes, and saw no one. But then, with a closer look, she saw a shape huddled on the ground. She went over. When she got close enough, she fliped the boy over with her shoe, and laughed.

"Wenry, I always knew that fate was on my side." She leaned in close to his ear. "And because of it, I now get to kill you." He shuddered. "You're ok with that? All right!" Aca said, joking with the state that her district partner was in. Who cared that when she won her district would be mad at her for killing him. She saw it as an improvment. She stopped thinking about this when she saw the blood draining from Wenry's face. His right arm had been cut off, and he was loosing blood. So she got to work.

She cut a A into his forehead. "This is for being so annoying, Wenry." Then she cut a J right next to it. "And this is for being you." She said. Then she stabbed in into the chest. He died instantly. "And that was for jinxing me into this arena."


-- Rachel felt safe since the first time she had been in the arena. The vampiress was a good body gaurd, and she was happy with the fashion tips that Rachel showed her. Rachel lay down by her campfire. Then, she heard the vampire shriek. Rachel hurried and looked around to find her. When she located her, the monster was watching another tribute who was coming out from behind some rocks. It was Jackson, the boy from 11. When the vampire jumped at him, he held up is sword to block her. While they were stuggling, Rachel caught Jackson's eye. Was it just a trick of the fire light, or could she could see everything that he would be leaving behind if he died, everything he wanted to accomplish, the fear of dying this way. Rachel didn't know what happened until after it was done.

"Please, stop!" she cried to the vampire. The monster looked at her, hesitated, and then backed off. She looked at Jackson, hissed, and ran into the distance.

Jackson rubbed his neck. "Thanks for saving me." he said. Rachel just tossed him a bed roll and turned over to get to sleep.


Peppa Rannoch by lizard

Wenry Drive by Aca Jask

Day 7:

The Career pack was down to only 2. Mason wasn't worried though. His and Alissa's skills were enough to keep anyone (or anything) away. But it was a good thing they weren't disturbed, because he was lost in his own little world. He couldn't believe his sister who had gone through everything with him, was gone, just like that. He was starting to see all the worries she had seen when she was still alive. He now saw the Hunger Game arena like a trap for helpless animals, and he was the victim. He stayed up at night, unable to fall asleep, running from the nightmares that would haunt him, leaving black bags under his eyes.

Alissa went away to bath in the stream, leaving Mason with nothing but his thoughts. He wondered where Alice was now, or if she just dissapered. This followed to having religious thoughts, and then, he saw something move at the corner of his eye. He kept his head still but looked with his eyes. He saw something go around a bend. To the river where Alissa was. His fighting instinct kicked in, and he grabbed his ax. Following the tracks, he was led to the river. Before he got to close he stopped. Something was off with these footprints. Leaning in closer, he saw that they weren't human. Wide awake now, he franticly looked aorund.

"Alissa!" he called, hoping it wasn't too late. Then he saw her. Just a little down-stream. She looked up at him when he called, then glared. She opened her mouth to yell something back, but before anything could come out, something jumped out of hiding and rammed into her. She screamed fought back, but the vampire was too strong for her. It carried her out onto the land. Mason ran over, ax ready. The vampire's teeth were at Alissa's still screaming, but feebly, throut. Mason sung at the moster with all his might. But moving too fast for him to see, it jumped out of the way. It gave a sound that sounded like a laugh, and run away.

Mason went on his knees besides Alissa. Ignoring her naked body, he pulled her head into his lap. She looked tourtured doing so, but she looked up at him and traced his now prominent bags against his white face with her fingers.

"Mason." she started. He made a move to shush her, but being stubborn, she kept going. "Mason, I've seen you these past couple days. You don't have to worry about the Hunger Games. You're strong. Just remember-" then she stopped, choking on her own blood, and her heart stopped.


-- Lilac was wandering. Had been since she left the alliance. But all good things come to those who wait, and she was determind to wait for an oppertunity to strike. She had decided that joining alliances was too risky, so now she had... surprise attacks in mind.


Jackson was PARANOID. Who wouldn't when you're allies with a chic who's allied with a monster who's supposed to kill everyone it sees? It hadn't shown up since the night before, but the thought of it coming back still crossed his mind every minute.

Jackson discovered that day that teaming up with a monster was a pretty good idea (after you get past the killing part). The most dangerous thing that they did was gather firewood. So without a worry (except for the ever present one) he leaned up against a rock, put his hands behind his head, closed his eyes, and tried to enjoy the sun. Then, out of the blue, a heavy weight landed on him and something poked against his throut. Opening his eyes wide with surprise, he was prepared to see the vampire, but instead it was Lilac. She smiled, and then pushed her dagger all the way through.



Starting with surprise, Rachel looked up at the cannon blast. No one was there. But Jackson. Jackson with his eyes wide open and a dagger in his throut. She shrugged, turning back to her work.

"Better someone else kills him than me."


Mhoss heard something. It was crying. Someone was crying in the hunger games! They weren't even trying to hide it either! They were on TV every second of the day for pete's sake!! Mhoss got his hammer ready, made sure his knife was at his belt, and followed the sound.


Kyler was still at Peppa's body. He couldn't bare the thought of leaving her so the capitol could take her body and do who knows what to it. He tried arranging it in a normal position, but no matter what he did no life could come to it. Finally, the sobs came. The sadness and despair was overwhellming. No matter what he did, he could have never saved her.

"Well well well." Kyler wipped around. His eyes narrowed as he spotted the speaker. Mhoss was leaning casually against a pine tree, hammer in hand. The other boy continued, "I never thought we'd run into each other agian, but voila! Here we are!" Kyler whipped out the two long knives at his belt. Mhoss tsked. "You don't have to do that, Kyler. I can make you go so quickly you wouldn't feel a thing. Not a thing at all." Kyler's pace quickened, but his voice was even.

"Mhoss, if you take a step closer I will rip your heart out." Mhoss grimaced. "Now now, I wouldn't have any of that nonsence. This can all be very easy."

"The only thing that's going to be easy is me killing you." The two boys lunged. But before they got close enough to swing a single blow, a girl with black and blonde hair skipped into the open space between them.

Keyllu smiled at both the shocked boys standing on either side of her posed to fight. "Hello!!!" she said in a bright, cheery voice that neither had heard since before the games. Before they could make any kind of reply though, another girl emerged from out of the water in the stream. "Hello!" she said as well. At this sight, the boys looked back and forth at them, wondering what kind of brilliant creatures they were. Then, with a beautiful smile, the girl from the water unsheathed a sword and sliced Kyler.


Mhoss turned to attack her, but she was already going back underwater. He turned to where the other girl was, but she was gone as quickly as she came. He cursed, then stormed back into the darkness.


Alissa Kelppuller by Monster

Jackson Piper by Lilac Hemingway

Kyler Quist by Katherine Anaklusmos

Day 8:


Lilac knew that more deaths were on their way. It was day 8 for goodness sakes and there were still seven tributes! That's why she decided more people needed to be killed, and soon, or else she might be taken off the face of Panem soon.

Lilac walked softly, afraid to make the slightest noise. Aca from 3 was right in front of her, enjoying her meal of mountain goat cooked from the coals of her small fire. Lilac was sure that this tough girl was going to be some hard competition and couldn' t wait for her to get to sleep so she could check her off her list of things to worry about. Finally, after what seemed like agonizing minutes from Lilac's hiding spot under a pine tree, Aca layed down to rest. Lilac quietly drew her knife and krept forward. In the light of the stars the girl crept over to where Aca was laying. Holding her knife out in front of her body, Lilac was close enough to the other girl that she could hear her silent breathing. An inch away from the District 3 girl's throut, Lilac could smell the victory.

  • anthem music blares*

Lilac flinched.


Aca's eyes sprang open. Using the light from the faces in the sky and taking control of her attacker's flinch, she quickly grabbed the knife from her side and pushed away Lilac's own. Springing up and shaking the sleep from her eyes, Aca stood in attack position, ready to fight. Looking to where Lilac was, Aca was surprised to see that the girl dissapeared in the darkness.

"Coward." muttered Aca under her breath. Suddenly though a sharp pain erupted in the District 3 girl's back. Gasping when the blade left her, Aca's vision flickered, then went black.



Lilac cleaned her knife with the bottom of her shirt.

"Not a coward," she said to the fallen tribute, "Just smart." Then she faded into the darkness, ready for more bloodshed.


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