• Famousguy77

    User Game

    March 21, 2012 by Famousguy77

    The way to play and win!

    Okay so this is my first game i've made so don't bag on me. I'll use a unnames source to choose who wins. So if you want to play just ask me and then tell me what district you want to be in. In the chat when i'm on just look for Famousguy77 in the chat. So come be a tribute! i'm just saying if something's wrong with the story i haven't read the last book so don't bag, again!

    The Story!


    So as time has passed the 100th Hunger Games has approched a new President has been in power. His name is Thresh. The peacekeeper that whipped Gale. He's even more harsh then President Snow! And now it's the 4th quarter qwell. There is a stipulation just like there has always been. The stipulation is that there are no weapons! You have…

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