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    The 43rd hunger games!

    September 18, 2011 by FanOfStuff

    The Forty-third Annual Hunger games!

    Male: Venom strike

    Female: Sunny blaires

    Male: Dare Ward

    Female: Trina Smith

    Male: Jackson Dally

    Female: Hannie Wist

    Male: Cedar Mellark

    Female: Kajama Odair

    Male: Wristienne Chang

    Female: Brindall Alunday

    Male: Illegal drugs

    Female: Mille Sip Drugs

    Male: Twilight Dawn

    Female: Giselle Sunburst

    Male: Thread Form

    Female: Shay Flax

    Male: Bryan Gergamn

    Female: Shiloh Martin

    Male: Damien Maroon

    Female: Maive Henna

    Male: Marvel Dismond

    Female: Amaryliss Achya

    Male: Aaron Winters

    Female: Lilac Coalburner

    Len rode in on a train from The Capitol and arrived just on time for the reaping.

    "Welcome!" said Ed Shunker the mayor of District 1. "The reaping starts in a minute!" Ed led Len to the reaping and to the bowls.

    "Welcome to the Reaping …

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