The Forty-third Annual Hunger games!

District 1

Male: Venom strike

Female: Sunny blaires

District 2

Male: Dare Ward

Female: Trina Smith

District 3

Male: Jackson Dally

Female: Hannie Wist

District 4

Male: Cedar Mellark

Female: Kajama Odair

District 5

Male: Wristienne Chang

Female: Brindall Alunday

District 6

Male: Illegal drugs

Female: Mille Sip Drugs

District 7

Male: Twilight Dawn

Female: Giselle Sunburst

District 8

Male: Thread Form

Female: Shay Flax

District 9

Male: Bryan Gergamn

Female: Shiloh Martin

District 10

Male: Damien Maroon

Female: Maive Henna

Distric 11

Male: Marvel Dismond

Female: Amaryliss Achya

District 12

Male: Aaron Winters

Female: Lilac Coalburner

Reaping: District 1

Len rode in on a train from The Capitol and arrived just on time for the reaping.

"Welcome!" said Ed Shunker the mayor of District 1. "The reaping starts in a minute!" Ed led Len to the reaping and to the bowls.

"Welcome to the Reaping for the... 43rd Games!" Ed said to District 1. Then the usual announcments were told. Finally Len stepped forward, and reached into the girls bowl. He took out a name.

"Sunny Blares!"

Sunny gasped and smiled, and scampered up to the stage, everyone was grinning, and cheering.

"Go Sunny!"

"Take em home girl!"

"I know who I'm betting on!"


"No Sunny! No!"

"Don't die!"


Sunny didn't say anything, but one look at her face and it became obvious she was enjoying the attention a lot.

"And I love you all to!" She said in an unnaturally high pitched voice, smiling like the angel she wasn't.

After about 5 minutes the cheering died down. Sunny seemed very happy.

"Aw thanks guys, but I don't need luck. I'm going to win. It's destiny!" She said.

The cheering started up again. Len reached into the boys bowl and pulled out a name.

"Venom Strike!"

The cheering wasn't as loud this time. There was more worry, everyone excepted Sunny to win, but Venom was well-liked to.

"Sunny wanna partner up?" Venom asked her.

"Sure," Sunny said. All of a sudden Jess -Venom's girlfriend- ran up.

"No Venom! You can't do this!" She sobbed. "Won't someone go in for Venom?"

There was a short silence.

"Any other time I'd go, but Sunny's gonna win," said a random guy.

"I'll go in for you Sunny," Jess said

"Silly girl!" Said Sunny "You'd die!"

Jess cried more, and threw her arms around Venom.

"This is dramatic," said a 4 year old to her mom who didn't understand the Hunger Games fully. Soon the reaping was over, Sunny's family was happily embracing her, while Venom's family was trying to spend as much time as they could with him, and trying to make him feel like he could win.

Reaping: District 2

Quara stood over the 2 bowls. Everyone was silent, waiting for her to choose. They all wanted to be chosen.

"Trina Smith!"

Trina's eyes widened and her face turned pale. She slowly made her way to Quara.

"Aw it's O.K sweetie! I'm sure a strong girl like you can win!" Quara said hugging Trina. Quara had a 3 year old daughter, so she tended to treat most people like they were young.

"Maybe..." Trina said.

Quara reached back into the bowl. This one for the boys.

"Timothy Fesk!"

Timothy was a 14 year old boy, he was short but not to short. He was good with knives, and arrows, but not very smart.

"Wait! I want to fight to!" said a boy.

It was Dale Ward. He was perfect to most people. Usually pretty nice. But when he was angry... he was angry.

"I'll go!" Dale finished.

"Congratulations Tim-Tim! You're free!" Quara said pushing Timothy onto the ground. Dale made his way up to Trina. Trina and Dale both felt better about going in with eachother, even though they were sad to knowing one of them would die. They were good friends.

Almost everyone walked away from that reaping in good spirits.

Reaping: District 3

"Jackson Dally!" shouted Rok.

Jackson said nothing, and slowly backed away, and began to duck down into the crowd, and crawl off, but a peacekeeper grabbed his foot and began to drag him.

"Jackson you dumb idiot! You can't escape!" the peacekeeper warned. Jackson started crying.

"Be a man!" shouted his brother from the audience. His lucky brother who was 19 and had never gone into The Hunger Games.

"I'm not a killer!" Jackson said "I refuse!"

The peacekeeper held his gun up to Jacksons forhead.

"You will go in," the peacekeeper mumbled in a threatening voice. Jackson nodded slowly. The peacekeeper slowly removed the gun, and Jackson fell to his knees weakly.

Rok reached back into the bowls.

"Hannie Wist!"

Hannie was really short, even for a 12 year old. She walked confidently up.

"This is great!" she said sarcastically "I get to kill, and die! For no purpose but entertainment! Lucky me!"

The peace keeper pushed her to the side. Hannie just smiled a little.

"She has nerve," someone said.

Reaping: District 4

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