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  • FantasyDreamer

    The 132nd Hunger Games

    December 12, 2012 by FantasyDreamer

    Hello, these are my first games on this wiki. I am a keen writer, and overall just enjoy and love writing stories. I decided to just begin with a random set of games. With the 132nd. I will be doing Districts 1 to District 13. And the Capitol. I will just be doing Training Scores and actual Games. I really cant wait.

    3 tributes per person.

    District Male Tribute Age Place Female Tribute Age Place
    District 0 Dick Dack 16 32nd Aquamarina Tide 14

    District 1 Titan Sirus 16 29th Lilith Anbitres 17

    District 2 Phantom Wisp 15
    Tinder Rose 17

    District 3 Peter Mage 18
    Belladonna Saware 17

    District 4 Mako Reef 17
    Symphony Star 17

    District 5 Marcio Redge 17
    Alyss Shepherd 15

    District 6 Talon Shields 16 28th Sylvia Churchill 16

    District 7 Blaise Cooper 15

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