Hello, these are my first games on this wiki. I am a keen writer, and overall just enjoy and love writing stories. I decided to just begin with a random set of games. With the 132nd. I will be doing Districts 1 to District 13. And the Capitol. I will just be doing Training Scores and actual Games. I really cant wait.

3 tributes per person.


District Male Tribute Age Place Female Tribute Age Place
District 0 Dick Dack 16 32nd Aquamarina Tide 14
District 1 Titan Sirus 16 29th Lilith Anbitres 17
District 2 Phantom Wisp 15 Tinder Rose 17
District 3 Peter Mage 18 Belladonna Saware 17
District 4 Mako Reef 17 Symphony Star 17
District 5 Marcio Redge 17 Alyss Shepherd 15
District 6 Talon Shields 16 28th Sylvia Churchill 16
District 7 Blaise Cooper 15 Kira Nissel 17
District 8 Mirt Neckz 13 Laura Ingres 17
District 9 Elder Thorne 16 Jana Homer 14
District 10 Demon Axewood 16 Anabelle Diamanta 15 30th
District 11 Azarello "Azar" Materio 14 Ray "Owl" Hoot 12
District 12 Birch Saunders 15 Caitlyn "Cate" Freeway 15
District 13 Jay Skeleton 14 Jade Skeleton 14
District 14 Jordan Buhmann 15 Makenzie Fern 16
Capitol Brisbane Vesperia 18 Aurora Roxanne Carter 17 31st

The Lunaiis

The Training Scores

District Male Tribute Training Score Betting Odds Female Tribute Training Score Betting Odds
District 0 Dick Dack 3 100-1 Aquamarina Tide 8 12-1
District 1 Titan Sirus 9 7-1 Lilith Anbitres 10 5-1
District 2 Phantom Wisp 10 3-1 Tinder Rose 11 3-1
District 3 Peter Mage 6 32-1 Belladonna Saware 6 37-1
District 4 Mako Reef 9 8-1 Symphony Star 9 9-1
District 5 Marcio Redge 5 55-1 Alyss Shepherd 10 4-1
District 6 Talon Shields 7 23-1 Sylvia Churchill 9 10-1
District 7 Blaise Cooper 8 15-1 Kira Nissel 7 26-1
District 8 Mirt Neckz 7 21-1 Laura Ingres 4 78-1
District 9 Elder Thorne 5 53-1 Jana Homer 10 5-1
District 10 Demon Axewood 4 70-1 Anabelle Diamanta 5 60-1
District 11 Azarello "Azar" Materio 7 24-1 Ray "Owl" Hoot 3 125-1
District 12 Birch Saunders 9 7-1 Caitlyn "Cate" Freeway 4 75-1
District 13 Jay Skeleton 7 22-1 Jade Skeleton 9 9-1
District 14 Jordan Buhmann 5 56-1 Makenzie Fern 8 18-1
Capitol Brisbane Vesperia 6 34-1

Aurora Roxanne Carter



The Alliances

Careers - Titan Sirus (1) , Lilith Anbitres (1), Aquamarina Tide (0), Tinder Rose (2) (Leader), Mako Reef (4) and Symphony Star (4)

Alliance 1 - Azarello "Azar" Materio (11), Phantom Wisp (2) (Leader), Demon Axewood (10) and Laura Ingres (8)

Alliance 2 - Peter Mage (3), Marcio Redge (5), Blaise Cooper (7), Mirt Neckz (8), Elder Thorne (9), Jana Homer (9), and Birch Saunders (12) (Leader)

Alliance 3 - Jay Skeleton (13) and Jade Skeleton (13) (Leader)

Alliance 4 - Belladonna Saware (3), Alyss Shepherd (5) (Leader), Kira Nissel (7), Annabelle Diamanta (10) and Makenzie Fern (14)

Solo - Dick Dack (0), Sylvia Churchill (6), Talon Shields (6), Ray "Owl" Hoot (11), Caitlyn "Cate" Freeway (12), Jordan Buhman (14), Brisbane Vesperia (Capitol) and Aurora Roxanne Carter (Capitol)

The Death Chart

Placing Tribute District Killer Method
32nd Dick Dack 0 Tinder Rose Knife to the side of the head
31st Aurora Roxanna Carter Capitol Alyss Shepherd Sword through the chest
30th Annabelle Diamanta 10 Titan Sirus Axe to the back of the head
29th Titan Sirus 1 Mackenzie Fern Mace swung into chest
28th Talon Shields 6 Tinder Rose Spear through chest
27th Peter Mage 3 Sylvia Churchill Knife driven into the heart
26th Mirt Neckz 8 Phantom Wisp Neck snapped
25th Laura Ingres 8 Lilith Anbitres Knife plunged into head
24th Demon Axewood 10 Lilith Anbitres Knife plunged into neck
23rd Symphony Star 4 Tinder Rose Knife thrown into head
22nd Ray "Owl" Hoot 11 Sylvia Churchill Throat slit with knife
21st Jay Skeleton 13 Jordan Buhman Spear driven through head
20th Jordan Buhman 14 Jade Skeleton Strangeled with whip
19th Jade Skeleton 13 Alyss Shepherd Beheaded with sword
18th Mako Reef 4 Azar Materio Knife stabbed into back
17th Aquamarina Tide 0 Phantom Wisp Sword slammed into head

The Games

Day 1

The arena is coated in ice, the cornucopia covered with tiny shards, dripping of the edge. Guarding the supplies. This monument is surrounded by the winter forest, expansive it lies across the whole of the arena. Only allowing a tiny gap to hold the Bloodbath. The 32 tributes, surrounding the glowing mass. Huddled in thick coats they wait for the gong to sound, to set them free. The snow floats around them, as the countdown begins.


A soft wind blows across, hitting the tributes faces. Dragging out the countdown to the bone.


A small rabbit appears from the wood, hopping into the centre, staring at the tributes before dissapearing back to the wood.


Mako stares into the centre of the cornucopia, annalysing the possibilities. Choosing what was needed.


Alyss tosses a small ocarina from hand to hand, no chance of it falling with the small string trapping it round her neck


Laura's legs slowly shake as she steps back and forth on her plate, focussing on the cornucopia.


All of the eyes across Panem, focussing on the lifes of these kids. Waiting for the killing to begin.


The Gamemakers whir around the room, each at a small computer. Staring, ready to put their plans into play.


The arena seems to wait for the tributes to enter it, discover its secrets. Discover its torturous depths.


A small smile glistens onto Titan's face, as he darts his eyes at the other tributes, scanning each of their minds.


The icicles on the cornucopia quiver, swaying before coming crashing to the ground, shattering as the countdown almost ends.


The tributes leap off the plates, sprawling everywhere, and the games had officially begun.

Tinder zooms in, reaching the cornucopia before most. She yanks a knife from the soil, spinning around before locking her eyes on Dick. Who is currently still standing on his podium, paralyzed with fear he just watches as the knife comes zooming at his head, released from Tinders hands set on a death journey. It strikes him just below the ear, knocking him off his podium, sending him flying over, crashing into the floor before finally going still.

As Tinder rejoins the battle, Alyss grabs a sword from the back of the Cornucopia. She turns around, her hair flicking about as she locks eyes with Aurora Roxanne Carter. She charges at her, swinging her sword as Roxanne stands to her feet, carrying a small backpack and a single knife. Seconds later she is lying on the floor, a small blood pool expanding from the wound in her side, as Alyss stands horrified around, waiting for some movement. But none comes, she takes one last look before running out, grabbing the hands of Belladonna and Kira as she moves.

Mackenzie and Annabelle stare at their three allies, retreating away. They share a look before bounding out after them, but they are stopped. The bulking figure of Titan, waving a mace in his left hand while a thick bronze axe in the right. He swings at the chest of Mackenzie, knocking her back. She sturggles to her feet, but just to see the axe implant in the back of the head of Annabelle. Mackenzie filled with rage charges, tackling Titan, Knocking him over, she manages to remove the mace and swings it into the chest of Titan. Knocking the life out of him. Mackenzie stares at the boy, before grabbing a bag and fleeing in the direction her allies were going just minutes before, hoping to find them, hoping to survive.

Tinder is currently fighting with Talon, knife on axe. She has the lead, and is swinging with her knife. Hacking away at his body, causing lots of small cuts to appear. Flowing with blood as he swings with his axe, back and forward. But finally he misses. His axe propels through the air, slamming into the ground, Lodging in the ground. He instantly sees the problem, and turns to run. Tinder laughs before picking up a spear, and sending it flying through the air. Crashing into his back, killing him instantly.

Birch and the rest of his alliance are raging around the supplies, grabbing anything they can while avoiding the careers. Around about 10 minutes into the Bloodbath, they group at the edge, surveying themselves when Phantom and Sylvia dart in, both carrying weapons. Neither are working with the others, but this does not change to way the tributes react. They spread out, most dissapearing before meeting with the others. But sadly Sylvia manages to jump on the back of Jana, while Phantom grabs Mirt by his neck. Sylvia raises her knife, and is about to plunge it into his head when Peter shoves her off. He grabs the knife, allowing Jana to flee but drops it. Sylvia scoops it up, and plunges it into the heart of Peter before running in the opposite direction. Away from trouble. Phantom on the other hand, has a much easier job. He grabs the head of Mirt, snapping it to the left sharply, before letting the ragged body of Mirt fall to the floor.

Lilith and Tinder are the only careers protecting the supplies back at the Cornucopia. Lilith is taking Laura and Demon, while Tinder tackles the 13 siblings. Lilith smashes into Laura, knocking her backwards over a box of supplies. She draws a blade, and lunges at the dazed Laura. Stabbing the knife into her head. Though she does not take long, within seconds Lilith is back up, slashing at Demon, plunging it into his neck. As his body drops she turns to face Tinder, a smile across her face. Tinder returns to smile, missing the head of Jay, allowing those two to roll off. Getting away from the girl from 2. But sadly, Tinder does not want to lose the kills, and throws her knife, which misses the siblings, and smashes Symphony in the head. Blade sinking beneath her skin.

Ray, who is resting on the edge of the cornucopia, hiding, waiting for a moment to dart out. She stares around, just allowing her head to poke out, just allowing Sylvia to see her. The girl from 6 charges, waving her knife, as Ray takes her chance. She makes her way out, speedily making her way to the forest. She almost makes it to the cover of the trees, when she trips over a podium, Her ankle snaps as she lands, sending her rolling around on the floor, allowing Sylvia to grab a bag and a loaf of bread from the floor, and move in. And slit the throat of the little girl from 11.

The pair from 13 are fighting strong, but not winning. Despite the fact it is 2 on 1, Jordan is overcoming both of them. He is only using a spear, bashing away the end of the whip, and the steel blade of Jay's sword. He slams the butt of the spear into the face of Jay, sending her backwards, clattering into a pile of supplies. As she tries to clamber up, Jordan manages to get Jade back far enough, to drive the spear into Jay's head. Filled with rage over her brothers passing, she holds her whip in her hands and winds it round the neck of Jordan, tighter and tighter till he falls to the floor, dead. She takes one last look at her brothers body before vanishing into the forest. With nothing more than her whip.

The alliance of girls are moving as fast as they can. Alyss, as the leader, is taking control. She is leading them through the forest, not stopping, fearing the careers to be after them. Each of them have decent supplies, and are mourning the loss of Annabelle and Makenzie, who they believe to be dead. Sadly for them, they do not know that the careers are not there biggest problem. As behind the ridge lies a bigger threat, as hidden away. Strong and ready to kill. Jade holds her whip close to her chest, bolting down the side, just hidden away she listens in on the conversation. Listening for the perfect point to interupt. She hears them come close to the edge, and leaps out. Waving her whip high. Sadly for her, she is still against a strong team. Alyss and Kira dive to either side, while Belladonna leaps over the ridge to safety. Alyss rolls over, standing to her feet and removing her blade. Kira kicks up the snow, dissapearing behind a tree but still blinding Jade for a second, enough time for Alyss to swing her blade to strike with the neck of Jade.

Current Alliances

Careers - Lilith Anbitres (1), Aquamarina Tide (0), Tinder Rose (2) (Leader) and Mako Reef (4)

Alliance 1 - Azarello "Azar" Materio (11) and Phantom Wisp (2) (Leader)

Alliance 2 - Marcio Redge (5), Blaise Cooper (7), Elder Thorne (9), Jana Homer (9) and Birch Saunders (12) (Leader)

Alliance 3 - Belladonna Saware (3), Alyss Shepherd (5) (Leader) and Kira Nissel (7)

Solo - Sylvia Churchill (6), Caitlyn "Cate" Freeway (12), Brisbane Vesperia (Capitol) and Makenzie Fern (14)

Day 2

The tributes are all just waking up, surrounding eachother. Waiting for things to happen. Azar and Phantom are circling the career base, staring in, waiting to attack. Both armed, watching the careers sleep. With Mako facing the completely opposite direction. They stare at eachother for a second, then leap out. Phantom bearing a sword dives over to where Aquamarina lies, wanting to finish her off quick. Whereas Azar streaks over to Mako, injecting a knife into his back. BOOM. Tinder and Lilith groan to their feet, shaken awake by the cannon. They stare around, trying to focus, but focus just in time to see the sword come down on the head of Aquamarina. BOOM.

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