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  • Fantasyfilm99

    Welcome to the 14th Annual Hunger Games! My 13th is still yet to be completed but I want to start gathering tributes for my 14th now so I can start as soon as possible. Please do not use tributes that you have used in my other games!!!!!!!!!!

    This time, I will not create any tributes of my own unless needed.

    Lunaiis for the tributes are not needed and I will probably not post them even if you send them to me.

    I would appreciate if all tributes from 1,2,4 were careers and maybe two others from other districts can join them.

    District Male Female Creator
    1 Viper Bloodworth, 17 Flovia Smash, 17 Jabberjay78
    2 Tyler Throw, 19 Rebecca Behead, 17. EffieLuna
    3 Larry Fritter, 15 Janet Sparks, 14 Fantasyfilm99
    4 Dondo Grouge, 18 Ronda Grouge, 16 Brony12
    5 Khaz Syde, 17…

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  • Fantasyfilm99

    Hello, everybody and welcome to the 13th Hunger Games (13 is an unlucky number and I love anything to do with unlickiness). This is my first hunger games so nothing special will happen, just a regular down-to-earth hunger games. If you want a tribue please post in the comments in the following format: name, age, district, weapon, skills, weaknesses, strategy, history, personality, appearance, token. Note that is not a canon hunger games so President Snow and stuff do not exist. You can either make your own lunaii doll or ask me to do it. . Reservations last two days.


    So now we have all the tributes, I have decided I will not do reapings but I will do chariot rides and interviews. I will definitely do the Final 8 interv…

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