Hello, everybody and welcome to the 13th Hunger Games (13 is an unlucky number and I love anything to do with unlickiness). This is my first hunger games so nothing special will happen, just a regular down-to-earth hunger games. If you want a tribue please post in the comments in the following format: name, age, district, weapon, skills, weaknesses, strategy, history, personality, appearance, token. Note that is not a canon hunger games so President Snow and stuff do not exist. You can either make your own lunaii doll or ask me to do it. . Reservations last two days.


So now we have all the tributes, I have decided I will not do reapings but I will do chariot rides and interviews. I will definitely do the Final 8 interviews and I will maybe do the Victory tour and the Victor's interview.



Creator District Male Female





Cream Donahew (16)

Oscar Du Winter (16)

Bliss Diamond (17)

Ursula Shrapnel (15)

EffieLuna 3 Steel Plate (17) Elixer (Lexi) Strong (16)
EffieLuna 4 Surf Blue (18) Nikki Quahog (12)
Fallen Angell 5 Shane Ryecave (16) Jay Taylor (15)
Mockingjay5 6 Torin Hallow (17) Layna Rye (16)
Pandot369 7 Thomas Green (16) Kiani Lambri (13)
My sister (no account) 8 Luke Seamor (12) Avril Punkarella (17)
Fantasyflm99 (me) 9 Bob Crowe (14) Dedyr Wilkie (18)
Firecatcher3 10 Talon Faust (17) Kedzie Woods (15)
Fantasyfilm99 (me) 11 Dijoni Jackon (15) Lily Mayner (12)



Kohl Cyphers (15)

Willow Woods (13)

  • Dijoni Jackson (D11 Boy)
  • Lily Mayner (D11 Girl)
  • Avril Punkarella (D8 Girl)
  • Luke Seamor (D8 Boy)
  • Kohl Cyphers (D12 Boy)
  • Willow Woods (D12 Girl)
  • Bliss Diamond (D1 Girl)
  • Cream Donahew (D1 Boy)
  • Oscar Du Winter (D2 Boy)
  • Ursula Shrapnel (D2 Girl)


The cornucopia sits on the top of a snowy mountain. There is a circular platform with twenty-four rings spread around the edge. There are lots of weapons around the horn, including swords ,spears, grappling hooks, maces, tridents, crossbows and a few backpacks lying around. A few tents and sleeping bags are also lying around which are essential as the temperature drops below freezing in the night. There's a few types of transport spread around the edge including skiis and poles, snowmobiles, snowboards and sledges. At the bottom of the mountain is a thick dense pine forest filled with an aoortment of muttattions. If you climb to the top of and the mountain and walk to the other side there is a large icy cold ocean. If you swim more than 200m from the mountain you will be electrified by a forcefield, killing you instantly.

Chariot Rides

District 1 (Luxury Items)

District 1's carriage comes out but there is no sign of the tributes. There is just a large sparkling diamond being pulled by majestic white horses. Then suddenly, Cream and Bliss burst out of the diamond. It gives the audience quite a shock but then they are ooo'ing and aaa'ing at their beautiful costumes. Their costumes sparkle so much that they give the impression of walking jewels. The audience loves them.

District 2 (Weaponry)

Oscar and Ursula come out wearing the greyish uniforms of peacekeepers. Their carriage is rattly and the audience is not fully impressed. Ursula glares at people whereas Oscar never fails to stop waving and smiling. He suddenly starts this gay little dance on the spot and then a banana skin gets thrown at him. The audience likes Ursula considering her a threat but nobody thinks Oscar will do well.

District 3 (Electronics)

Given that Steel is old enough to drive, the tributes drive to the start in a red ferrari. They then step out, and the audience is surprised by their outfits. Anyone can see what Steel is - a mad scientist. With his lab coat, lab googles, and hair sicking in all directions, he really does look like a mad scientist. But what the audience is wondering- what is Lexi? They can see various wheels and bumpers stuck to her and she looks remarkably red. Then, the audience understands as she crawls on the ground- creating a minature version of the red ferrari. Steel sits on her and she crawls away, very quickly. The audience is shocked by how strong Lexi is and they like Steel too.

District 4 (Fishing)

Surf and Nikki come out on a fishing boat. Surf is standing in the boat dressed as a fisherman and is pretending to concentrate on catching fish. Even from the distance away from Surf, the crowd can see his muscles ripple. Nikki is posing lying on the front of the boat, dressed as a mermaid. The crowd is quite impressed.

District 5 (Business and financial things)

D5 comes out in a plain black carriage being pulled by plain black horses. Shane is dressed in a black suit with a striped tie and is checking his watch every few minutes giving the impression that he is late for an important meeting. Jay is dressed as a business woman and looks very un-interested. The crowd is bored.

District 6 (Medical Research)

Torin and Layna come out in an ambulance with no roof and a lowered windshield. They are dressed like medics in green uniforms and the are both wearing hats with green crosses on them. They seem to be keeping a fair distance from each other but they look like they want to hold hands. The audience likes them.

District 7 (Lumber)

They are standing on what seems like some levitating grass. Kiani is dressed as a young oak tree with a head hole cut out for her. She is pretending to be scared as Thomas is dressed as a woodsman and is standing next her ready to hit her with an axe. The audience thinks they're so-so.

District 8 (Textiles)

Luke and Avril are just dressed in factory workers clothes and look.......... plain. The audience boos them off and throws rotten tomatoes at them. District 8's stylists are fired.

District 9 (Energy Sources)

The tributes are standing on a ball of fire and they are dressed as balls of fire as well. They are smiling and waving until Bob's skin starts to burn. Dedyr quickly jumps out the carriage, gets a fire extinguisher and smothers Bob with the gas. Then she does it on herself and the audience realises that she is fine but the fire was too hot for the outfit Bob was wearing underneath. It is the stylist's fault that no one thinks Bob will get through day one as his burns are serious.

District 10 (Livestock)

Talon is herding a cow along and pretending to whip it. Everyone looks around for Kedvze until they realise that she is the cow. The cow suit looks so real that many people are fooled by it and everyone claps the stylists. D10's stylist get promoted to D9 and D9's stylists go to D8.

District 11 (Agriculture)

Dijoni and Lily are not seen. They have a big corncob as their chariot but they are hiding underneath a flap in it. Lily is crying uncontrollably and Dijoni is busy comforting her for reason somewhat unknown. The audience likes the chariot but will enjoy watching the tribue die as they prefer good shows to bad shows.

District 12 (Coal Mining)

The tributes are naked but it is not embarrasing for them as no one can see them. They're covered in black coal dust and are lying in a pile of it.The audience can't see anything but their flashing eyes and big grins and are mesmerized by it.

The Chariot Rides are over!

Training Scores

District Male Score Female Score
1 Cream Donahew 10 Bliss Diamond 9
2 Oscar Du Winter 8 Ursula Shrapnel 11
3 Steel Plate 7 Lexi Strong 9
4 Surf Blue 6 Nikki Quahog 4
5 Shane Ryecave 5 Jay Taylor 6
6 Torin Hallow 7 Layna Rye 8
7 Thomas Green 9 Kiani Lambri 7
8 Luke Seamor 3 Avril Punkarellla 8
9 Bob Crowe 4 Dedyr Wilkie 6
10 Talon Faust 9 Kedzie Woods 6
11 Dijoni Jackson 7 Lily Mayner 2
12 Kohl Cyphers 8 Willow Woods 6


24. Bob Crowe: Head crushed by Oscar Du Winter. (Day 1)

23. Avril Punkarella: Grappling hook thrown through her head by Cream Donahew. (Day 1)

22. Willow Woods: Beheaded by Bliss Diamond. (Day 1)

21. Lily Mayner: Stabbed by Jay Taylor. (Day 1)

20. Nikki Quahog: Slashed by Thomas Green. (Day 1)

19. Kiani Lambri: Eaten by horse mutt. (Day 2)

18. Torin Hallow: Spear plunged through stomach by Ursula Shrapnel. (Day 2)

17. Layna Rye: Stabbed in right lung by Dijoni Jackson. (Day 2)

16-1 still alive

The Hunger Games

Kill Chart

District Male Kills Female Kills User
1 Cream Donahew 1 Bliss Diamond 1 Anon...
2 Oscar Du Winter 1 Ursula Shrapnel 1 Anon...
3 Steel Plate 0 Lexi Strong 0 EffieLuna
4 Surf Blue 0 Nikki Quahog 0 EffieLuna
5 Shane Ryecave 0 Jay Taylor 1 Fallen Angell
6 Torin Hallow 0 Layna Rye 0 Mockingjay5
7 Thomas Green 1 Kiani Lambri 0 Pandot369
8 Luke Seamor 0 Avril Punkarella 0 My sister (no account)
9 Bob Crowe 0 Dedyr Wilkie 0 Fantasyfilm99
10 Talon Faust 0 Kedzie Woods 0 Firecatcher3
11 Dijoni Jackson 1 Lily Mayner 0 Fantasyfilm99
12 Kohl Cyphers 0 Willow Woods 0 Jabberjay78

Day 1


The tributes rise up slowly from out of the ground. They examine the arena and are shocked. In the previous twelve games none of them have ever seen a frozen arena. People like Surf and Nikki are gonna have to get used to this cold landscape as it's no longer sunny District 4. The tributes prepare for the gong.

The voice of the announcer sounds ,"Ladies and Gentlemen, Let the 13th Annual Hunger Games Begin!"

The 5 careers exchange looks. Both from District 1 and 2 and Thomas from District 7. Surprisingly, the tributes from District 4 decided not too ally with the careers this year.


Let the Hunger Games begin!

Oscar Du Winter, D2, Cornucopia

The Hunger Games have begun. Yes, it's the moment I've been waiting for. My chance to shine. I rush into the cornucopia and find the rest of the careers. I scan the weapons and vehichles. No hammers here. That has to change. I hold my handsout and ask my sponsors, "Hammers please?" Sure enough, two hammers fall from the sky into my outstreched hands. I smile at the sky and then look around for targets.

I see that hot hunk from D9. I think his burns make him look even more bulky. He's so hunky I even consider allowing him into our alliance. Maybe I could make him gay as well and we could have some gay kissing. But then I get the idea out of my head. It's kill or be killed in this game, I guess. I chuck one of my hammers at his head and then run and pick it up. I turn around and see the rest of the careers protecting all the snowmobiles.

Luke Seamor, D8, Cornucopia

When the gong sounds I'm still standing on my platform. And darn it, Kiani form D7 has taken the knives I was about to get. I'm running out of the cornucopia when Avril runs over to me. She's holding a backpack, crossbow and a sword so she's obviously made it out of the bloodbath well. She asks me, "Allies?" and I nod my head in answer. I grab a big sled and we set off down the mountain towards the forest. Avril looks at me and tosses me the crossbow. I mouth "Why?". She replies,"I don't need it. I have a sword. Shoot over us now. Kill some people."

"I can't," I reply. I would feel terrible about it afterwards. Just as she looks like she's about to answer, her eyes widen and she tumbles out of the sled. There's a grappling hook sticking out of her head. I go crazy and see Cream holding the other end of the hook. I fire arrow after arrow at Cream and scream, "I'll kill you Cream if it's the last thing I do." I am too dizzy to register if any of my arrows hit him but I hope they did.

Shane Ryecave, D5, Cornucopia

I run towards the cornucopia quickly. I look for Jay but she is already racing away on a pair of skiis. I grab a spear and ponder my options. I could attack everyone and take the cornucopia, race to the woods and find a place to hide or I could go over the top of the mountain and take my chances on what lies on the other side. I chose to take my chances on the other side quickly as Bliss is right in front of me and she's just cut off Willow from D12's head. I race up and run over to the other side.

I'm instantly greeted with a foot tripping and then I see Dedyr standing over me holding a club. Then, she smiles at me and asks, "You want to join our crew?" I nod my head as I'm feeling rather scared and se shows me the rest of our 'Crew'. It's her, Kedzie, Kiani, Talon and now me. I feel safer already in such a big alliance and we decide to quickly make our way down to the sea to make camp.

Dijoni Jackson, D11, Cornucopia

Where's Lily? Where is she? I must help her. She will surely go in to the cornucopia to get supplies and a little girl with a two is not going to survive the bloodbath. I look around and Lily is already lying dead on the ground. The girl from five is darting away from her, a knife in her hand, and I feel a burning desire to kill her. But right now, I will protect Lily's body and save the girl for later on. I sob over my good freind's body but I am interrupted by a gruff voice from behind.

"You want to join us?" I turn around and am surprised to see that it's Cream who's talking to me. "Why would you want me as part of the careers?" I ask, utterly befuddled. "You're a strong boy. We need someone like you as part of us." he replies while Oscar is rolling his eyes in the distance. "I'll join you if you let me have Jay. I'll kill her." I compromise. He agrees and we shake hands. I am looking forward to Jay's death already.

Lexi Strong, D3, Forest

Me and Steel made it out of the bloodbath quite nicely. A large tent, two full flasks of water, a full backpack, a sword and several knives. I give Steel the knives and take the sword for myself when I hear a rustling noise from a nearby bush. I tense but then relax as I realise it's Kohl from 12. Him and his district partner Willow were nice to me and Steel during training and we agreed we wanted them as allies. Wait a minute, where's Willow? He wouldn't have abandoned her and there's a strange look of despair on his face. I hope Willow's alright and I decide to reveal myself to Kohl.

"Hey Kohl," I whisper almost giving him a heart attack. "Want to be allies with me and Steel?" I ask already knowing the answer. Sure enough, he nods his head and I lead him to our tent. "Hello Steel" he greets my other ally. "Hi," Steel replies. "Where's Willow?"

"Dead," he replies hoarsely. He tells us about how he and Willow werew attacked by Bliss from one and he ran away down the hill with no supplies when he saw Willow's severed head. Thern, Kohl is interrupted by the cannon blasts. I listen intently and hear five cannon blasts. "Any ideas on who those are?" I ask my allies. Steel lists the four tributes we know who died. Bob from 9. Avril from 8. Willow from 12. Lily from 11. He asks us do we know who the fifth is. I shake my head but Kohl seems to know the answer. "Nikki from 4. The careers made Thomas kill her in retaliation for not joining them." I feel safe having gotten through the bloodbath and actually feel like I might have a chance of winning until Steel says somthing. "Five deaths on the first day. 4 of them career victims. We have a nice bunch of careers this year."

Cream Donahew, D1, Mountain

What a sorry looking bunch of careers we have. A gay kid, a mute girl, someone who doesn't follow orders and a black kid who wants to avenge a random girl. Me and Thomas are the only ones who actually look like careers. I decide I should take charge as Thomas is kind of an idiot.

"All right guys. We need to start plotting a plan. Five people are dead already. All were weaklings so not too much of a bother." I then correct myself quickly as Dijoni throws me a glare. "Except Lily of course. We'll help Dijoni get Jay. She'll die. Do we know where any other tributes are besides ourselves? We need to strike as soon as possible."

There's a few mutters between the rest of them and then Thomas steps forward. " We know there's five other tributes down the mountain not too far from our camp on the cornucopia. We should attack them now."

"Of course not, you idiot. If there's five of them and six of us, we would win but some of us would die. Let's let some other force kill them off and then attack when there number has lessened. Any other locations you are aware of which occupy tributes?" I ask feeling much more superior than him and any other careers. He shakes his head but Bliss tells me she saw Layna following Torin all around the forest.

"Excellent, they'll both make for easy pickings. Let's attack them tommorow and rest now." I reply. I feel like I want another kill but I know I must make Dijoni and Ursula kill the pair from District 6. To make them pledge thir allegiance to us.

End of Day 1

Day 2

Kiani Lambri, D7, Mountainside

The last few days have gone day in a bit of a blur. When Dedyr invited me to join her and the pair from District 10 during training, I assumed that Thomas would be joining me as well. But then, I saw him laughing and joking around with the other careers and instantly recognized that he'd joined them. That's the problem with Thomas. He thinks before he acts and he's not too bright either. And now he's made his first kill. He killed the girl from District 4 just because she didn't join the careers. I realise I do not want Thomas as part of us and I'm now quite glad he chose to join the careers.

I am now fully awake thinking about Thomas' betrayal and I decided to go on a walk around the outskirts of the mountain. I have only traveled 200m when I see a beautiful white stallion. I grin instantly and rush over to it, thinking I can ride it back to our camp. I am just stroking his coat gently when he opens his mouth and bears his fangs down on me.

Talon Faust, D10, Mountainside


What the hell! Who's cannon was that? Dedyr wakes me, Kedzie and Shane up and says hurridley, "Kiani's missing. I hope that's not her cannon but we should scout around for her. Talon, Kedzie you go to the east and me and Shane will go to the west. Meet back here in an hour. If you're not here, then we'll expect the worst." Me and Kedzie nod our heads and then set off towards the east.

We have only travelled for about twenty minutes when something comes into our sight. There is a beautiful white horse kneeling over Kiani crunching her up. She is long dead but we decide we might as well kill the horse muttation. I tell Kedzie to fire an arrow on 3. 1,2,3 and she fires a perfect arrow at the horses neck. I whoop for joy when I hear a galloping noise behind me. "Oh crap. It's white coat is armour-like." I exclaim and me and Kedzie jump to one side as the muttation charges through the space which we were standing in one second ago.

Kedzie Woods, D10, Mountainside

"Holy cow. How the hell are we supposed to kill that thing?" I ask Talon as we duck from another attack by the mutt horse. "It seems to have only one weak spot," he replies. "It's eyes. If you take out both of his eyes, then I can go in close and tie him up" I nod saying I will do it and I fire two perfect arrows at it. His eyes are now both out and I nod my head at Talon.

He quietly steps behind the horse, who is still braying rather loudly, and then suddenly he ties his rope around the horses legs knocking it to the ground. Then he gets a handful more and ties it around the mouth and the job is finished. "Let's go tell Shane and Dedyr about these muttations. If there's one there could be many more. I think we should move camp." I nod my affirmative and we set off back to our camp.

Layna Rye, D6, Forest

"Torin, why we can't we just ally?" I complain, still tailing him throughout the forest. He stops and says, "You know why Layna."

"Screw that" I reply. "We're probably both gonna die soon and I want to make our last few days together to be enjoyable."

"She's right, you know," comes a voice from out of the gloom. "You are gonna die soon. V'ery very soon'!" I run away quickly as the careers are right behind us but Torin is not so fast. The girl from 2 quickly rushes at him and sticks a spear through his stomach. BOOM!

Then, the black boy from 11 comes sprinting at me and in all my haste I trip over a root. "Dijoni, killl her," comes the voice of Cream from 1 who must have taken over the careers. Dijoni mutters his apologies to me and then plunges a dagger through my right lung.


Surf Blue, D4, Location Unknown (he's a bit crazy in the head at the moment)

Two cannons have just sounded. I hope one of them is not for Luke Seamor. Only 3 twelve-year olds entered this games. Two of them died in the bloodbath- Nikki from my district and Lily from 11. I have vowed to myself that I will get Luke to win now. Before it's too late.

Jay Taylor, D5, Secret Camp

Now, my camp is finished. The whole area is surrounded by a massive wire which if anyone stands on it will sedn several arrows flying in their direction. If the arrow smiss or they just don't deliver a killing blow, then I will be ready in my sleeping ba in a tree and will send a knife into their head. My camp really is foolproof. And I got three backpacks full of food from the cornucopia so really I have enough food to last me for at least a week. And when I run out of food then, sponsors will surely have seen what a contender I am and they will no doubt send me lots of food.

I'm so gonna win these games.

Lexi Strong, D3, Mountain

Steel, Kohl, and I decide to hike up the mountain, hoping we find supplies at the summit. Steel keeps staring at me; it’s kinda cute, but gets annoying after a while. Well, I expect that he’ll probably end up sacrificing himself for me at some point, which I guess would be a good thing. It’s not like we can both win anyways. We finally reach the top of the mountain, breathing heavily. And guess who greets us there. The career pack.

Ursula Shrapnel, D2, Mountain

The pack of three tributes is surprised to see us. Haha, easy kills. I move first, swinging my knife for the girl from 3. She moves, but my knife still sticks in her shoulder and she screams. The boy from 12 jumps back , but he falls off the ledge, rolling down the mountain. No cannon sounds for him, but I expect we won’t have to wait too long to hear one. In fact we’ll hear one for both of the D3 tributes soon too.

Steel Plate, D3, Mountain

Lexi gets stabbed in the shoulder by the girl from 2. I won’t let her get away with this. I run towards them, but Cream grappling hook soon wraps around me. Ugh! I look back as the careers pull me towards them, entwined in wire. Lexi is running down the mountain. “After her!” yells Bliss. “No! It’s not worth it,” Oscar responds. “Well,” Cream starts. “How would you like to be our slave?” The careers laugh menacingly. Couldn’t they have just killed me instead?

Kedzie Woods, D10, Mountainside

As we watch from our camp, the D12 male rolls to the bottom of the mountain. He isn’t dead, though he looks hurt. I ask Dedyr if we should let Kohl join our alliance, but she refuses. “We already have 5 people in our alliance, we don’t need another. “Should we kill him then?” Shane asks. “I mean he’s alone and injured.” Dedyr takes a second to think, but before she answers, the D3 girl runs to Kohl, a knife in her shoulder. “No,” Dedyr answers. “But we should move our camp.” Our ‘crew’ then gets up and packs our things, ready to move. Par t of me wants to join Lexi and Kohl, but Dedyr would kill me. And I don’t want to die.

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