Welcome to the 14th Annual Hunger Games! My 13th is still yet to be completed but I want to start gathering tributes for my 14th now so I can start as soon as possible. Please do not use tributes that you have used in my other games!!!!!!!!!!

This time, I will not create any tributes of my own unless needed.

Lunaiis for the tributes are not needed and I will probably not post them even if you send them to me.

I would appreciate if all tributes from 1,2,4 were careers and maybe two others from other districts can join them.


District Male Female Creator
1 Viper Bloodworth, 17 Flovia Smash, 17 Jabberjay78
2 Tyler Throw, 19 Rebecca Behead, 17. EffieLuna
3 Larry Fritter, 15 Janet Sparks, 14 Fantasyfilm99
4 Dondo Grouge, 18 Ronda Grouge, 16 Brony12
5 Khaz Syde, 17 Kipcha Pryor, 16 Firecatcher5
6 August DePenta, 15 Cho Abiko, 18 Tommyboy97
7 Yabbah Dabbah Do, 16 Zoe Harrison, 13 Anon...
8 Dimitri Baron, 13 Amethyst Bane, 17 Tommyboy97
9 Ryan Die, 16 Karli Tweed, 15 EffieLuna
10 Beg Formercy, 17 Pugnant Beast, 18 Fantasyfilm99
11 Robin Miller, 15 Jay Sparrow, 15 Anon...
12 Mikhail Leob, 13 Rebecca Stone, 12 Mikhail101

  • Viper Bloodworth, D1
  • Flovia Smash, D1
  • Tyler Throw, D2
  • Rebecca Behead, D2
  • Larry Fritter, D3
  • Janet Sparks, D3
  • Dondo Grouge, D4
  • Ronda Grouge, D4
  • Khaz Syde, D5
  • Kipcha Pryor, D5
  • August DePenta, D6
  • Cho Abiko,D6
  • Yabbah Dabbah Do, D7
  • Zoe Harrison, D7
  • Dimitri Baron, D8
  • Amethyst Bane, D8
  • Ryan Die, D9
  • Karli Tweed, D9
  • Beg Formercy, D10
  • Pugnant Beast, D10
  • Robin Miller, D11
  • Jay Sparrow, D11
  • Mikhail Leob, D12
  • Becca Stone, D12
Banner of Tributes

The Tributes of the 14th Annual Hunger Games

Training Scores

District Male Score Female Score
1 Viper Bloodworth 9 Flovia Smash 8
2 Tyler Throw 10 Rebecca Behead 7
3 Larry Fritter 5 Janet Sparks 6
4 Dondo Grouge 12 Ronda Grouge 8
5 Khaz Syde 6 Kipcha Pryor 9
6 August DePenta 2 Cho Abiko 8
7 Yabbah Dabbah Do 7 Zoe Harrison 5
8 Dimitri Baron 4 Amethyst Bane 11
9 Ryan Die 5 Karli Tweed 8
10 Beg Formercy 10 Pugnant Beast 3
11 Robin Miller 6 Jay Sparrow 7
12 Mikhail Leob 11 Becca Stone 6


The Cornucopia is in a cave deep underground which spans miles in every direction. The only way out is up and there are many treacherous tunnels but there is only two right routes. All the others either lead to dead ends or some dangerous muttations. In the caves, it is pitch black at night and faintly light in the day time. Once you have reached the top of the right tunnel there is a beautiful green field with chest high grass. there is no dangers in this field besides every 7 days a hazardous fire will sweep through the entire field killing everything in it.

The Hunger Games


24. Janet Sparks: Blew herself up (Day 1)

23. Beg Formercy: Knife thrown at head by Yabbah Dabbah Do (Day 1)

22. Dimitri Baron: Died because of loss of blood by Dondo Grouge (Day 1)

21. Dondo Grouge: Stabbed in the back by Ronda Grouge (Day 1)

20-1 still alive

Kill Chart

District Male Kills Female Kills User
1 Viper Bloodworth 0 Flovia Smash 0 Jabberjay78
2 Tyler Throw 0 Rebecca Behead 0 EffieLuna
3 Larry Fritter 0 Janet Sparks 0 Fantasyfilm99
4 <strike>Dondo Grouge</strike> 1 Ronda Grouge 1 Brony12
5 Khaz Syde 0 Kipcha Pryor 0 Firecatcher3
6 August DePenta 0 Cho Abiko 0 Tommyboy97
7 Yabbah Dabbah Do 1 Zoe Harrison 0 Anon...
8 Dimitri Baron 0 Amethyst Bane 0 Tommyboy97
9 Ryan Die 0 Karli Tweed 0 EffieLuna
10 Beg Formercy 0 Pugnant Beast 0 Fantasyfilm99
11 Robin Miller 0 Jay Sparrow 0 Anon...
12 Mikhail Leob 0 Rebecca Stone 0 Mikhail101

Day 1


As the tributes of the 14th Annual Hunger Games rise up onto their plates, they examine the gloom aorund them. The 8 careers- both from 1, 2 and 4 plus Amthyst Bane from 8 and Cho Abiko from 6- examine the tributes around them, looking for easy pickings. Jay Sparrow, Khaz Syde and Kipcha Pryor exchange glances. They have made an alliance and Khaz is clearly telling the two girls to not go into the bloodbath.

The announcer's voice starts. "Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls. Let the 14th Annual Hunger Games begin!"

Janet Sparks, D3

I hate my life. Well, I haven't always but I do now. It's all because of these stupid games. I know I won't win. I probably won't even last this first day. But I want to die still feeling like a human being. I don't want to kill anyone and I don't want anyone to kill me. So I do the only thing which feels right. I mutter a quick goodbye to all my family and freinds and then make a prayer to god, hoping for a good afterlife. Then, I step of my platform.

My body is blown to bits.

Yabbah Dabbah Do, D7

I hear a cannon and am about to step off my platform when I hear another cannon two seconds later. Confused, I look around and see that the first cannon was actually an explosion and I sure am glad that I didn't step of my platform to early. But this hesitation has cost me so I run to the cornucopia quickly. I pick up a knife and look around. The dude from 10, Beg I think his name is, is rushing into the thick of things shouting, "You better beg for mercy, or I shall kill you!" I send my knife at his head and then run away. I don't like watching people die but that guy was just a b****rd.

Just as I am running into the gloom I bump into someone. That person stands up quickly and offers me it's hand. "Allies?" It asks and I realise it's Larry Fritter from 3. I nod my head but realising that he can't see me that well, I say, "Sure. Yabbah's the name." and then we run off into the darkness of the caves ahead of us.

Dimitri Baron, D8

I'm so going to lose these games. At first, I thought I might be able to get out but I lost hope a while ago. Now I'm just sitting on the outskirts of the cornucopia, sulking. I thought someone would have seen me by now but then again, the arena's pretty dark. I can hardly see five feet in front of me. Then, the cornucopia goes quiet. The bloodbath must have ended by now then. I'm proved right as the cannons start. BOOM! BOOM! Only two cannons? ONLY TWO CANNONS? I don't think either of those were career victims so they can't be very happy at the moment. Oh crap. If they didn't kill anyone in the bloodbath, then they must be scouting for easy targets. And what's that tapping feeling on my shoulder. I turn around and see Dondo Grouge. He hoists me up over his shoulder, carries me for a few yards and then dumps me on an extremely sharp rock. The pain is gigantous and the last thing I hear is the career laughing maliciously.

Kipcha Pryor, D5

Khaz caught my eye a few seconds before the bloodbath began. He didn't to say anything but I understand what he was saying perfectly. Don't go for the bloodbath. Well, I screwed that, ran in, picked up a few supplies, punched the dude from 9 in the face( however, I'm not that strong so I doubt it did much damage) and then sprinted out of the cornucopia. And now, after several kilometers of running through the darkness, Khaz is sitting down with me and Jay, scolding us.

"You both went into the cornucopia, even when I told you not too! Do you know how dangerous that is? You could have been been killed!" he is shouting exasperated. "Well, we're not dead, so I don't why you're complaining. And who put you in charge?" I ask giving him a slight smirk.

"I put myself in charge," he replies, giving me the same grin. "And seeing as you've got the supplies, you two might as well tell me what you've got."

I take out my supplies and say, "Well I scavenged three backpacks, which are all exactly the same. They each contain: a torch, a packet of crackers, a sleeping bag, a full flask of water and a packet of dried beef." I hand one to everybody and tell Jay to tell us what she has. Jay shows us that all she got was weapons: a bow with ten arrows, a spear and a dagger. I smile and take the bow and Khaz takes the spear. Then Jay says, "Well, i don't need a weapon. But I might as well take the dagger. You never know, I might need it."

Dondo Grouge, D4

Nice kill Dondo, Nice Kill. After that beautiful kill, I believe I'm more than worthy of taking lead of the careers. I gather their attention and start making a speech. "As you know there are eight of us in this alliance. Well, we wouldn't be nearly as good if we didn't have a capable leader. So I am suggesting myself for this role. And if you don't want me as leader than I will kill you." I step away, feeling good about my speech. Amethyst and Rebecca look enraged as if they had wanted to be leader whereas Tyler and Viper are nodding their heads in approval. Cho and Flovia look indifferent about it and then I wonder where my sister is. That's when the knife protudes from my back. Ronda is holding the handle.

"Sorry bro," she says. "But you've taken front all your life. Now this, this is my turn to lead." That's when the world goes black.

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