District 12

I was a brave, strong and awesome girl.

Until this “author” turned me into a childish and stupid girl.

So, to prove that I’m still brave… …

I won’t show up in the woods with Gale today. –feeling brave


My name is Katniss Everdeen.

My name is named after a plant also called katniss. Maybe my mum and dad can’t think of a perfect name so they named me after a flower.

I live in District 12, nicknamed Seam. I don’t know the proper pronunciation for Seam, so I only called it District 12.

Now I’m in the Hob, buying the tastiest soup in the world from Greasy Sae. While she is preparing my soup, I saw something that catches my eye.


“SHINY.” I murmured.

“How much is th... Wait a second. This is Madge Undersee’s pin!”

“No it’s not.” Greasy Sae said.

“Yes, it is.”

“No, it is not.”

I said: “Fine, this is YOUR pin. How much is this.”

“One dollar. Because you accuse me saying that this pin is somebody else’s.”

“But this is really…”I said.

“Say it again and I will double the price.”

I said fine, and ran away with the shiny Mockingjay pin without paying.

I know that there will be a really long time I won’t be returning to Greasy Sae.

Or even the Hob.


“Catpoo Evergreen!”

Oh My Gosh. That voice is definitely Gale’s voice.

The first time I told Gale Hawthorne my name, I had to whisper to him, and he heard me saying Catpoo Evergreen. I always think of my stupid cat Buttercup’s poo is ever green (which disgust me) whenever Gale called me Catpoo.

“I told you my name is Katniss Everdeen. KAATNISSS.” I told Gale.

“I guess you have a perfect explanation why you didn’t show up in the woods earlier.”

“Umm… I’ve 'bought' this pin?”I said embarrassingly.

Gale handed out a loaf of fresh bread and put it onto my hand, saying: “Here’s a small piece of fresh bread, you can give some to your mom and Prim.”

“Shay whhat?” I’m saying it with the bread in my mouth.

“Oh for crying out loud, forget it.” Gale saying it full of disappointment.


From here, I can hear Prim, my sister, crying loudly. At first I wonder why, then I remembered.

Today is the day of the Reaping.

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