Welcome, one and all, to the 110th Hunger Games!

They are pretty straightforward, submit your champs and send advice every update so that I know what you want to do with the character.

Only 6 tributes MAX by person


Sponsor gifts will be limited by many things

  1. The items. By no means a machine gun will get to your guy. If you insist and are rude, I may kill him off.
  2. Your attitude. 
  3. My future ideas
  4. Luck


Did you really think I would tell you?

The Arena

TBA, will add it here as soon as the Games start


District Gender Name Age Weapon  Token Creator
1 Male
1 Female
2 Male
2 Female
3 Male
3 Female
4 Male Apollo Elto 16 Trident and net arm cuff with trident indentions made with jewels Rueflower
4 Female Artemis Elto 16 Knives hair barrette with trident designs on it covered in jewels Rueflower
5 Male
5 Female
6 Male
6 Female
7 Male
7 Female
8 Male
8 Female
9 Male
9 Female
10 Male
10 Female
11 Male
11 Female
12 Male
12 Female

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