• Fawkes and Dobby

    Well, many people like my tributes (despite the lengthy backstories) and have said every time I consider making a games, that they would love to join. Therefore, I have finally decided to make my own games.

    Before I begin I would just like to thank those who helped me out with beginning these games, and giving me ideas for them. I would of had a some difficulty starting these games without them.

    Now without further ado I shall begin the 114 Hunger Games-The Capitol's Revenge!

    1. The districts will be ranged from 1-13 (see the reason why in the description of these games)

    2. I want there to be only two tributes per user, since I would rather not have one person with a whole bunch of tributes

    3. I don't want to go on profiles however I will go on…

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