Hello and Welcome

Well, many people like my tributes (despite the lengthy backstories) and have said every time I consider making a games, that they would love to join. Therefore, I have finally decided to make my own games.

Before I begin I would just like to thank those who helped me out with beginning these games, and giving me ideas for them. I would of had a some difficulty starting these games without them.

Now without further ado I shall begin the 114 Hunger Games-The Capitol's Revenge!

Rules and Things you should know

1. The districts will be ranged from 1-13 (see the reason why in the description of these games)

2. I want there to be only two tributes per user, since I would rather not have one person with a whole bunch of tributes

3. I don't want to go on profiles however I will go on the Hunger Games Roplaying wiki, but I would prefer if the tributes were put in the comments

4. I don't want to see any people getting mad when/if I kill your tribute(s), and I am going to say a sorry in advance if I do kill your tribute(s) (ya I'm kinda super polite)

5. I will only except the more detailed tributes, as I want to know as much as I can about them

6. I will have reservations and they will last for two days (or longer depending on when I update this)

7. Being my super polite self, I won't have much (if not any) foul language and if I do it probably will only be something like crap

8. I think I will do the reapings, individual training, training scores, interviews, and the actual games

9. I'm not super sure on how to do odds so if someone could help me with that, I would appreciate that

10. If I mess anything up, please tell me and I will fix it to the best of my ability

11. Also please don't spam any games on here, I really don't like that

History of "The Capitol's Revenge

Many years after the second rebellion, the newest president was elected. She chose to enter the election with a fake name, which was Eliza Everdeen. She figured entering with the Everdeen last name would gain her quite a few votes and so it did. After winning she stood in front of all of Panem and announced that her real name was Azure Winter. She declared that a new Hunger Games was to commence immediately and it was going to be a quell. This quell was going to be the Capitol's revenge against those districts who rebelled in the second rebellion, districts 1-13. It would be longer and more painful for those loved ones to witness. Azure hates anyone but the Capitol and wants to be remembered for a long time. These games will assure her that.

Tribute Template

I really only need the first five items but I would prefer everything.





Weapons: only 3 or less



Strengths: only 4 or less

Weaknesses: only 4 or less

Fears: I don't mind if how many you have since people don't normally have many fears



Interview Angle:


And anything else you would want to add.


District Gender Name Age Weapons User
District 1 Male Lynx Striker 16 Steel claws, knifes Hybrid Shadow
District 1 Female Violet Doris 16 Knifes, Axes THGfans
District 2 Male Tim Darvin 15 Axe, Short Steel Sword WeatherbyFalls22
District 2 Female Shermaine "Pain" Wilson 17 Double Swords Annamisasa
District 3 Male Courage Blitz 14 Sword Jabberjay78
District 3 Female Lynn Tamila 13 Wire, throwing knifes EpicnezzEmily
District 4 Male Trident Bekke 15 Trident, net Junior ii
District 4 Female Cassandra Oracion 15 Trident, throwing axes EHKnight
District 5 Male Veto Magnate 13 Nun chucks, Metal Pole The Boy With The Pikachu Tattoo
District 5 Female Natasha Grey 15 Throwing Knifes Annamisasa
District 6 Male Furry Anderson 17 Throwing Knifes, Throwing Axes, Mace Teen Derp
District 6 Female Lillian Pierrot 17 Hammers, knifes EHKnight
District 7 Male Harvey Dent 17 Crossbow, Knife Prezziesnow9074:)!
District 7 Female Basil Dewdrop 13 Bow and Arrows Jabberjay78
District 8 Male Ezra Bell 17 Knife Symscons
District 8 Female Danika Ophiuchi 13 Bow and Arrows Junior ii
District 9 Male Milo Amaranth 16 Spear, Throwing Axes The Boy With The Pikachu Tattoo
District 9 Female Mattence Livirine 18 Throwing knifes, whip ViniciusDeAssis1999
District 10 Male Cardy Bankings 12 Long Knife, Awl TDIfan83
District 10 Female Sylvie Scarlett 14 Throwing axes, throwing knifes ViniciusDeAssis1999
District 11 Male Colton Odysseus 14 Zweihänder Ninja~Toast
District 11 Female Lily Dawn 15 Slingshot AxedFox
District 12 Male Spark Pyrrhus 14 Knife Junior ii
District 12 Female Ember Mina 14 Double sided sickle Misytmolla
District 13 Male Shadow Titan 17 Gun Jabberjay78
District 13 Female Hallee Warren 13 Axes, Throwing Axes Misytmolla


User Tribute 1 Tribute 2 Tribute 3
Annamisasa Shermaine "Pain" Wilson $0 Natasha Grey $0
AxedFox Lily Dawn $0
EHKnight Cassandra Oracion $0 Lillian Pierrot $0
EpicnezzEmily Lynn Tamila $0
Hybrid Shadow Lynx Striker $0
Jabberjay78 Courage Blitz $0 Basil Dewdrop $0 Shadow Titan $0
Junior ii Trident Bekke $0 Danika Ophiuchi $0 Spark Pyrrhus $0
Misytmolla Ember Mina $0 Hallee Warren $0
Ninja~Toast Colton Odysseus $0
Prezziesnow9074:)! Harvey Dent $0
Symscons Ezra Bell $0
TDIfan83 Cardy Bankings $0
Teen Derp Furry Anderson $0
The Boy With The Pikachu Tattoo Veto Magnate $0 Milo Amaranth $0
THGfans Violet Doris $0
ViniciusDeAssis1999 Sylvie Scarlett $0 Mattence Livirine $0
WeatherbyFalls22 Tim Darvin $0

I will put this up gradually while I'm doing the reapings, I guarantee it will be really time consuming. I also have to decide how much money everyone should start with, what items I'd like to include, and how much those items will cost.


D1-Lynx Striker

"Screech" I carve my last tally mark into the wall where I've been counting down the days until I volunteer for the hunger games. I've waited 8 years for this, ever since Hunter adopted me and introduced me to the games. It was my time and I wasn't letting anyone stand in my way...."Lynx! Get down here now it's almost time for the reapings we have to leave early, I'm scheduled to keep watch today!" Why does Hunter always interrupt my thoughts? "Coming Hunter!" I scream back and rush down the stairs, after dressing in whatever clothes I found in my drawer.

We arrive at the square early, hardly anyone is here, so I decide to wander the streets for a bit. I take a turn down a few different alleyways and streets, thinking about how I'm going to crush every single person in that arena. I smile and realize that I've walked in a complete circle. I'm back at the square. But I made good timing because the reaping is about to begin.

The district 1 escort walks on stage, I don't really care about what she has to say, whenever I listen it just kinda comes out in mumbled noises. So I decide to try and find Hunter among the peacekeepers. I find him near the stage, listening intently to every word that comes out of the escorts mouth, he turns for a moment and looks over at me. He locks eyes with me and I think he already knows what I'm thinking, he suddenly looks away and I understand why the escort is picking the girls name. "And our female tribute is........" Our escort always leaves a very unnecessarily long pause. "Violet Doris!" Violet walks up the stairs, she grins very snobbish like and shows her confidence well, but I'm not afraid of her she's too frail and weak. There are no volunteers, but once again I don't care I just want the escort to move on. She walks over to the boys bowl, and grabs a name. "And our male tribute for district 1 is..." I can't even wait for her to say the name, I burst through the crowd yelling. "I VOLUNTEER!" When everyone notices it's me, they quickly let me through and anybody who was planning on volunteering just shys away. I run on to the stage and I announce my name "my name is Lynx Striker!" And then I see Hunter we lock eyes again and he opens his mouth. "Lynx get off of that stage!" Hunter makes a run for me but suddenly drops. I look at him and see the bullet hole in his head. I quickly hide my sadness and look straight ahead over everyone, standing strong, so all the tributes know that I'm not afraid of death. I will win these games and I will avenge Hunter.

D2-Shermaine "Pain" Wilson

My instructor stares at me with fear in his eyes. One of my swords is pinned against his throat, the other pointed directly in the back of his head. His two swords lay far away from him, he's defenceless. I smile at him and remove the swords and he smiles back. He turns to the rest of the class and urges them to applaud for me. They do, not because they want to but because they know that if they don't I will hunt them down. I stand there looking proud, and then I walk away because I want to continue training before I volunteer today. As I'm training, I'm approached by a guy. I ignore him, and continue stabbing a dummy. He moves closer. "Pain." He says. I turn around and glare at him. He naturally backs away. "What?" I snarl at him. "I-I just wanted to tell you...." He stutters. I don't let him finish. "If you came to say that I'm pretty or that you like me, I don't care! Now go away the reaping is starting soon and I want to get as much training in before I volunteer. Okay?" He tries to reason with me a few times, but I just stare at him, my eyes narrowed and full of hate. I take one of my swords, point it forward and ease my way closer to him. He looks at the sword. "What are you doing?" I smirk and answer him back. " Just showing you a trick that I've learned..." I inch even closer, the sword is now pressing against his chest. I look him dead in the eyes, still smirking. He is afraid. I nudge the sword into his chest, not enough to cause serious damage but just enough until I see a little dribble of blood roll down his shirt. He's backs away really quickly, with one hand on his chest. He turns and runs, not looking back. I am very pleased with myself.

It's time for the reaping, I stand in my section. Every girl leaves a considerable amount of space around me, nobody wants to come that close and I'm fine with it. Our escort walks onto the stage, and wow is she ever ugly. Her hair is a fluorescent pink and she wears a dress made of thousands of frills. Her voice is so high pitched that I have to put my hands over my ears and not listen anymore, until she picks the names. I watch as she walks to one of the bowls, although I'm not sure if it's the guys or the girls. So I take my hands off my ears. For some reason she started with the guys, I decide to listen and see what happens. Our escort squeaks into the microphone. "The male tribute for district 2 is.....Kyle Crewnshaw!" Right away somebody raises their hand and shouts I volunteer. I try to see this person but for some reason I can't, until he walks onto the stage. He doesn't look very strong, I can take him easily. He announces that his name is, "Tim Darvin!" He winks in my direction, I just roll my eyes.

The escort finally takes the female tributes name out of the bowl. I start to bounce with excitement. My arm is starts to slowly move upwards, she says the name. I don't even care who it is I raise my arm and scream at the top of my lungs, "I VOLUNTEER!!" Every girl instantly makes a path for me to get to the stage. I take powerful strides forward and I glare at some as I pass by. I stomp up the steps, frightening some of the younger ones (whatever). When I get to the microphone I proudly state. "My name is Shermaine Wilson but you can call me Pain, and I will be your female tribute for district 2!" I stare a the crowd with an unforgiving stare and they clap out of fear. I smirk for the cameras. Then I shake hands with Tim, we are obviously sizing each other up. But I know I'm the stronger one. I'm not going to let anyone stand in my way, I WILL win the hunger games.

D3-Courage Blitz

D4-Cassandra Oracion

I stare at the ground, the chair I'm sitting in is very uncomfortable. The man that has been talking for the past hour finally stops, relieved I take a breath and close my eyes. When I open them his feet are right in front of me. His hand grasps me chin and forces my head upwards. He makes sure that I'm making direct eye contact with him. "Have you been listening to me at all?" He asks. I respond. "No." There is no point in lying, my fate is sealed.he sighs and repeats everything that he had been explaining for an hour. "When the reaping begins you will hide behind a group of peacekeepers, when they announce the female tributes name, you will volunteer. Then I will guide you to the stairs. You won't fight it and you will not say anything, besides your name and that you volunteer. Got it?" I nod. He smiles and then leaves. I look around the room at all the peacekeepers, they glare at me. I look back at the ground, and then I think about why I'm in this situation. Caspian. Why did he have to hurt me? A single tear rolls down my face.

I stand behind the peacekeepers, I wish I could stay here forever. But that isn't possible. Our escort, Kimberly Neptune, walks onto the stage. She has a smile plastered on her face, however she is beautiful none the less. Kimberly begins speaking about the history of the games. My palms begin to sweat, as she finishes speaking. She gracefully walks towards the female tributes bowl. Kimberly slips her hand into the bowl and grabs a piece of paper. She walks to the microphone and reads the name. "Nikki North!" I raise my hand and scream. "I VOLUNTEER!" The man who was instructing me earlier grabs my arm and practically drags me to the stairs. I attempt to hide my nerves but I doubt that its working. I walk on stage, and Kimberly guides me to the microphone. I clear my throat. "My name is Cassandra Oracion." I glacé over at Kimberly and she nudges me out of the way, I don't object, I'm glad to be out of the spotlight. "And now for the male tribute..." She dips her hand in the bowl. My vision begins to fade, I feel my knees giving out and then all I see is white.

I find myself in a green area, I look and see three figures. Two girls and one guy. The one girl stands further away from the other and I notice an arrow sticking out of her head, she collapses. Then I notice the other two figures. I'm one of them but the other guy I don't know who it is. I'm in tears and the guy has his arms wrapped around me, as he hold me back. I'm trying to reach the girl who was shot. I don't understand this, how could it be the future?

I gasp for air and open my eyes. All I see is the light from the sun but I feel someone picking me up from behind. I turn around and my focus clears. In front of me is a very good looking guy, who seems generally concerned about me and something about him is familiar. When I look into his eyes, he smiles. "Hey, my name is Trident Bekke, I don't think you heard this but I am your fellow tribute." I give a shy smile back and then look away. I realize that everyone is staring at us. Many peacekeepers are glaring at me, whilst everyone else is just confused. I return to gazing at Trident, I look him up and down. And then finally a recognize him, he is the guy from my vision.

D5-Veto Magnate

D6-Lillian Pierrot

D7-Harvey Dent

D8-Danika Ophiuchi

D9-Milo Amaranth

D10-Sylvie Scarlett

D11-Colton Odysseus

D12-Ember Mina

D13-Shadow Titan

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