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  • FeiLong

    Hey everyone! This is my first games!

    You can submit 4 tributes max! (Preferably one of each district)

    The more you comment about strategy the better chance you have of winning.

    • No spamming
    • No fighting
    • No complaining once your tribute is killed!
    • Have fun!








    Back story:

    Like the original movie, semi-circled around a cornucopia, behind this circle a large forest, very big trees, once you go further out their will be a lake that moats the whole map, once crossed you will be brought back into a forest.

    District/Gender Name Age Weapon User
    District 1 female Evanna Lucas 16 Bow and Arrows LillyDaNinja
    District 1 male Alric Gould 18 Sword Beetee19
    District 2 female Prism Winters 18 Throwing K…

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