Hey everyone! This is my first games!

You can submit 4 tributes max! (Preferably one of each district)

The more you comment about strategy the better chance you have of winning.


  • No spamming
  • No fighting
  • No complaining once your tribute is killed!
  • Have fun!

Tribute Template








Back story:

The Arena

Like the original movie, semi-circled around a cornucopia, behind this circle a large forest, very big trees, once you go further out their will be a lake that moats the whole map, once crossed you will be brought back into a forest.

Tributes Appearances

Death Chart

District/Gender Name Age Weapon User
District 1 female Evanna Lucas 16 Bow and Arrows LillyDaNinja
District 1 male Alric Gould 18 Sword Beetee19
District 2 female Prism Winters 18 Throwing Knives/Darts The Boy With The Pikachu Tattoo
District 2 male Halloween Smiley 17

Knives Needles

Hands Swords

District 3 female Petra Mines 17


District 3 male Ciel Phantomhive 14 Throwing Knives Tehblakdeath
District 4 female Atlantica Blue 15 Trident 569822
District 4 male Christopher Kosmos 16 Spear and Net District3
District 5 female Fennekin Flameheart 15 Fire Yui Nii-saan
District 5 male Troi Cian 15 Dagger or Spear District3
District 6 female Hailee Lores 16 Dagger/ Duel Swords WitchAndWizard
District 6 male Daniel Lores 16 BroadSword WitchAndWizard
District 7 female Thalia Hill 16 Mace Dragon78
District 7 male Mist Scorchil 14 Tomahawk/Axe Mistfire333
District 8 female Vera Vendettica 17 Axe/Knives Andy1854
District 8 male Velour Coudre 18 Crossbow and Bow The Boy With The Pikachu Tattoo
District 9 female Nyxie Twila 15 Cresent Dagger Yui Nii-saan
District 9 male Silver Clockson 16 Double Knifes TehOnlyUmbreon
District 10 female Ingird lawson 17 Sickle ~glitterday~
District 10 male Jonah Bolding 16 Axe Andy1854
District 11 female Bailey Cotton 15 Sword 569822

District 11 Male

Rebel Groots 17 Hooks/Traps/Sickles Mistfire333

District 12 Female

Fantasia Orange 18 Hands Emma

District 12 Male

Bannete Tsukomogami 15 Traps/needles/Knifes Mistfire333

Training Score

Name District Score Odds of winning
Evanna Lucas 1 9 16/1
Alric Gould 1 9 14/1
Prism Winters 2 7 26/1
Halloween Smiley 2 10 7/1
Petra Mines 3 5 35/1
Ciel Phantomhive 3 4 43/1
Atlantica Blue 4 5 34/1
Christopher Kosmos 4 7 27/1
Fennekin Flameheart 5 4 44/1
Troi Clan 5 6 32/1
Hailee Lores 6 8 18/1
Daniel Lores 6 8 17/1
Thalia Hill 7 3 48/1
Mist Scorchil 7 5 36/1
Vera Vendettica 8 8 19/1
Velour Coudre 8 10 8/1
Nyxie Twila 9 6 30/1
Silver Clockson 9 7 25/1
Ingird lawson 10 8 21/1
Jonah Bolding 10 7 24/1
Bailey Cotton 11 8 20/1
Rebel Groots 11 10 6/1
Fantasia Orange 12 2 51/1
Bannete Tsukomogami 12 9 15/1


Daniel Lores


I gulp, I try to get as much time as I can to see my sister... Where is she? Why can't I see her? Oh wait, there she is, half way across the pedestals, but my heads in the game, not with my sister, but I nod at her and look at where we should go, she turns and agrees.

Ingird Lawson


It's me, myself and I. I never knew my partner and wouldn't mind killing him, he's likely to do well, and that comes off as very dangerous... But why am I thinking about my partner? There are 22 other tributes that have just a bigger chance of killing me...

Bannete Tsukomogami

2......1.....Let the 14th Annual Hunger Games Begin!

I jump off my pod and sprint towards the cornucopia, I'm the third one their. Behind the 2 male and the 11 male. Instantly, I grab a bag and sitting next to it a pari of knives, it all seemed to easy. I look around and see two dead body's, that might be mine I think to myself. I'm so distracted, I snap out of it and see the District 7 girl run towards me, I step out of the way and instantly plunge my knife into her throat. BOOM. I just killed my first tribute, and most likely not the last. I slowly sneak off to the side while I watch the careers finish off the remaining tributes in the area.


Haylee Lores

"Daniel! Quick!" I yell at my brother, he's sprinting over to me but his paranoid attitude slows him down. No ones coming, you'll be fi- I'm instantly cut off as I watch an arrow fly straight through his neck. BOOM. I stop, and look to my left, I see the District 8 male standing their loading his bow. But I just stand and watch my brother bleed, he's gone I think to myself. And now i'm to unstable to stand, I look over at the 8 Male and he looks me in the eyes. He loads the bow, pulls back and fi- ... He stops, falls to his knees and right on the back of his chest lays a trident, I gasp. "Weapon down, you're with us or your against us". I raise and turn my head. Their stands the girl from 4, the boy from 11 and the boy from 7. "We need another girl, it's your lucky day". Thank god that just happened. Do it for Daniel I repeat.

District/Gender Name Killed by Cause of death Placement
District 9 Female Nyxie Twila Halloween Smiley Sword to the heart 24th
District 5 Male Troi Cian Jonah Bolding Stabbed with Axe 23rd
District 12 Female Fantasia Orange Vera Vendettica Throat Slit 22nd
District 11 Female Bailey Cotton Alric Gould Stabbed with Sword 21st
Dsitrict 3 Male Ciel Phantomhive Evanna Lucas Mace into head 20th
District 7 Female Thalia Hill Bannete Tsukomogami Knife to head 19th
District 6 Male Daniel Lores Velour Coudre Arrow to neck 18th
District 8 Male Velour Coudre Atlantica Blue Trident to Spine 17th

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