Okay, well hi everybody and welcome to the Ghost Games! This is my very first games and hopefully it will be a great success.

Tribute Template (or links from The HG Roleplay Wiki)






Appearance: (Lunaii, real life picture, or description.)




Bloodbath Strategy:

Game Strategy:



  • 3 tributes per user

  • Use the tribute template or your tribute will be denied

  • No arguing or swearing in the comments

  • Don’t get upset if your tribute dies

  • Reservations can last up to three days, no exceptions

District Name Age


District 1 Male
District 1 Female
District 2 Male
District 2 Female
District 3 Male
District 3 Female Karla Flake 16 Nightlock Kryptonite
District 4 Male Clay Barines 18 Tehblakdeath
District 4 Female
District 5 Male Skye Hepher 18 Tehblakdeath
District 5 Female
District 6 Male
District 6 Female
District 7 Male
District 7 Female
District 8 Male
District 8 Female
District 9 Male
District 9 Female
District 10 Male
District 10 Female
District 11 Male
District 11 Female
District 12 Male
District 12 Female Delilah Brooklyn 14 Nightlock Kryptonite
District 13 Male Harley Swoop 14 Nightlock Kryptonite
District 13 Female Piper Quinn 18 Nightlock Kryptonite

The Arena

The Arena itself features six different landscapes. One a large pine forest, filled with dangerous creatures. Two a stretch of unstable rocks concealing a treacherous river. Three a open moorland with a dark secret. Four a dark, ancient village, with an eerie atmosphere. Five a mountian range at the back of the arena. And six, a huge gorge splitting the arena in half...


As you may be able to tell from the title, these games with have a ghastly catch to it. Whenever one tribute takes the life of another, whether accidentally or on purpose, the dead tribute will haunt them until the living tribute's demise. The ghost may choose to either help or hinder their killer. Maybe by protecting them, leading them towards others or even turning into an animal savior.

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