HELLO WELCOME TO THE64TH HUGNER GAMES!!!! I'm only using my tributes because i am selfish and a jerk!!!

District 1:

Male Zeus Bloodingtonmcshabadoo Jr. - 12 (1) 10th Shot by Ernie Kills: Zombie Nation, Marion Raven-Wood

Female Kracken Kills - 16 (9) 11th Shot by Ernie

District 2

Male Ernie Sassalot - 18 (12) 2nd Chell pushed him into a portal that made him fall. Kills: Pants Man, Place Holder, Lucy Fighter, Randy Archives, Kracken Kills, Zeus Bloodingtonmcshabadoo Jr., Crayon Koopamonga, Carl Carlson, Rudy Steiner.

Female Lucy Fighter - 18 (8) 19th Stabbed by Ernie

District 3

Male Crayon Koopamonga - 16 (7) 5th Shot by Ernie Kills: Rick Astry.

Female Sky P - 15 (10) 13th Stabbed by Rudy Kills: Mick Pouioui Liesel Hammermen

District 4

Male Randy Archives - 14 (4) 15th Stabbed by Ernie

Female Lucy Miffin - 17 (7) 6th Shot by Laser

District 5

Fido Fiderson - 16 (12) 8th Shot by Laser

Mary Bloodbath - 16 (5) 7th Shot by Laser

District 6

Liesel Hammermen - 14 (8) 14th Caught in Sky's trap Kills: Kesha Notalent

Rudy Steiner - 14 (11) 3rd Stabbed By Ernie Kills: Pants Woman, Sky P.

District 7

Male Zombie Nation - 12 (8) Burned by Zeus

Female Chell Portal - 18 (10) 1st VICTOR Kills: Ernie Sassalot

District 8

Male Place Holder - 15 (3) 23rd Stabbed by Ernie

Female Mister Tibbles - 14 (7) 18th Eaten by Carl

District 9

Male Carl Carlson - 15 (8) 4th Stabbed By Ernie. Kills: Mister Tibbles, Kelly Waffle

Female Kesha Notalent - 18 (1) 22nd Stabbed By Liesel

District 10

Male Rick Astry - 13 (11) 20th Crayon cut off his legs

Female Marion Raven-Wood - 17 (6) 9th Burned by Zeus

District 11

Male Pants Man - 16 (1) Last (24th) Stabbed by Ernie

Female Pants Woman - 16 (8) 16th Stabbed by Rudy

District 12

Male Mick pouipoui - 13 (9) 17th Stabbed by Sky

Female Kelly Waffle - 15 (4) 12th Eaten by Carl

Other Items of destruction

Song: Friday Kills: None

LAZOR Kills: Fido Fiderson, Mary Blodbath, Lucy Miffin

Marker Koopamonga - 14 Kills: Steve

Mrs. Sassalot - 30 Kills: The Fighter's (excluding Lucy)

Chariot Rides Neigh Neigh!

District 1

Zeus and Kracken are wearing Suits made of diamonds that sparkle and glitter zeus then pulls out a match "OH CRAP HES GONNA -" The chariot then burts into flames people run away and some get burned in the middle of this Zeus is just eying the fire cakaling. then an announcement comes from the speakers " Due to a Giant fire District 2 3 7 8 and 12 will not have chariot rides thank you and have a great day."

District 4

Waterlily Wave and Splash Blue come out in Glittering tuxes then someone in the stands yells out "HEY THEY WON LAST YEAR!" Then a giant Brick Falls on them and Randy and Lucy are on top of it. the horses fall over because they cant pull a giant brick so LUcy and Randy get off and the Brick is exploded.

District 5

Fido and Mary are wearing Fur coats but fido doesn't have a shirt on he then graps Mary and starts to dance with her the crowd cheers they are a lot better then a giant brick falling from the sky.

District 6

They come out in the previous tributes bodies wearing there outfits the crowd cheers because they love decapatation

District 9

They come out in giant apple costumes (dont ask)

District 10

They come in cow costumes and there chariot is a giant cow then the chariot say moooo and the crowds jumps back in surprise the cow then eats one of the people watching they cheer as he is eaten

District 11

they come out in giants pants costumes, pants eachother and everyone laughs

The Games Day 1: Good news for people who like bad news

I'm Doing this day in POVS Enjoy

From Chell's Pov

The second I am lifted into the arena and the lights are out, i know there is something familiar about this place. I look around trying to make out what this place is. then the lights come on and I scream. I am back at apeture science in the room i killed glados. there she is hanging from the ceiling she says "Hello Chell I hope we can put aside our diffrences and do this for science you monster" Then I scream some more

From Pants Man's POV

I see the arena and see the other tributes wearing pants Great! the gong rings and i run towards the nearest person and pull down his pants he just stares at me then i feel a Cat claw on my back i see a bright light and a pants wearing person i run up to him going to pull them down

From Ernie's POV

I just killed the 11 boy and finish the 8 boy whos pants our down i look to my left to see Kesha stabbed by the 6 girl I run to the cornocopia and see her with her stupid blond hair she sees me and says "HI EARL!" I then proceed to tear up her body

From Zeus's POV


From Crayon's POV

I think to my self how fun this will be when the gong rings and the robot lady is done yelling at us i see a 13 year old asking for an alliance he says hes never gonna give me up or let me down or turn around and desert me. I then Proceed to decapitate him Fun Fun Fun Fun Fun Looking forward to more Killing

From Carl's Pov

Man I'm Hungry then a gong rings and i think LUNCH TIME! I run over and get some matches then I see a girl next to me I club her over the head and drag her into the forest where i put her in a pot then I ate her alive YUM!

From Sky's POV

I grap 2 spears and run away as fast as possible but i run into the 2 tributes from district 12 fighting The Waffle Girl and the guy whos names like poi or pou or something i look around to see she had set up traps so i spear the male. she looks at me then hugs me when i offer an alliance she cries well at least there are some sane people unlike the guy i saw earlier who ATE someone alive.

From Rudy's POV

I run to the horn as fast as I can. Then I see Liesel out of the corner of my eye she is stabbing the girl who vomited on her at training. I grap her and we run away as silent as beavers. a few hours pass and the bloodbath is over I count 8 Cannons thinking there should have been more. then i see rustling in the Bush next to us i Throw my knifve at it and it lodges into the girl from 11's neck then fall alseep thinking 11 more... and then me.

Day 1: Deaths

24th Pants Man Clawed by Ernie

23rd Place Holder Clawed by Ernie

22nd Kesha Notalent Stabbed by Liesel

21st Zombie Nation Burned By Zeus

20th Rick Astry Crayon cut off his legs

19th Lucy Fighter Clawed By Ernie

18th Mister Tibbles Eaten Alive by Carl

17th Mick Pouioui Stabbed by one of Sky's Spears

16th Pants Woman Stabbed by Ruby

Day 2: My New Best Friend

From Marion's POV

I wake up in a chamber with a toilet and bed. I wonder where I am when I here the Robot saying I'm in a relaxion chamber. then through the PDA in the labratory she starts to speak and says today is Friday December 22th then she puts a video on a screen at the top of the arena

Man I Hate this robot lady

From Chell's POV

I'm going insane after so long captive in this place i escape only to be thrown back in. I am in a corner rockig back and forth when I find I got a sponser gift. I open it up and find a companion cube. I AM HAPPY :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D ::D :D :D

From James's POV

Winning my games was the second hardest thing i had done in my life but being a mentor or so much harder watching all those kids die every year... With all the money Ernies getting i'm thinking of giving him a very powerfull weapon. when I look at the screen and see him kill another boy I place my order.

From Ernie's POV

I had stumbled across the 4 boy while I was tracking the Pyro kid. I quickly and quietly Stabbed him in the chest with my cat claws before he could get up and know what is happening. His Canon sounds a few seconds later and a box falls from the sky. I open it up and theres a note "one of my favorites very Usefull" James Bond. I look through the wrapping and find a silenced Walther P99 (gun) I smile because my father had one of these. my father...


15th Randy Archives Stabbed by Ernie

Day 3: ITS A TRAP!

From Rudy's POV

Liesel and I start to hunt for tributes because we despretley need a knfive for liesel. we start to hear rustling behind us i run up to it with my spear and stab it. i find that i had just stabbed a mutt that looked like a metallic rinho with spikes for arms. i start to run thinking that there is a pack following it. I turn back just in time to see Liesel step in the spear trap.

From Sky's POV

I hear screeming close by and i decide to check it out i leave Kelly at our base to guard. The first thing I see is the girl from six get impaled by my trap. and then a BOOM. then the male she was running with turns to me with a crazy look in his eyes. he has a knifve and stabs me reapetetly. I see a long bright light ahead of me and i run towards it.

From Carl's POV

Man its been 2a whole day since i ate anyone the taste of the girls flesh and blood leaves my mouth. i decide that its time to eat. i see the waffle girl run towards her and bite her arm off. she screams then i hear BOOM BOOM BOOM. I put her body in a pot and watch it boil. mand i wonder how a boy tastes!

Day 3 Deaths

14th Liesel Hammermen Stabbed by sky's trap

13th Sky P Stabbed by Rudy

12th Kelly Waffle Eaten by Carl

Day 4: The More Fire The Better

From Zeus's POV

I must burn more thigns burn burn they must go up in flames. I start to randomly chuck matches at trees and see who dies. I see the girl from my district run up to me with a crazy look in her eyes she runs up to me only to fall over suddenly i look to my left anthere is the 2 boy with a gun. I look over to him and scream SHE WAS MY KILL he then shoots me. the place i see below me is full of fire and a dude with a pitchfork. I think I'm Gonna like it here.

From James POV

Ernie may have got the kills but there is still the fact of getting out of there. He then surprises me by whipping out a portal gun. he shoots to a nearby not on fire tree and then one at the horn. as I watch the fire spread I can't help of think off all the tributes dead beacuse of a pyro.


11th Kracken Kills Shot by Ernie

10th Zeus BloodingtonMcsabadooJr Shot by Ernie

9th Marion Raven-Wood Burned by Zeus

Final 8 Interviews

Ernie: his mom comes holding a knfive coverd in blood. she tells him that lucy's Family has payed for what they had done in more ways then 1. when asked about the knifve she says she killed a pig with it. techinicaly this is true.

Crayon: He has a sister named marker who comes and says that he should get some frisbees because of connections she has. she then proceeds to kill a person named Steve who bumped into her.

Lucy M: her mom comes but is to sad to say anything. her siblings tell her that use the strength of hairspray

Fido: His sister and brother Terry and Harry Fiderson come and tell him to dance dance dance till he cant stop he also tells him to look out for people with weapons

Mary: Terry comes and says thank you. she also surprises everryone by telling her to kill her brother now. "he can not stay alive any longer" she says.

Rudy: He has no family but a robot says to eat.

Chell: Glados comes and says that you will not be still alive.

Carl: his sister carla comes and tells him to eat a male preferably the dancing boy.

Day 5: Imma Firen Mai LAZOR

From Mary's POV

I got the note with the video from terry. Does she really want me to kill her brother? I think that it is time to stop this alliance anyways so i go over to Fido and say i have a surprise for him. "A SURPRISE NO WAI" Then the Robot lady says ues way. She then Says IMMA FIREN MAI LAZOR I see a giant light in front of us and I think CRAP.

From Rudy's POV

no more games if I can kill more people must kill KILL KILL KILL must desttroy Must do whatever it takesw to cause pain and suffering (evil Laugh) I WILL DESTROY YOU ALL

From Ernie's POV

When i hear the robot lady say she's gonna fire her laser i climb a tree to get out of range. the laser runs striaght through the forest and leaves a path of destruction wherever it goes. I hear a BOOM BOOM BOOM then I think about my next victim and how he is about to be killed. I line up my shot and BOOM. the 3 boy falls to his knees with bladed frisbees in his hands


Fido Fiderson Shot by Laser

Marry Blodbath Shot by Laser

Lucy Miffin Shot by Laser

Crayon Koopamonga Shot by Ernie

Day 6: It feels like forever

From Ernie's POV

I am getting bored of these pathetic ametures i have yet to see any of them pose a real challenge to me. I see the boy from 9 come at me with a flaming mace in his hand. I take out my knifve and easily disarm him. he then falls to the ground dead then BOOM. Bah too easy. i then see the 6 boy come at me. He throws a sword at me but i just laugh as a dodge it grap it and mid air and throw it at him. BOOM. one more

From Nobody's POV

Chell comes out of her tree holding the companion cube over her head. she shoots a portal under ernie and one at the force field. ernie dodges and counters with his whip. Chell dodges and throws a knifve at him. Ernie Uses his whip to send the knifve back at chell but she rolls and pushes him into the portal. BOOM.

From Chell's POV

I wake up in the relaxion vault which i had woken up before in. I leave the arena from the portal in the room.

then Glados says she has a song for me I let her sing it for methumb|300px|right

Victors Interview

Ceaser: Good Job at winning

Chell:thank you

Ceaser: so you where telling the truth. sorry our bad

Chell: its okay i survived didn't I?

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