1. You Can Form Alliances With People
  2. You can curse but to a minor extent only.
  3. Post at least once every 24 hours or you could get injured/killed.
  4. Don't cry if you die.
  5. Absolutely no godmodding. If you don't know what that is,

-It can be killing or injuring a character without the player's express permission.

-It can be when they simply can’t be hit and dodge all attacks or anything for this matter aimed at them.

-It can also be using other characters that other people RP with.



Appearance (I prefer actual photos, but you can make Lunaiis if you like) :

Personality (Brief description but not vague i.e: nice) :

Age 12-18 (it can be any age as long as its reasonable) :

Gender :

Token (if there is one) :

Strengths :

Weaknesses (this includes fears) :


Purgers Chart

District Name Age Gender Weapon Status
1 Dustin 16 Male DEAD
1 Female DEAD
2 Tristian 16 Male Alive
2 Alice 13 Female Alive
3 Blake 15 Male Alive
3 Lady 12 Female Alive
4 Wes 18 Male DEAD
4 Eden 13 Female DEAD
5 Connor 17 Male DEAD
5 Marina 15 Female DEAD
6 Erlend 16 Male Alive
6 Summer 15 Female DEAD
7 Sam 15 Male Alive
7 Bee 13 Female Alive
8 Joan 15 Male DEAD
8 Mia 14 Female DEAD
9 Eli 14 Male Alive
9 Rebekah 13 Female Alive
10 Kaeghan 14 Male Alive
10 Liza 15 Female Alive
11 Tyler 16 Male Alive
11 Latoya 17 Female DEAD
12 Luke 15 Male DEAD
12 Claudia 16 Female Alive

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