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Finnick999 December 12, 2011 User blog:Finnick999


Hi, This is Anna-athena on Finnick's account.

I just wanted to say bye. I left cause I askedd to be permabaned. and i am now. This is the last you'll be seeing me on this wiki but Ill be on the fanon one. cuz like im a admin. (oh and who sent me a messgae on it?) Sure many of you think ill come back cause maybe I dont know am predictable? Yeah I know who hates me. My friends told me.

Just a shout out to my awesome friennds here.

Clove1001~ an awesome really nice person. Shes so friendly and I was lucky enoguth to meet her. I cant wait to see the secret hollow forest published!

Rose~ an awesome supporting partner. I hope you an rueflower win the competiton.

Skybender~ so creative and awesome person so nice. Chinese like me 2!

Nectarine~ seriously gurl, your 2 good 4 words.

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