Hey Guys

I'm pretty new here, just joined yesterday, so im wondering if anyone wants to be in my Cyber Family? Just comment. Here are my Bros so far.

Me: The really weird little sister that enjoys dancing with plants. I really love eatinng spiders too! I also have a pet cricket named Echo

Rockman: The mad scientist brother that clones pieces of hair

Bklmc: The cheerful gardener brother that especially loves worms. Only enjoys eating compost and is eco friendly.

Benuc: Hmmm, he is an world wide famous person becuase he is the most awesome dancer with...dogs. To see pictures, search up in youtube, Benuc dancing with dogs. His faithful sister always brings him lunch. Mud Cake

He is also very hyper due to the fact that he spends ALL of his mmoney on sugar cubes and cocacola. ADDICTED!!!!

His aweosme sis, locks it up and watches him CRY

Mopping: My goth brother that dreams of becoming a plumber. I know who to call when I plug the toilet. XD. The brother also enjoys eating lasagna and has lasgnaitits.

Quinn: The older sister who is so vain and popular she spents 4hours in the washroom everyday. She fans over anythign pretty and pretty much everything.

Clove: The singer of the family, she enjoys funeral tunes and wears neon colors. Little sis enjoys making people crazy! She already did that to me! :P

Sky: Was born sadly with an gift from the gods. Such an talented sister that writes...heartbreak songs. Sky sits in the room and eats ONLY licorice. She has 4 cavities!

Moviepop: enjoys watching movies with candy popcorn. Weird Part: only watches chick flicks! Did you see breaking dawn, bro?

Nate: Is an super energetic person who dreams of having plastic surgery. He's a neat freak and touches my stuff, did i mentoin he owns about 1000000 necklaces?

Nectarine: An hunch back older sister that hits on the 70 year old crossing guard. Enough said. :)

Call me Revelyn or Lyn Guys!

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