,Hello! We are representing the 44th Hunger Games! To be a tribute, just fill up this form:

Name (tribute name):








To be a mentor, just fill up this form!

Name (mentor name):

What Hunger Games game did you win:

Instructions for mentors:

You are the sponsor, too. You will start with 500 dollars money and you will tell the tributes to go or not to the

Cornucopia, etc.


Spear- 233

Stone/ Rock- 140

Healing cream - 343

Burning cream- 343

Gun- 200

Bow and arrow- 433

Sword- 433

Food (any kind just tell the name of the food)- 449

Slingshot- 120

Ax - 342

Other item/s that is/are not in the category (just tell the item): whatever price depending in the item/s

Happy Hunger Games! And may the odds be ever in your favor!

Tributes (For the district 12, below the scores)

Name and Age District


and appearance

Skills Weapon/s Weakness/s Private session with gamemakers: and Mentor
Katelynn Huxley 1 F. Long brown hair, gorgeous blue eyes, slim and pale. Often uses her looks to trick people. Best knife-thrower in the arena, very good escape artist Throwing knives Climbing trees Katelynn walked in and set up five dummies with targets then walked over to the knife setup. She took two off the shelf and threw them at two dummies, hitting them both in the heart. She threw another. Bullseye. The fourth one was about a centimetre off the bullseye and, because the Gamemakers were not paying any attention to her, she tossed the fifth knife up high and it lodged itself in the roof to get their attention.
Arran Harthorn,16 1 M.He is quite handsome, he has short blonde hair that flops just the right way, Dazziling green eyes that mark him as a Harthorn. He is Muscular but very skinny. Sword fighting Sword His leg injury, which slows him down, considerably. He hits the dummy everytime. But one gamemaker is very angry at him, but he does not mind it. Mentor: Oliver James
Eulalia "Lali" Strebel,15 2 Short strawberry blond hair, blue eyes with hints of gold in them, tan skin, freckles Sword fighting Sword Unknown. She hits all the dummy but the gamemakers are not looking at her. So, she shouts then walks out.
Draco Adams 2 M. Short blonde hair, dark blue eyes, freckles and pale skin. 6'5 hand to hand combat, speed, strength and leading others swords and spears. throwing knives. climbing. can get angry very easily first draco runs into the training room, showing off his speed. he is sure the gamemakers didn't see him cause of his speed so he throws a spear at the wall. "SURPRISE!" he shouts. he picks up 3 dummies and throws them at the wall. he then grabs a few swords and fights the dummies. after about 5 minutes nearly ever dummy is on the floor in pieces. there must be more than 1000. he then grabs a few spears and launches them at the few dummies who survived his attack. they all hit them through the heart and in the head. draco holds a trick up his sleeve. he grabbed some throwing knives when he ran in and he throws them at many different targets. he hits them all dead center. he hears a clap from the gamemakers and leaves the room feeling pleased.
Amber Hollows,15



blonde hair and dark brown eyes.

Throwing maces Throwing maces, camoflauge, bow and arrow Unknown. Amber throws maces and paints herself. Perfect. But when she shoots the arrow, the arrow goes to the light. The light breaks into pieces.
Buxus Redcoat,15 3 Unknown. Very smart, strong, knows how to set up electric traps, stealthy. Swords, knives, wire He hates getting wet, allergic to nuts. He runs and grabs a sword and slash the dummies into pieces, he throws knives, but 1 of them did not hit the target. Some gamemakers laughed, but he does not mind it.
Aqua Waves,14 4 F. Wavy long blonde hair, blueish eyes. Throwing Tridents,Tieing Knots,Making Nets,Swimming Trident Cocky,Arrogant Aqua set up 7 dummies(that you use to practice on) in a row. Then she got 7 tridents. She made sure the gamemakers were watching,which they were. And she repeadedly threw the tridents right on the target scoring her an 11. Mentor: Annie Richards
Eli Oceanus,15 4 M. Brownish hair with bangs, and light brown eyes. Swimming, Knots, Traps, Leading, Extrememly charming and Is a very fast sprinter Spear, Trident, Sword, Axes (Throwing and normal), Knives (Throwing and normal) and Bow (Basically anything with a sharp end) Bad at climbing trees Eli walked in to the training centre confidently he walked straight up to the game makers and said, "This is perfection" He then did a backflip and went into a complex arrangement of moves which moved him around the centre leaving the gamemakers breathless he then took a single trident and threw it across the room, it landed in the dummy head and took it off and embeded it into the wall, Eli walked out happy Mentor: Annie Richards
Cherith Cherry Reed, unknown 5 F. Long dark hair, Hazel eyes. Tree climbing Dagger of Knife Afraid of heights She just throw knives. But she is sleepy so, the other knives are not in the target. Mentor: Jacob Barclay
Andy Andreson,18 5 M. 6'8, Muscular Build,Tan, Brown Hair. :Brute Strength,Fast,Clever, Never Misse A Target, Smart, bulding Traps Knife,spear,Sword,Wire,Rock Home Sickness He build traps, but the other one fails. He does many things. The gamemakers are very impressed and then he dismissed him.
Jacob Wesly,18 6 M. Pure blond hair, sliver eyes, light tan skin, athletic build. Amazing with mid-ranged weapons Spear, trident, pole, axe and scythe Peaceful by nature and very calm. went for the mid-ranged weapons, and attacked 1 manikan per weapon, 1 cheast strike, 1 amputation, and 1 decapitation per manikan
Lynnette "Lynnie" Handsows,16 6 F.She is very pretty. She has long blond hair that goes down a little past her shoulders that she usually wears in a braid over her shoulder. She has crystal blue eyes, and is very. very skinny. Throwing knives. Knives Unknown She throws many knives and hits the target perfectly.
Jonathan Hunted,17 7 M.Black slicked back hair, teal eyes. Slim, but strong Sword fighting, knifes and axe. Swords, throwing knives and an axe Not very fast, and not good at making friends (Alliances) He shows how he fights with sword but some gamemakers are not contented, the throwing knives are perfect and the axe.
Thalia Combe, 17 7 F. Tree Climbing, running, strong and edible plants Axes and swords. Unknown. She ran in showing off her speed. Grabbed a sword and used it to chop of several dummies heads and bodys. She then picks up an axe and throws it in the centre of the dummmies hearts and one in their stomach and another in their head. The game makers clap. "I'm Not Done Yet!" She shouts. she then picks up a weight (a fairly heavy one for a girl of her size) and throws it in the target she threw her axes into. "Now. I'm done." she bows and says "Thank You.." then she whispers "not."
Finale Acrell,16 8 F. Reddish hair and blue eyes. Cat-like agility, hand-to-hand combat, blowgun and knife hands* Knife and blowgun. Unknown. Here we go. "Finale Acrell! District 8, textiles." The gamemakers all turn and look at me. I walk over the wall of weapons and take down something that looks like a scythe and two knives. I look around...yes! Duct tape! I tape the knives to the back of my hands and go around punching dummies in the face and heart. I take the scythe thingy from the ground and whirl it around. Slice, slice, slice! Three foam heads fall to the floor.I have found my hidden talent! I stab some more, rip off the knives and go bouncing, leaping, carlwheeling, flipping, twirling, twisting, turning, rolling and punching around the room. Somehow, I find my self up in the gamemakers' room. They don't notice me because I'm behind a table and I'm so quiet. But one Avox sees me. I steal a plum from the fruit table flip back down into the target room, curtsy and take a bite of the plum. "You may leave now, Finali!" says one of the gamemakers who is taken by my cuteness. "That's Finale Acrell, to you." And, with that, I turn around walk out and throw the half-eaten plum behind me. Nailed it.
Sebastian Klein,13 8 M.Brown hair and black with brown eyes. Blowgun, Throwing knives. Blowgun and knives, Unknown. He hits the target everytime with his blowgun and his knives, but some of the gamemakers are not impressed. He throws a knife in one of the apple and then walks out.
Krystal Clearwater, 14 9 F.Long wavy dark brown hair that falls just above her waist, medium brown eyes and tall with slim build Archery, plants and climbing trees. Bow and arrow Gets attached to people very quickly. She shoots an arrow to the turkey's beak because when she shoots perfectly, the gamemakers are not looking. But the gamemakers dismissed her.
Elias Caldeu, 14 9 M.Long mousy brown hair in a ponytail, ice blue eyes and scar from fight Able to craft things. Spear, scythe

Not very fast, and is quite laid back, so his reactions are possibly slower than usual.

He will walk in and announce his name. The he will grab a knife, and using wood will craft a spear out of it. Using that, he will fire it at some dummies. He does this until dismissed.
Anaylia Sanders,15 10 F. Curly blonde hair and brown eyes. Fast Runner Throwing axes Over-emotional Analia set up dummies and got the same number of axes. She then threw them from a far distance and the dummies heads plopped off earning her a ten.
Tayson Blue,15 10 M.Spiky orange with brown hair and emerald green eyes. Sword Fighting Sword Overprotective of girlfriend Analia. Tayson walked in the room and grabbed a sword. He then got lots of dummies and shredded them to pieces. Earning him an 8.
Sylvie Scarlet,14 11 F.Short dark hair, light, glassy blue eyes, beautiful She is very stealthy, she is amazing with bows and arrows and extremly leathal with a knife or throwing knives. She is also amazing with camoflauge, basic survival skills, climbing, swimming and staying hidden. knives, bow+arrows Unknown She sneaks in, without the game makers seeing her and she gets a bow and an arrow without the game makers seeing and climbs to the roof and then when the game makers are looking for her(but failing) and then she sets fire to the tip of an arrow and shoots a dummy that is right in the middle. The game makers are very suprised and look up to see her. She gentally jumps down, jumping off things. She then gives a small bow and a wink and dissapears again. She apears next to the door and waves. She then leaves.
Jacob Thresh,16 11 M.Dark black hair, built and tall, dark eyes. strength, knives and axes. Knives and axes non social Jacob throws a knife in the wall, and then he starts to throw knives at walls not in dummies. Then axes then walks out.


Tribute Name and District Score
Katelynn Huxley,1 10
Arran Harthorn,1 9
Eulalia "Lali" Strebel,2 9
Draco Adams,2 11
Amber Hollows,3 6
Buxus Redcoat,3 11
Aqua Waves,4 11
Eli Oceanus,4 11
Cherith Cherry Reed,5 7
Andy Andreson,5 10
Lynnette "Lynnie" Handsows, 6 10
Jacob Wesly,6 9
Jonathan Hunted,7 8
Thalia Combe,7 11
Finale Acrell,8 10
Sebastian Klein,8 9
Krystal Clearwater,9 11
Elias Caldeu,9 10
Anaylia Sanders,10 10
Tayson Blue,10 8
Sylvie Scarlet,11 7
Jacob Thresh, 11 8

District 12

Name and Age District Gender and appearance Skills Weapon/s Weakness/es



with gamemakers

and mentor

Marcie Redder,16 12 F.Straight but spiky brown hair and blue eyes. Archery Bow and arrow Not good at fighting. Marcie went to her session and put a dummy on one side of the room all the way to the wall and went to the other side of the room and shot with her bow and arrow. She shot the dummy in the head when she meant to do it in the stomach,scoring her a 9 9
Sionis Exior, 12


M. Purple hair and emerald

green eyes

Throwing knives,throwing axes,acrobats (flips, swings), and swimming & running and Johanna Mason strategy. Knives,axes,slingshot. Sarcasm He made himself not perfect. A weak man. 4

Reserve for missing district in score chart.

Name and District Score

The Arena

The Cornucopia is shining in the middle, the weapons are inside and the supplies are outside. In the top of the Cornucopia is a lake. There's two lakes there, poisonous and not poisionous. In the right is the jungle. Full of mutts and poisonous foods. So, be careful. In the left, the woods. Only woods. Full of woods. In the back is a volcano, in beside of it is a drinkable lake but be careful! Because, the volcano will explode.

The Careers

{C}District 1- Katelynn Huxley

District 1- Arran Harthorn

District 2- Draco Adams

Disrict 2- Eulalia "Lali" Strebel

District 4- Aqua Waves

District 4- Eli Oceanus

Death Chart

Name District Killed By/Cause of Death Day
24th: Thalia Combe 7 Sebastian Klein 1
23rd: Eli Oceanus 4 Jacob Thresh 1
22nd: Finale Acrell 8 Krystal Clearwater 1
21st: Sionis Exior 12 Draco Adams 1
20th: Jacob Wesly 6 The Careers 2
19th: Cherry Reed 5 Draco Adams 2
18th: Draco Adams 2 Jonathan Hunted 2
17th: Elias Caldeu 9 The Careers 3
16th: Marcie Redder 12 Jacob Thresh 3
15th: Lynette "Lynnie" Handsows 6 Volcano Erruption 3
14th: Krystal Clearwater 9 Volcano Erruption 3
13th: Amber Hollows 3 Volcano Erruption 3
12th: Sylvie Scarlet 11 Aqua Waves 4
11th: Tayson Blue 10 Eats a poisonous cherry. 4
10th: Buxus Redcoat 3 Jacob Thresh 4
9th: Sebastian Klein 8 Jonathan Hunted 4
8th: Andy Andreson 5 Eaten by a mutt. 5
7th: Aqua Waves 4 Jonathan Hunted 5
6th: Lali Strebel 2 Jacob Thresh 5
5th: Jonathan Hunted 7 Jacob Thresh 6
4th: Katelynn Huxley 1 Anaylia Sanders 6
3rd: Arran Harthorn 1 Poisoned by a food 7
2nd: Nothing
VICTOR!: Jacob Thresh and Anaylia Sanders

Day 1

The tributes are now in their launch pad. 10.....9......8....7.....6.....5....4....3....2....1......"LET THE 44TH HUNGER GAMES BEGIN!" and the gong sounds.

LALI'S POV, 2 (DISTRICT): I grab a backpack and a sword. I see Jonathan running but I just let him pass. This time only. I found Thalia beside me, I want to kill her so badly. I will attack her but Thalia dodges it with her axe, then runs. I found a knife then throws it to Thalia, but missed. I remember, i'm not skilled at throwing knives.

SEBASTIAN'S POV, 8: I only grab a knife because Finale grabs the blowgun first. I will kill Finale soon. I see Thalia running. I smiled, very slow runner, I chase her. I throw a knife at her without her knowing it then her cannon booms. I laugh then continues running.

ARRAN'S POV, 1: I grab a sword. This is the only remaining sword. I run to Lali because I saw her waving at me. "So, did you kill someone?" I asks. She shakes her head. "No. But so close kill" I smiled then see Eli's body lying down, being stabbed by Jacob. Eli's cannon booms. I just roll my eyes.

JACOB'S POV, 11: First kill! A career tribute! I see the careers and throws a knife at them but the Lali one dodges it with her sword. I run fast to the jungle. I see them not chasing me. Hmm.....waiting for the other careers. I run faster until I am in the jungle.

FINALE'S POV, 8: I am walking and then I see I am heading to a volcano! Right! I can't go back because surely, the careers are there and I think the bloodbath is still on going. I see Krystal in a tree. "Allies?" I ask. She nods then jumps from the tree. "Allies." I smile. "Wait, i am in your back so I can protect you, okay?" Krystal says. I nod then continues walking.

KRYSTAL'S POV, 9: I don't need any allies. I am in the back so I can kill her. I grab my bow and arrow then points it to her. It hits her back then her cannon doesn't sound. "Bet.....rayer!" she says. I form a devilish smile to my face then grabs the arrow in her back then stabs it to her heart. Her cannon booms. I grab the arrow, polish it, then climbs a tree then hide there.

{C DRACO'S POV, 2: We careers camp here near the Cornucopia. For a while, I was looking at the supplies when Sionis steals a supply from it. I grab Lali's knife then throw it at him. His cannon booms. I smirk then brings back Lali's knife.

MARCIE'S POV, 12: I wake up by the sound of the anthem. I want to go into the volcano so badly. The fallen tributes are Eli Oceanus, Thalia Combe, Finale Acrell and Sionis Exior. Wait.....what? Sionis Exior? No way!

Day 2

CHERRY'S POV,5: I am in the woods. I am tied up in a branch of a tree so I can't fall. I am getting sleepy when I hear a cannon. I quickly untied the rope then hides in the tree. I look with my one eye and see the careers laughing. I wonder who they killed. "I thought he is strong, but not!" Arran says. "What's his district, again?" Katelynn asks. "District 6. His name is Jacob Wesly." Aqua answers. I am still hiding when I spot a tracker jackers hive in my top. I scream. I forgot the Careers are there. "Hey! That is Cherry, right?" Draco says then throws a knife at me. I fall then my cannon booms. The last thing I saw is the careers smiling.

AMBER'S POV,3: I am at back. Near the volcano. It is hunting time for the Careers and others. But me, i am pretending to be a rock, camouflage, yeah. I will open my eyes when I sense a person in front of me. "I know your a camoflaaage!" A girl vouce said with singing voice. "Okay! I can't kill you because I don't have a weapon!" I open my eyes and I see Lynnie from District 6. "Well, the careers and others get the knives first." "Leave me here alone." I said. She makes a little shrug then walks out. Finally, i'm in peace again.

KATELYNN'S POV,1: "Hey! That is Jonathan, right?" I said while pointing at Jonathan from District 7 walking. They nod. I will get my knife from my jacket when Draco holds my hand. "Let's give him a slow and painful death." I smirk then walks fast quietly towards him. When we are near to him, Draco jumps towards him, knocking him down. But, Jonathan quickly stabs Draco with a knife. Draco's cannon booms then runs. I throw a knife at him but he dodges it with his backpack as his shield. He runs but we just let him pass. Because later, we promise Draco to give him a slow and painful death.

{C BUXUS'S POV,3: I am in the jungle. I am busy setting traps when a octopus mutt appeared in my back, I run fast as I could. Then, I remember that I have traps in the back. I stab the octopus with my sword then run to the back fast, I will avoid my traps. I run to my trap and quickly run to the right. Finally, the octopus was trapped! I stab him with my sword until the octopus died.

SYLVIE'S POV,11: The anthem plays then I see the fallen tributes. Draco Adams, Cherry Reed and Jacob Wesly. Only 3? I guess this is pretty hard games.

Day 3

{C ELIAS'S POV,9: I am in the volcano. I am crafting a spear when I hear a footstep. I grab my spear and scythe. I hope that it is not the careers. I sigh then go back crafting. I hear a footstep again. But this time, footsteps! I grab my spear and scythe, too. Then walk around. Then I am knocked down. I see The Careers smirking at me. They let me turn around then they open my back. OUCH! Then stabs my head. My cannon booms. The last thing I saw is The Careers with their devilish smile.

JACOB'S POV,11: I am walking in the jungle. Finding someone to kill. Then I see Marcie Redder from District 12 sitting. I kill her? or not? Of course, kill. I walk towards her then she sees me. She readies her bow and arrow but I raise my hands. Then she puts down his bow and arrow, I grab my knife quickly then throws it to her. Her cannon booms.

TAYSON'S POV,10: We are in the woods. I am with Anaylia, my girlfriend. We are holding our own weapons. Suddenly, a bear mutt appeared. Luckily, my girlfriend Anaylia is a fast runner. I am worrying about her. "I will carry you!" She said then carries me. She is still running fast. But the bear suddenly falls down. Killing it. After it falls down, we see Andy from District 5. "ANAYLIA! RUN!" I said to Anaylia. But Andy shouts. "NO! ALLIES!" Anaylia stops. "Allies." we said together.

LYNNIE'S POV,6: I am in the volcano and I find a lake! YAY! I drink from it then wets myself. I am enjoying myself when the volcano errupts. I run fast as I can. I turn to my back and see lava and a fireball chasing me. I trip then keep standing but it is so painful until I am burned to death. My cannon booms.

AMBER'S POV,3: The volcano errupted! I quickly clean myself then runs as fast as I could. I am watching my step. I see Krystal in a tree. She points her bow and arrow at me but the fireball let her die. Her cannon booms. I run fast as I could but i'm very tired. I have no choice. I stop until I die. My cannon booms.

Day 4

{C ARRAN'S POV,1: We are feasting the roasted turkey that we chased yesterday. It was very hard to chase. We are enjoying eating when we hear a person in pain. I want it to be Jonathan. I am very irritated to him for killing Draco. I grab my sword, the other careers follow me. We are walking when we spot Sylvie hidden in the bushes. She has no weapon. Aqua quickly throw a trident at her before she runs. Her cannon booms.

ANAYLIA'S POV,10: Tayson, me and Andy are finding some food. Then suddenly we hear voices, THE CAREERS! "Well, I wonder where's that Jonathan." Katelynn from District 1 said. We run fast but quietly then we see a cherry. Tayson will eat it but I stop him. "It may be poisonous." He laughs. "No, Anaylia." and he eats it. He suddenly falls then blood in his mouth come out. His cannon booms. I cry.

JACOB'S POV,11: I am sitting eating a chicken a sponsor gave me, when I hear a person screams. I quickly grab my axe and knives then follows the scream, I find Buxus from District 3 trapped. I let him out then he hugs me. But, I quickly stabs my knife when he his hugging. His cannon booms.

SEBASTIAN'S POV,8: Where is the careers now? I am waiting for them. I want them to kill now. I hate their faces. I can't stand them. I have only one kill and that's Thalia from District 7. I wonder who's next? I hear a footstep then quickly runs. I look at who is chasing me then I see Jonathan from District 7. When I turn around, I feel a pain in my back. My cannon booms. The last thing I saw is Jonathan smirking.

Day 5

{C 'ANDY''S POV,5: Anaylia is still crying. She rests her head in my shoulder. "Why Andy, why?" she said while crying. "Huh?" "It should be me who died, not him! You wanna know a fact? He's my......boyfriend." I am shock when Anaylia said boyfriend. So, that is the reason why she is very hurt when he dies and worried about him everytime. We hear a burst then see a mutt. We quickly run then the mutt is sending us to The Cornucopia, I spot the careers there. We are getting near them when I slash the arm of the boy from District 1, Arran. I didn't know that the mutt will eat me that time, so i'm eaten. My cannon booms. The last thing I saw is Anaylia running.

JONATHAN'S POV,7: Ha! I killed two people! What a fun. Now, where's the careers? They should be dead in my hands. I am careful to that Jacob Thresh, too. He's strong but i'm much stronger. HA! I run to the Cornucopia. I think the careers are there. Then they see me and I see them. Aqua from District 4 throws a trident at me but I quickly dodge it. "LOOK! A MUTT!" I see then I trick them. I quickly stab Aqua then quickly runs before they can chase me. Fool careers. 3 careers left.

ARRAN'S POV,1: I'm in a bad mood now. I have a injury in my left arm by that Andy from District 5! Luckily, he was eaten by a mutt. Jonathan tricked us then killed Aqua from District 4. So now, 3 careers left. AND THEN! One more kill, then the feast will start. We need to kill someone. We are hunting for a while but no sign of tributes. Then a cannon booms, "Arran! Someone killed Lali!" Katelynn said. Who killed Lali? She's in the back. Then, we see the boy from 11, Jacob running. Katelynn quickly throws a knife at Jacob but he has a shield in his back. Must be a gift of sponsor.

Day 6 (The Feast)

ANAYLIA'S POV,7: I lost Tayson and Andy. Now, what am I going to do? Today is the feast. Am I going or not? Maybe....not. Maybe.....yes. I don't know! I don't know anything anymore! "Hello tributes! Today is the feast! Are you going or not? In 24 hours, it will dissapear. Good luck! And happy hunger games!" Yes. I am going. I can do this.....I can.....I CAN! I run fast towards the Cornucopia but I hide first in the bushes to see if someone is there. The boy from District 7, Jonathan appears but the boy from 11, Jacob suddenly appears and slices his head. OUCH! Jonathan's cannon booms. Jacob gets the number 11 bag and a bread then runs. Now, it's my turn. I quickly grab the number 10 bag. When i'm about to grab the bread. I fall. Then, I see Katelynn from District 1 in my top. "Hello." She said while smirking. "Hi?" "It's your DEATH TIME!" She will kill me but I quickly kicks her legs then stabs her with an axe. Her cannon booms. I quickly get a bread then run away.

JACOB'S POV,11: I wonder what's in the bag. I open it then see a jacket and a water. Useless jacket. The only one that is useful is the water. Luckily, I have a shield in my back given by my sponsor. Thank you sponsor. Sponsors are not useful for me until I received this gift.

ARRAN'S POV,1: I wonder where's Katelynn now. Let me see. I run in the Cornucopia and see the bodies of Jonathan and KATELYNN!? I get near her then holds her hand. "Katelynn! Are you really dead?" I said. I check her heartbeat. Yes, she's really dead. Who killed her!? I will kill her! GRRR......It could be Anaylia or Jacob. Maybe Jacob? Maybe Anaylia? Whatever in the two. All I want is to win. Win for Katelynn, if I win. Katelynn is the winner, too. This is for my family and KATELYNN!

Day 7

ANAYLIA'S POV,10: I see a bush then hide in it. Then, I hear a cannon boom. I deeply hide into the bush. It's small but big and wide. I wonder who died. So, only two now. Me and Jacob or Arran. I sigh then a group of mutts appear. I quickly run. Luckily, i'm a fast runner.

JACOB'S POV,11: So, Arran died. I wonder why. Huh! So, me and the girl from District 10, Anaylia. I have to kill her no matter what it takes. Then, I see Anaylia running. She is being chase by a group of mutts. Then, when she's near me. The group of mutts suddenly dissapears. Anaylia gets her axe. I get my axe.

ANAYLIA'S POV,10: This is the final battle. I wonder who will win for the 44th Hunger Games. My stomach aches. I run quickly as I can. I hide again in a bush. He can't see me here. I hear a footstep of him passing by me. I get out of the bush then run quickly again.

JACOB'S POV,11: I hear a bush. I quickly run then see her panting. This is my chance to kill her. I tiptoe quickly until i'm in the back of her. Then, I ready my axe. I'm about to stab her but someone stops me. "STOP! THE 44TH HUNGER GAMES WILL HAVE A TWO VICTORS! CONGRATULATIONS JACOB THRESH AND ANAYLIA SANDERS!"


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