This idea is from the help of SkyTimeGirl in my blog :D So, here is the infos: The gamemakers will be in the arena while the victors are in the control room. The victors will be 10 and will be have Captain Victor, the victors will talk in the talk page of Captain Victor and send it in my talk page.

If the victors will not be completed, I will create them :D the 1st one to sign up in the Victors will be the Captain Victor. So goodluck! The District 13 and Capitol will be included here. YOU CAN SEND UP TO 4 VICTORS AND GAMEMAKERS.

Gamemakers (CLOSED)

To sign up:










Skills (beside weapons):

Name District Gender Age Personality Alliance Appearance Weakness/es Weapon/s Skills

Alise Dino

1 Female 29 Alise is a ruthless killing machine and everyone knows it, and fear her. She is the leader of the Careers and she knows her way around weapons, edible plants and a couple basic snares. Careers - Leader Long, lush brown hair and large blue eyes, bright freckles, very pale skin and a tattoo on her left cheek to signal she's a Gamemaker. She's not the fastest runner and climbing isn't a strong point. Anything except tridents and axes She's an escape artist, always disappearing and appearing in different places; she knows what plants are edible and poisonous; she can make some snares.
Cholo Werdair 1 Male 18 Ruthless and bossy Careers Reddish short hair, gray eyes, and fangs like Enobaria Gets tired easily and afraid of flowers Mace and gun Run fast, tree climbing, kill with fangs and set traps
Erika Dixon 2 Female

27; shes

one of the youngest

game makers

Ruthless, enjoys seeing people die in the Hunger Games. She is confident that she will win. Careers Dark red wavy hair, blue eyes and very pretty. she isn't as strong as the other game makers, and she isn't a very good climber. throwing knives, spear, trident. fast and agile, smart. She knows how to survive and she won't give up easily. Very pretty, she uses her beauty as an advantage.
Oneida Creek 2 Male unknown unknown Careers or solo Jet black hair, brown eyes, tan skin. unknown Knives and swords Knives, poison, fast and swords
Starchy Beercrumb 3 Female 32

She is very smart but she is also kind of shy. She is not high in ranking with the Gamemakers

but come up with good ideas.


careers that she is useful with her tech skills. Otherwise,

avoid others but scavenge weapons from people

Brown skin, black hair, dark brown eyes and black hair. Strength, climbing Throwing axe, Knife Speed, technology
Gary Flennex 3 Male 16 Naughty and cheerful He wants to join the careers, if decline, then kill them Spiky light brown hair and sky blue eyes Can attract easily to girls Axe and rock Hiding, or hiding with camouflage, and Johanna Mason strategy
Thalia Combe 4 Female 29 Ruthless, Intelligent (designed many mutts so knows what to watch out for) She is a killing machine and became a game maker to make people suffer even more, evil, likeable (Good at making people fall into her traps) Looks smal though is leathal. Careers Porclein white skin with bright blue eyes and dark brown hair. Stunning Has quite a short temper though has been learning to contain it, she is like an animal. When she smells blood she won't stop. Spears, Tridents, Bow and arrows (she is okay with knifes but not amazing) Edible Plants, Knows alot about mutts, fast and strong, seductive (boys fall for her very easily and that is also one of her well known skills) intelligent and is starting to learn to make snares.
Margo Nobom 4 Male unknown unknown Careers unknown Clastphobia (fear of small spaces) mace throwing mace
Brooklyn Remmingston 5 Female 21 Kind and polite to those she likes, giving, and sweet. Mean and stuck-up to others she dislikes. Careers Gorgeous blonde, golden, curly hair; bright distinct blue eyes; high cheekbones, tannish skin, thin, beautiful, body Water ( Can't swim well.) Knives, spear, bow and arrow, rope Extreme beauty, very likeable; Strong, stealthy, flexible, and sneaky
Jake Swikofort 5 Male 18 Cheerful and sweet Nothing. Dark reddish long hair that is tied up, purple eyes, and muscular Allergic to medicines Axe and spear Swim and jump very very high
Tamora Summers 6 Female 18 Sweet, shy, calm, easy to please Unknown Wavy blonde hair, chocolate brown eyes Swimming, be too kind Bow and arrow, knife, sleuth throwing knives, bow and arrow, intellegence, sleuth
Denzel Stevens 6 Male 16 Brutal He does not like allies Light brown hair, emerald green eyes, and a scar in his left face So slow runner Sword and slingshot Killing
Rea Beach 7 Female 17 Sweet, brave, she has been through alot in her life so she can get through emotional and physical pain. probably one or two, but no one more, if there is, she kills them while they sleep average hight, skinny, bright turquoise eyes, long dark green hair Short Temper Knife throwing, blowgun, ok at bow+arrows sneaking, stealing, plant identification, climbing(can jump from tree to tree like rue)
Ricky Johnson 7 Male 17 Arrogant He wants to join the careers Short blonde hair, dark ocean eyes, and freckles Swimming and tree climbing Blowgun and mace Edible plants and stealing supplies
Tatiana Travis 8 Female 18 mean, headstrong, brave, rude, arrogant, smart, solitary none, she kills people in their sleep tan skin, green eyes, freckles, red hair short temper and swimming all around plant identification, not afraid to kill, mean, ruthless killing machine
Ivan Reid 8 Male 16 Arrogant Careers (he is an old career) He has glasses, dark brown hair, dark brown eyes, and muscular Small Throwing knives and wire Hand to hand combat and swimming
Cara Meller 9 Female 35 Friendly, family-oriented None Brown hair, green eyes, tan skin, 5'9 Physically weak, hotheaded, not trusting, and not fast Spear Good swimmer, smart, sly, logical thinker
Andy Pillars 9 Male 18 Ruthless, but not a career Nothing. If someone tries to ally with him, he will not accept. He will kill it quickly or accept then ask to be in the very back then kill or kill them in their sleep. Dark ocean blue hair, emerald green eyes, and handsome Can snap necks if angry Machete and spear Run fast and hand to hand combat
Karmin Johnson 10 Female 15 Sweet, funny, poised Unknown Dark brown hair and hazel eyes hiding her feelings Lasso, her bare hands, knife, blowgun poison, sleuth, climbing, flexibility
Jason Johnson 10 Male 16 Outgoing but chill, dashing, charming, clever Unknown Dark brown hair and black eyes Jumping to conclusions Axe, sword, lasso Swimming, climbing, upper-body strength
Daisy Skies 11 Female 24 Intelligent and Sly Anyone Short White hair, Blue eyes and Pale skin Swimming Knife Knows alot about plants, Traps and Mutts.
Jake Lawrence 11 Male 15 Secretly has a caring heart, nice, leader-ship skills Strong and Tough people, but that are nice Dirty-Blonde hair. Abs. Tall. Tan Skin Short-temper but, can be very nice Axe, Spear, Knife (anything sharp) Speed, Strong, Excellent Knot-Tieing
Katrina Bowen-Hane 12 Female 29 Katrina is shy and sweet, but extrememly clever and intelligent. The head GameMaker employed her to deal with Muttations and she is very good at coming up with new ideas. No one. Thin, wispy blonde hair; small watery blue eyes; very thin and a small tattoo on her cheek signalling she's a Gamemaker. She can run fast because of her size but she cannot lift heavy things. Nifty with a bow and arrow, but mostly her ability to run and dodge attacks. Katrina can run very fast, and can dodge attacks easily because she is so small, and can dart around and climb.
Matt Barner 12 Male 14 Get to the point but be nice and very well presented 11 and 10 Dark red hair, Purple eyes, and a wide smile losing family, losing his very close bestfriend Spears and Axes Smarts, looks, parkour
Joanna Daniels 13 Female 15 Quiet and very smart She can't trust anyone Blonde hair, curly in end and gray eyes Exposure Nothing. Her brain Hiding and stealing supplies
Justin Howles 13 Male 17 Kind D3 or D5 Long (he's male) orange hair, dark blue ocean eyes, and tall. Swimming and Afraid of Heights Trident Stealing supplies, very good escape artist, and H-H combat.
Leighta (Lay-fa) Dunerall Capitol Female 34 Bubbly, bright, enthusiastic Other Capitol GM, and maybe a few others, D1 or 2 Blonde hair with blue streaks, tattoo on her forehead. likes to be in control, but when she doesn't know what's coming she freaks out! Arrows Determination! Er...let's say no afraid to kill.
Jake Rigule Capitol Male 18 Shy Anyone he can trust. Dark brown spiky hair with white hair, freckles, and emerald green eyes. Sleeps very long Machete Tree climbing and edible plants identification,

Victors (CLOSED)



What hunger games did you win? YOU CAN MAKE UP A VICTOR!

Name Age




did this win?


Italia Goldendream

(Captain Victor)

23 87th Hunger Games
Ayleta Hier 39 56th Hunger games at the age of 16
Name Age What Hunger Games did this win
Aurum Livingstone 27 85th Hunger Games
Aria Cammeliston 22 87th Hunger Games at age 14
Aurora Gold 25 72nd Hunger Games
Blythe Smith 15 78th Hunger Games
Grayson Smith 15 77th Hunger Games
Surf Fish 21 69th Hunger Games
Reana Tilly 27 83rd Hunger Games
Harpy Evermist 23 76th Hunger Games

The Arena

The arena is basically an Aztec ruin. The Cornucopia is on top of a temple and the rest of the arena is a jungle. D1 will be from noon to midnight, D2 from midnight to noon, D3 from noon to midnight, D4 from midnight to noon, D5 from noon to midnight, D6 from midnight to noon, D7 from noon to midnight, D8 from midnight to noon, D9 from noon to midnight, D10 from midnight to noon, D11 from noon to midnight, and D12 will be from midnight till the end of the Games.

Cornucopia-Twelve mines will blow up by whoever is near the temples where the cornocopias are

District 1- gems will pop out around the arena the spikes though, they result in death

District 2-Weapons will pop up, for everybody's taste, however you are locked in a box and need to find a way to escape or fight to the death in an hour to get weapons

Three-Electrons will fall out of the sky, causing twitches for an hour and death

Four-All water will become sweet but turns out it is lethal

Five-Random places where tributes are are blown up but not the tributes, their food and weapon supply

Six-Trains will appear showing all tributes loves ones after twenty minutes there pleading and twenty minutes after that, you see the loved ones dead and twitching these are holigrams, but this will torture the tributes

Seven-All trees disappear, this means it is easier to spot a target

Eight-All stylists will appear, you have to protect them for an hour, if they get killed you do too

Nine-Whole arena will become a wheat field, if you eat the wheat, you will die in an hour only if you do not get the medicine by your sponsors

Ten-Cow mutts will appear with eight characteristics from other mutts mixed together

Eleven-All food even in your food supply will become rotten, and worm mutts come out, and will eat you if you are not careful

Twelve- Fire will rain down from the sky and cause the 'the tributes on fire' effect


1- The animals should be gem covered. Like, gem covered Lizards.

2- Zombies with heavy weapons

3- Electric bugs, whatever touches them is electrocuted and dies instantly. Lightning flashes everywhere

4- Pirahnnas are in the deep ends of the water, and "Land Sharks" Are there 2... they can breathe out of water

5- No Mutts

6- None becuz of the Train

7- Jabberjays

8-None, Stylist hazards

9- Snakes

10- Cow Mutts

11-Worm Mutts

12-None, it's already raining fire

Sponsors and Items

The sponsors will start at 1500 dollars, the prices will go up daily or some item will be added. Your money will go up if your sponsor will be at Top 20, A kill, and Top 5


Money Bonuses

If your tribute/the tribute kills 2 and above - 250

Top 10 - 490

Top 5 - 500

Top 3 - 650


Trident - 400

Blowgun with darts - 300

Darts - 20

Throwing Knives - 200

Wire - 60

Mace - 540

Axe - 300

Knife - 50

Throwing Axes - 600

Quiver of arrows - 190

Rocks - 40

Net - 300

Bow and Arrow - 500

Machete- 700


Chicken Soup - 350

Sushi - 400

Bread - 80

Chicken - 600

McDonalds - 700

Water - 100

Turkey - 400


Burn Cream - 640

Healing TADAA! (can heal anything) - 787

Band Aid - 80

Cough Medicine - 500

Disease Medicine (if the tribute has disease) - 800

Painkiller - 400


Sleeping Bag - 200

Map of Arena - 200

Edibe Plants book - 400

Non poisonous and poisonous food book - 700

Tent (maximum of 5 persons) - 1000

Blanket - 500


Tracker Jackers killer/spray - 800

Night vision Glasses - 600

Poison - 60

Mini Umbrella - 500

Small Feast - 200

Medium Feast - 400

Big Feast - 600

Death Chart

Name District Cause of Death Day
28th: Katrina Bowen-Hane 12 Mine Explosion 1
27th: Ivan Reid 8 Stabbed in the heart by Matt Barner (12) 1
26th: Denzel Stevens 6 Fallen in the temple. Pushed by Gary Flennex (3) 1
25th: Margo Nobom 4 Pulled head by the rope of Justin Howles (13) 1
24th: Jake Swikofort 5 Throat ripped by Cholo Werdair (1) 1
23rd: Joanna Daniels 13 Spiked by a gem by a lizard gem covered mutt 1
22nd: Gary Flennex 3 Stabs in the throat by Starchy Beercrumb (3) 2
21st: Justin Howles 13 Mine Explosion 2


ALLIANCE ONE (CAREERS)- Alise Dino (1), Cholo Werdair (1), Erika Dixon (2), Oneida Creek (2), Starchy Beercrumb (3), Gary Flennex (3), Thalia Combe (4), Margo Nobom (4), Brooklyn Remmingston (5), Ivan Reid (8)

ALLIANCE TWO- Jake Rigule (Capitol) and Leighta Dunerall (Capitol)

ALLIANCE THREE- Matt Barner (12), Daisy Skies (11), Jake Lawrence (11), Karmin Johnson (10) and Jason Johnson (10)

Training Scores (Random)

Name District Score
Alise Dino 1 11
Cholo Werdair 1 11
Erika Dixon 2 12 (WOW!)
Oneida Creek 2 9
Starchy Beercrumb 3 2 (OMG)
Gary Flennex 3 10
Thalia Combe 4 3 (OMG)
Margo Nobom 4 11
Brooklyn Remmingston 5 7
Jake Swikofort 5 12 (WOW!)
Tamora Summers 6 11
Denzel Stevens 6 4 (OMG)
Rea Beach 7 11
Ricky Johnson 7 8
Tatiana Travis 8 12 (WOW)
Ivan Reid 8 8
Cara Meller 9 5
Andy Pillars 9 7
Karmin Johnson 10 11
Jason Johnson 10 4 (OMG)
Daisy Skies 11 12 (WOW!)
Jake Lawrence 11 10
Katrina Bowen-Hane 12 11
Matt Barner 12 8
Joanna Daniels 13 10
Justin Howles 13 7
Leighta Dunerall Capitol 9
Jake Rigule Capitol 8



(Crowd cheering and howling) (Alise sits)

Caesar: The crowd likes you, huh.

Alise: Of course! Why not?

Caesar: I don't know. So, you have a.......lovelife?

Alise: Shut Up, Caesar.

Caesar: You really don't have a......loveliiife?

Alise: I said shut up! or this games will be early because I will kill you!

(gets near Caesar, Caesar runs and they chase each other until the buzzer rings)

Caesar: (panting) Okay! Now for.....Cholo Werdair!

(Crowd screaming because of the fangs) (Cholo sits)

Caesar: Everybody is afraid of you! (while laughing)

Cholo: So? Any problem with that!?

Caesar: No. I don't want the incident to happen again like earlier.

Cholo: I think you like.

Caesar: NO! NO! NOOOO!!!!

Cholo: (laughs)

(Caesar runs around while the buzzer rings)


Odds of Winning Board

Name District Odds of Winning
Alise Dino 1 6-1
Cholo Werdair 1 7-1
Erika Dixon 2 3-1
Oneida Creek 2 8-1
Starchy Beercrumb 3 30-1
Gary Flennex 3 8-1
Thalia Combe 4 13-1
Margo Nobom 4 6-1
Brooklyn Remmingston 5 9-1
Jake Swikofort 5 5-1
Tamora Summers 6 4-1
Denzel Stevens 6 16-1
Rea Beach 7 6-1
Ricky Johnson 7 9-1
Tatiana Travis 8 4-1
Ivan Reid 8 9-1
Cara Meller 9 11-1
Andy Pillars 9 9-1
Karmin Johnson 10 7-1
Jason Johnson 10 20-1
Daisy Skies 11 3-1
Jake Lawrence 11 7-1
Katrina Bowen-Hane 12 5-1
Matt Barner 12 8-1
Joanna Daniels 13 8-1
Justin Howles 13 13-1
Leighta Dunerall Capitol 7-1
Jake Rigule Capitol 9-1

The Games

Day 1

Jake's POV

20....19.....18.....17.....16... As the countdown is getting nearer to the 0, I am getting goosebumps. I look at Leighta, my ally from the Capitol, she smiles at me a little. Why did she smile? She can still smile? I look at the temple, we still have to climb to the temple. But, it is a bit short so it is easy, but a little. 5....4....3...2.....1.... and the gong rings. I take a last look at the arena, it is all jungle then I run towards the Cornucopia. The girl from District 12, Katrina is now climbing in the temple. She has climbed the Cornucopia now. But, she suddenly explodes.BOOM! There is mines? I have to be.....careful.

Karmin's POV

I gasp. I see the explosion. Katrina exploded. I am getting near the temple to climb but I changed my mind. I will not go anymore. I run to my right. I see the boy from District 8, who is a career, pointing the knife at me. Uh-oh. So, he did not step in the mines. I see Matt, my ally from District 12 at his back, he will punch him. I smirk and points at his back. He turns around then Matt quickly punch him. Ivan knocks down. Matt quickly grabs the knife of Ivan then stabs him in the heart. BOOM! Matt and I quickly nod at each other. For our other allies, I guess they can find us. Unless they, die.....


We careers are doing good. AHA! When I will grab the backpack, the boy from District 6, Denzel, quickly gets to a fight with me. We are like playing tug o war here in the games. I see Gary not doing anything. His axe and rock full of blood. He sees me then he sees Denzel. He quickly runs towards us quietly. When i'm looking at the back of Denzel, he sees me. He sees Gary so he dodges his attack. They push each other in the ground. I want to say

Be careful Gary! There are mines!

They both rises up then they are pushing each other near the end of the temple. They change places again and again until Gary pushes Denzel with his might. Denzel falls. BOOM! We high five each other while looking at the broken body of Denzel.


I am here in the jungle when I spot the boy from District 4, Margo in a tree. So, he's spying tributes, huh? or killing tributes from up there? Well, he can't do that to me. He is sleepy so he can't still see me. I try to climb the tree, but I failed. I get my backpack and spot a long rope. I smirk then tangled it to Margo and I pull the rope with my might. BOOM! His head turns clockwise 3 times, bleeding and I quickly run before the careers see me.


4 cannon boomed. I wonder who they are. Well, I can see later when they will show the fallen tributes. Unless, I will not die. I cross my arms.

Please, don't let me die here. I want to win. I still want to see my parents. I don't want to be dead here.

Then, I hear footsteps. Yeah, footsteps. Is that the careers? I think so. I have no match for them. I have no supplies and weapons. I have no chance of winning to them. I run and run and run. They are hearing my footstep, I think. They are howling and shouting.

"Another kill! WOOHOO!" a cruel voice says.

I gulp and I don't see a branch in the ground and I fall for it. They spot me. The boy from District 1, Cholo, opens his mouth to show his fangs. He quickly rips my throat. BOOM! The last thing I saw is his fangs and the last thing I feel is the hurtful fangs.


I see Karmin turn around from me, and she is sniffing and she is wiping her eyes. It means, she's crying? Because of our missing allies? No. Not all. Only his brother, Jason. I get near beside her and gets a soft-like towel leaf then wipes her tears.

"Don't cry." I say while wiping her tears.

"But....Jason. Is he dead? *sniff* If he is, I will commit a suicide, here and now. *sniff*"

I sigh then stops wiping her tears.

"I need......a hug."

My eyes get bigger when I hear the word "you". Is she serious? I smile, I don't know why, and I hug her.

"Thank you, for having there.....comforting me." she says while blinking her tears away.

"You can cry. That's not a problem." I say.

She looks at me and she smiles. I smile back then she begin crying again.


I wonder where's my allies? Is Jason and Karmin together? or not only them? all of the allies? Are they all missing? I wonder what. Then, I see someone runs. Uh-oh. I have no weapon and a backpack. I wonder around the jungle. Why is the arena full of jungles? Then, it's turning noon. YAY! No sun! Then, someone knocks me down, the girl from District 13, Joanna. Why is she killng people? I thought she is like foxface? Whatever.

"I know what you're thinking. I'm not foxface anymore. I'm now a killing machine with my bare hands only!" she says.

She will about to punch me but she stops and gasps in pain. I look at what is it, she looks at her legs and a lizard covered gems mutt is in her leg. I quickly run before I will be the next victim. After some seconds, I hear a cannon boom, meaning, she died.

Day 2


I'm walking in the jungle then I see the temple. I look at them with the gift of 1 sponsor that can see anything far and you can zoom it. I see the careers. Then, I see the boy from District 3, Gary being tortured by Starchy (3). I thought Gary was a career?

"We are only using you!" Starchy says while laughing evilly.

Her voice was very loud that I can hear it from the far. Gary starts to scream in pain while Erika (2) is stepping in his stomach so hard. He is now bloody because Starchy keeps punching him. Then, Starchy pulls out her knife then stabs him in the throat. BOOM! I quickly run away before they see me.



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